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  1. iscoDisco

    Fishing with my old pal Jack (JWL)

    What a nice steelie!
  2. iscoDisco

    Float fishing at whirlpool

    Thanks Jwl1!
  3. iscoDisco

    Float fishing at whirlpool

    Thank you for details!! It was such a kind advice I can hear from real fisherman!! I am planning to go upper on Monday. Do you know how deep should I run for float fishing??
  4. iscoDisco

    Anyone up to fishin?

    Oh I missed it! I went Port D on monday. There were less fishermen than usual and nobody catched fish on Monday. It was so different with weekend boom. Water didn't go either way and the water was stained. I want to go fishing with you next time! I live in Welland
  5. iscoDisco

    Who fishes Peace Bridge?

    I visited there on this thursday around 11am and saw a man fishing near the bridge. And there was 3 boats fishing along the Niagara river. 2 were fishing near train bridge. I should go fishing to Upper Niagara cause Port D is full of people even all day long.
  6. iscoDisco

    Float fishing at whirlpool

    I've been there for hike and it is surely a lot of leg work lol. It looks like I should learn a lot while I am donating tackle to river!
  7. iscoDisco

    How do you guys distinguish male and female trout??

    Yes I remember a gentleman who used attractive english accent!! Glad to meet you Limey! Did you have any luck yesterday??
  8. iscoDisco

    How do you guys distinguish male and female trout??

    Thanks Smerchly, I googled it and the one I caught today might be male! Yeah buck under the float worked great!
  9. I caught a nice brown trout today. And I am wondering if it is male or female. Is there any tip I can tell the sex of trout??
  10. iscoDisco

    Float fishing at whirlpool

    Thanks NINO. Maybe I have to try various baits. I believe I will learn a lesson through couple of years.
  11. iscoDisco

    Float fishing at whirlpool

    Hi I moved to welland 2 months ago and caught my first salmon with Rapala J13 at Port Dalhousie this October. I heard Niagara whirlpool is great place in this region. Do you think float fishing with white 1/4oz zig will work for steelhead?? Can I also try float fishing with beads??