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  1. Jwl1


    I have a 40 year old Harley that loves to eat gas....guess I will just have to siphon it from gf's car every time she isn't looking this summer😲
  2. That is a pretty cool article...I caught a big version of a white aquarium type catfish out lake st Clair when I was a kid and my grandparents had a summer place there.....unfortunately some people think nothing of dumping thier unwanted pets into the water.....there was a point in time way back when goldfish where popular bass bait......I'm sure many of us have seen a koi or 2 in some pretty wierd places........might be interesting to try out a bait mixture from the list of preferred items they say carp eat in the article......and give the wife a big surprise in the fridge when you have all the Tupperware filled up with bugs and slugs...ect....😁 or the look on her face when she walks in on you whipping up a batch of bait in her new $300 kitchenaid 😲🀣
  3. Jwl1

    Cat fish?

    Water is also still on the cold side for this time of year...a couple of my spots are a good couple weeks behind at my guess from past experience...some puddles had skim ice still in the morn when I was working beginning of the week...let alone the mixed weather ...may give a spot a go on the weekend
  4. Jwl1

    Cat fish?

    Good old fashioned pieces of worm on a slip sinker.....not much need to get fancy for the cats beyond a stiff back bone pole and a good drag on your reel...lol...and for those who question if you can get the big ones from shore.....go have a look at how many people in boats stick themselves in the mud and fish....lol...just dont leave your rod unattended for too long.....leave the bail open...you never know when a 20lber will do a drive by...Haha
  5. That's ok...still nice to get the reports...something to look forward to when I get out and do "the weekend warrior " thing..or have the odd rain day
  6. Jwl1

    Cat fish?

    This is a great time of year to search the grand for big cats....and the smaller ones make for some good eats out of the cold water
  7. You guys said it well...not a hunter myself but I sure love cooking up some fresh game when given the chance....mmmm meat pics.......love hearing the stories behind a successful mission
  8. Jwl1

    Reg. ?

    I think you can use 2 rods if you are trolling...not sure about anchoring
  9. Good to hear you got out Bruce....last week killed me back to work....not the work part......the just had all winter off fishing a couple days a week part.....lol...I'd have much rather been fishing in the crap weather than working in it....Haha...pannies...."..cold sleet and rain got his pannies in a bunch 😯
  10. Thanks for sharing....goid early spring report for sure. .and fish on the bank
  11. Right on ....water looks nice... only water I got to see this week so far was working in the rain...lol...man that cuts into the fishin time...Haha.... thanks for the tease.....
  12. Jwl1

    Funny boat names

    It's funny when I been with him and we catch no fish in it!!!πŸ˜›....hmmmm "almost" never happens......maybe once this winter.. .then it had a whole new name for that day πŸ€”πŸ˜†πŸŽ£
  13. If you are around the boardwalk checking it out...I believe there is a bait and tackle shop right there down town around the queen st area.....near the holiday inn ect.....and in general the people in that region are alot nicer than the people around here.. lol
  14. No problem....all those spots are easy to find ....have parking....and all along the boardwalk they actually keep it pristine and promote fishing...the spots on the side of the hwy I mentioned have visible signs in and around the water put there by the mnr....for the purpose of put and take fishing
  15. Fmz 10....lots of stuff open
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