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  1. Nel

    Searching for sucker

    By day 4 or 5 it smells like a zoo too.
  2. Nel

    Niagara River visibility info?

    I am very close to the river (Queenston) and stop by often. Let me know when you need a report. Good clarity today but lots of slush.
  3. Nel

    Hello to all. First post

    Hi NiagaraRiverFisher. Old school eh! Fed a lot of folks, 'specially in hard times.Still use 'em when things are tough. Do you remember the old air plane style tip-ups used on Lake Erie with the one ounce wire spreaders. Jumbo's used to hammer them. Flipping the tip-ups over with a vengeance. Ever catch ling (burbot) while waiting for the trout? Best eating ever. See out there. Good luck and be safe. I still carry an "old style" wooden tip-up with me but with lighter line and terminal tackle than my grandfather used to use. There's something about seeing the tip up wiggle a couple times before nose diving for the hole that keeps me using it when the conditions are right.
  4. Nel

    Rec canal fish... summer

    I pulled a couple smallies out through the ice right in that same area 2 years ago while fishing for perch. Almost 3 pounds each. Best fight I've had through the ice in a long time.
  5. Nel

    Searching for sucker

    The only time I catch suckers is when I'm stream fishing for trout. Maybe if I actually target suckers I'll get a trout instead!
  6. Nel

    Ice Fishing Bus Trip to Lake Simcoe Feb 18

    Can't make it Feb 18th but keep us posted if it is a success and you run it again
  7. Nel

    Awesome day

    Awesome! They will remember that forever! Sounds like everyone had a good day I remember going ice fishing with my grandfather when I was about 5 years old and have been Ice fishing ever since. Yet there are so many people out there who have never had the thrill of giving it a try. Kudos to you for helping those guys join in on the fun.
  8. Nel

    Careful out there everyone

    Always good to be prepared with ice picks, floater suit, etc but the ones who are prepared aren't usually the ones who fall in.
  9. Nel

    Which style of Yak??

    I'm 50+, and have a sit-in that I use 12-15 times a year. It's an Old Town "Angler" model with rod holders, tackle compartments, and dry storage. It's perfect for what I need.