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  1. JiggingtroutNsalmon

    Fishing tips and BIG fish

  2. JiggingtroutNsalmon

    Fishing tips and BIG fish

    Check out my youtube i just started up and would appreciate the support and views!!! Its tips and tricks along with recent catchs. Its all filmed in niagara region and theres already video of a 15+ pound brown being caught. Its called FishinNiagara thanks for looking!!!
  3. JiggingtroutNsalmon

    Where to get u 40?

    Does anybody use u 40 corkseal on there rods? If so how did you like it and where did you get it from? Thinking about putting it on a new rod i just got.
  4. JiggingtroutNsalmon

    Squarebills for trout????

    The fish i hooked but didnt see was on a rapala crankin rap squarebill in real sunfish pattern.
  5. JiggingtroutNsalmon

    Squarebills for trout????

    I was more so talking about the kvds 1.5 and luckycraft 1.5. Traditional bass baits for trout. I was thinking casting in marinas and from piers along lake O . marinas run anywhere from 7-9 feet(atleast the ones i fish) and kvds 1.5 run 4-6 and seeing as trout feed up i would think they would be running at a perfect depth to get hit. I dunno maybe im wrong and way off but i think sooner or later im gonna get a big ole brown if i keep at it with the kvd 1.5s. Ill let you guys know if i get lucky.
  6. JiggingtroutNsalmon

    Squarebills for trout????

    Anybody ever have any luck throwing squarebills for trout this time of year? I hooked a fish a couple outings ago throwing one but it shook off before i got to see it. Im just wondering if this is a fluke or if people have success fishing them for trout?