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  1. Hey all, I read lots and hear lots about the amazing fishing happening out of crystal beach. I have a 14' aluminum with a 25 Yamaha. On a calm day would I be crazy to go out there? Where can I find good info on weather? I only ever hear waves being less than one half meter. Well in a tinner a half meter wave is tsunamic.
  2. I read about using a trolling motor to slow the drift, but I find it hard to believe it makes much difference, or maybe it's all the difference? Do you drag deep with tubes or just cast the weed lines?
  3. Trying to learn the ropes on the lower. We tried driftingfor smallmouths with dropshot rig in 15,20,25,30,35,40 fow, tried crankbaits and plastics along weedlines, nothing. Storm moved in and so we called it a day. We're doing something wrong... Just not sure what. Any tips?
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