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  1. Was hoping to buy one locally to the Niagara Region, I think the closest place is in Hamilton or Toronto.
  2. Been playing a lot of the tables in Pinball Arcade on an IPad, pretty neat!!!
  3. Anyone out ther use the Flir one Pro Thermal camera attachment for an iPhone? Curious how you find it works?
  4. Oohh!! That one sound good! Never played that one.
  5. Too bad the new Beatles Pinball Machine is not Yellow Submarine related!
  6. My husband is really liking Monster Bash!
  7. My fav movies are Ghostbusters and Yellow Submarine
  8. What is your fav movies??
  9. Does anyone have a recommendation for an amazing pinball technician within the Niagara Region?
  10. I am really in love with the Ghostbusters Premium table
  11. Hey all, what's your fav. pinball machine?
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