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  1. s2k4mee

    is it smelt time?

    I know it's a different body of water, but... people have been getting smelt on Lake Superior the last 2 days. Hopefully that's some good sign...maybe lol
  2. s2k4mee

    is it smelt time?

    Thanks for the update guys. If they aren't in this week... It's probably safe to say it's over this year.
  3. s2k4mee

    is it smelt time?

    Tried last night and still no luck.
  4. s2k4mee

    is it smelt time?

    Thanks for the update Chris
  5. s2k4mee

    is it smelt time?

    My prime time is at 42F, which we should hit in the next few days. Full moon on Sunday though...
  6. s2k4mee

    is it smelt time?

    I think we're getting close to that time of the year...
  7. s2k4mee


    Welcome aboard
  8. s2k4mee

    is it smelt time?

    Still a little too early. Give it a couple weeks imo.
  9. s2k4mee

    Grimsby Tackle Spring Sale This Week

    Hi Grimsby Tackle, Do you have any of the following St. Croix Legend Tournament below: - TBC79HMF -TBC711HMF
  10. s2k4mee

    Sad news

    I also never knew Lorne on a personal basis but have come across numerous post on other communities he was a part of. RIP
  11. s2k4mee

    Ice out carping

    ^ Jealous!!! Way to go again Tyler. Looks like you gotten figured out =)
  12. s2k4mee

    Resturant Owners And Cooks And Chefs

    Could I get a PM please. My parents own a restaurant and could use a new supplier however, they're in the Mississauga area, not sure if you guys service that for East.
  13. s2k4mee

    Hunting and fishing podcasts?

    Time to load up on my long drives! Thanks for the heads up
  14. s2k4mee

    Forum Rules *updated*

    Thanks for the outline
  15. s2k4mee

    10 year ban for being way over his limit

    Sad, but he'll probably continue to fish without a license.