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  1. That's good news! Welcome new owner!
  2. Thank you Cliff for your dedication over 5years. I believe this website has great potential. A lot of database was accumulated for more than 10 years. And members' experience and knowledge can make more enjoyable and conservative fishing environment. Glad to hear Tyler is going to be new owner! I would contribute this website doing HTML5, CSS, JS
  3. Route to the main forum is really slow. Maybe I should study how to make website faster and talk with Manager! I love this website and I am willing to do a volunteer someday.
  4. Thank you for details!! It was such a kind advice I can hear from real fisherman!! I am planning to go upper on Monday. Do you know how deep should I run for float fishing??
  5. Oh I missed it! I went Port D on monday. There were less fishermen than usual and nobody catched fish on Monday. It was so different with weekend boom. Water didn't go either way and the water was stained. I want to go fishing with you next time! I live in Welland
  6. I visited there on this thursday around 11am and saw a man fishing near the bridge. And there was 3 boats fishing along the Niagara river. 2 were fishing near train bridge. I should go fishing to Upper Niagara cause Port D is full of people even all day long.
  7. I've been there for hike and it is surely a lot of leg work lol. It looks like I should learn a lot while I am donating tackle to river!
  8. Yes I remember a gentleman who used attractive english accent!! Glad to meet you Limey! Did you have any luck yesterday??
  9. Thanks Smerchly, I googled it and the one I caught today might be male! Yeah buck under the float worked great!
  10. I caught a nice brown trout today. And I am wondering if it is male or female. Is there any tip I can tell the sex of trout??
  11. Thanks NINO. Maybe I have to try various baits. I believe I will learn a lesson through couple of years.
  12. Hi I moved to welland 2 months ago and caught my first salmon with Rapala J13 at Port Dalhousie this October. I heard Niagara whirlpool is great place in this region. Do you think float fishing with white 1/4oz zig will work for steelhead?? Can I also try float fishing with beads??
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