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  1. Jwl1

    License Time

    Liscence?????.....um since when do we need that!@@@@....😯... always get mine like clockwork a couple days after Christmas ever since we needed one...December is pretty much how I count fishing season starts...lol
  2. I like salad with my meat...there is a big difference between cruelty to animals than the farms that breed animals specifically for food..these are not wild or endangered species...they are man made
  3. Jwl1


    Psst....hey Tyler... I think bill is just trying to show us what kind of stuff old people keep in thier pockets....if he digs deeper he will probably come up with a couple nickels...a button....and a striped mint with lint stuck to it 😯😁😆
  4. Jwl1


    The cheesecloth might be a good idea...I used to tie dough balls up like roe bags for carp...Tyler's idea for catfish bait might work pretty good...looks like the bigger holes will let scent baits disperse nicely
  5. Dang...this could backfire just when I wanted to see what would happen if I laid down in the middle of the road infront of the next big lettuce shipment as I cruelly let it wilt on the truck 😯 .....I love my veggies...I just prefer to fatten up my dinner with them first before I throw it on the bbq all slathered in steak sauce ....mmmmm....
  6. Jwl1

    It's on!

    Drift was nice today...water level at a happy medium..water a bit stained..but still couple feet viz...just gets better from here as winter goes....its just too bad that one wrecked the only bait I had in that pattern....it was worth the 2 bucks....lol
  7. Jwl1

    It's on!

    Finally got to get out for a bit again this afternoon...work getting well in the way of fishing..lol...and this being my favorite time of year to go..happy to say I got to add to my pic collection for the season....today's secret color combo..... black +white flash + cherise = steel 🎣 good scrap...decent size fish...big thanks to the older gent who came over with the net
  8. Have you tried close to shore in that spot?...often here in Niagara in the cold weather you will see small pods of carp slowly cruising the shoreline
  9. I also like finding fish the old fashioned way...trying to guess where they will be on a body of water I am fishing at different times if the year.
  10. That's cool...they dont mind the cold all they need is a food source...im trying to find a pic I have of a family of them playing in front of my dock when I had the trailer on moira ..all the youngsters where swimming around in a big ball all over and around each other
  11. Yikes...now I'm glad I didn't go fishing...although I've been up since 5 now...lol...time to salt the walkway and build me a fire in the recroom
  12. Jwl1

    Fall pannies

    Ya...I'm glad I opted out..everything starting to get a layer of ice now...not so bad...I did get down to the river yesterday..lol...looks like good thing you got out too Bruce....mmmm been an awful long time since I've had a bigugli fish fry
  13. Jwl1

    Fall pannies

    Nice...got up to go somewhere this morn...but not sure with the pending weather ...good to hear about some late season pan fish
  14. Good point bubba...that's why they have culled on navy island as well...couple factors...starvation along with chronic waisting disease.. a form of tb....as well as genetic diversity to help avoid inbreeding.
  15. It's a "match the hatch"...situation like I had mentioned when referring to catching them in cold water while fishing trout or pike.... I have caught carp on minnows ...white twisters...spoons this time of year...carp and suckers on roe....there's not the same vegetation so they aren't foraging on the small snails ect that are in the weeds.....salmon eggs makes total sense as well in late fall....we have 2 different salmon spawns with chinooks and cohos....then lakers..browns..then bows..
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