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  1. Lower Niagara with a drop shot. Pitch it 10-15 feet from shore and you will catch smallies galour. Dont whip it out there as you wanna try to stay as vertical as possible which can be tough from shore but definitely do-able. Caught 10 smallies 2 days ago doing this.
  2. That gator is a beauty!!! Nice bass as well. Well done.
  3. Holy hell that looks uncomfortable. No thank you. Atleast you managed a couple fish. I would never fish there LOL.... I hate fishing beside 1 person nevermind 12... Unreal pressure ...
  4. Gizzard shad get upto 3 pounds . Especially in Jordan. There's some real big ones there. No fight to them most time at all. Nice catch
  5. A couple fish from around opener from Jordan
  6. Water is always chocolate milk at the harbour,your never gonna go and find clear water. Max 3 inches vis but don't let that discourage you. They are there. Out of 3 trips there this spring only one was successful so it's kinda hit or miss but the one that was successful we did great and caught multiple rainbows and browns. Maybe 7 or 8 fish between 2 guys in a couple hours. We where using rainbow roe cured in pickling salt. They seem to really like it.
  7. Lots of trout in Jordan. Caught 5 or 6 rainbows and browns on opener this year fishing the stream up near the campground. My buddy got 3 or 4 as well. Never see anyone float fishing it though . Weird.....as for bass ive only ever seen one or two come out of Jordan in the past 4 or 5 years although I never really target them there.
  8. I've got a favorite bay in the harbour that you can only fish from a boat. We get twenties every year 3 years in a row now from it... This one was a special fish though it was absolutely huge. Never seen a channel cat this big either. It was one of maybe 30 fish we caught that day between 3 guys. It was late April last year so yes still pretty cold but not frost in the morning cold. Great fish and day. One I won't soon forget. Congrats on the pb carp. How big was it?? Some real monster carp in there.....
  9. I have many times. Went out in a canoe a couple times this spring and a boat last spring. Caught lots of catfish (it's on my YouTube). No gas motors past the trainbridge. It's great spot for monster cats well over 20 pounds. Cut bait is key there. Cut sucker pieces or large minnows in half on bottom. Also pike and carp in there but I feel the catfish rule the roost at the harbour. Here's a cat close to 30 pounds I caught there last year.
  10. It was 32 pounds on my crappy little scale with the net. So I figure 28 or 29 pounds. I tested my scale and although cheap it is fairly accurate when weighing a 10 pound wieght.
  11. @Mike Pike it's a very tight swim!!! Lots of snags as well. Very lucky to have landed this biggun. Thanks!!!
  12. The bite was really on today. Hooked into 10 fish in 3 hours. I've got a video of it on my YouTube. Landed maybe 6 or 7 . Was a great day. Canned corn on a slip sinker rig. Thanks for watching if you do!!!
  13. Where can I get a 9 ft carp stalking rod 2.75 lb test curve for less then 150$ Canadian . Willing to purchase online or from a storefront. I want a carp rod, not a medium heavy salmon steelhead spinning rod I already have one of those and want something more species specific. Thanks for any help guys.
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