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  1. More weekend upgrades......why not....lol
  2. Been an awful long time since I shared in an big ugli fish fry and feast..mmmmm
  3. Not bad bruce... 1 for each night 🎣😉
  4. Most people probably hitting up some big 20lbs range lakers at the bar right now too in the mix.theres usually a big shad run that coincides with the smelt run zoo on the lower...another month the chinooks should be staging pretty good out there.......the "green house"...run usually puts out some good scrappers at this time of year on our end of the lake....water temp changes are a good key factor when it come to "structure " as well and not just depth....you can get some nice ones in shallower water if you find a pronounced temp change in and around the niagara bound end this time of year...but also remember unusually colder start has put things behind a little bit.....try the early June patterns in a couple weeks....the fish dont know what time it is on the calendar....lol
  5. Rearranging the fence decorations before bed (midnight shift)....I think I need help!!!....too many in the bucket...I think some of them are starting to croak!!!!!!😲
  6. Thanks for sharing guys....oops...forgot to add the emergency patio upgrade 😎
  7. That's a good one bill....reminds me of when my daughter was a toddler and I had a "jam room" in my basement....I still have a couple cassettes somewhere I recorded with her on an old 4 track machine...lol
  8. That's awesome..the way I see it...if we have to entertain ourselves at home...may as well make the best of it....and you are right bill...I have a closet full of fishing rods that could use some fresh air...lol
  9. This week's episode so far...bit of work in the front
  10. Yes sir,.... he lives in my head...don't you see him...????...he is right there!!!......🤪🤯
  11. I believe that's the rule implied for boating right now as well...and what they where trying to enforce over the long weekend
  12. I'm going out on a limb here...but I have to say that one has me stumped
  13. One of the reasons I dont fish often with body baits for pike...if I do..generally I take the middle hook off..sometimes plus change the tail hook to a single hook....may lose the odd fish..but better than dealing with a mouth full of teeth thrashing around with a bunch of hooks too...lol...and I always feel bad when I see a nice fish with a jaw full of trebles... I also have had a few experiences with muskies in the 50 incher plus range...almost get them in...then just open thier mouth....and off!!!!....not even hooked because of taking the extra hooks off...just too stubborn to let the lure go..haha...its all in the fun, specially with a fish you where releasing anyways......now I want to look for some decent size live bait and bobber action .... one of my favorite ways to seek out the toothies....hopefully be able to share some pics soon now that I finish work at 630am mon through fri...in the meanwhile i dont mind you guys rubbing it in with your reports..lol
  14. Wow..yep 12 years eh smerch....I remember that get together....great times!!!!
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