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    Fishing today.

    Maybe she will if you pinch her lip like that!πŸ˜²πŸ˜πŸ˜„
  2. Jwl1

    Fishing today.

    You got out and you got something. .still a good morning
  3. Jwl1


    They got word that your wife turned a couple of their friends into sandwiches πŸ”πŸ₯ͺ🍺
  4. Jwl1

    My other hobby...

    Almost makes me want to go perch fishing.....little bit of beer for the batter...little bit for the chef...little bit more for the chef πŸ‘¨β€πŸ³πŸ€«
  5. Jwl1

    Niagara Steel site Problem

    You should be able to get in that part no probs
  6. Jwl1

    Niagara Steel site Problem

    You may be mixing up the steelhead section of species specific area.... and Niagara steelheaders.
  7. Jwl1

    It's been a while

    Get back out there for some fishiotherapy.... no stunting off the side of boats😲
  8. Jwl1

    Most recent fishing trip

    Yep they put up a nice fight... have caught them a few times in shallow water for early season pike... they like shallow muddy water....will attack other fish....also they leave a scent..if you catch one and then stop catching other fish ..... cut a bunch of your line off and rerig...they look really cool in spawning colors with bright blue fins
  9. Jwl1

    My other hobby...

    Right on... years back I started a cook your catch thread on the old nfn...I called it.." the fillet show" 😏 we got some great ideas. . Looks good man . I have also been known to cook a few things.... bigugli makes a mean shore lunch....thanks for sharing
  10. Jwl1

    Fishing with my old pal Jack (JWL)

    Not bad for a slow day...we boated a few more and lost a couple.....s oon comes the 20 fish days in the boat..... 😎.... we work for it!!.. .its years of knowledge put together and it's always fun as ?%$#@*&.,.....😲
  11. Jwl1

    Fishing with my old pal Jack (JWL)

    Funny you say that... years back when cliff and I would go out in my boat... my neighbor would think I was nuts...the boat would sit in the driveway practically most of the summer...it starts to get cold and snowing and we would take it out......he didn't mind when I brought him home the odd one though . ...and I didn't mind the homemade red wine that would show up on the doorstep
  12. Jwl1

    Fishing with my old pal Jack (JWL)

    Was a great time indeed... more to come for sure always look forward to it and great catching up... and a huge thanks for posting the pics... me no can how figure out it yet πŸ€ͺ
  13. Jwl1

    Some Fishing Laughs

    The last one is my favorite... show off...Haha.. you post all that funny stuff and I can't figure out how to post fishing pics for 2 days nowπŸ€”πŸ˜„πŸ€ͺ
  14. Jwl1

    Awfully quiet

    No doilies? Awe man what am I going to use for a coaster while I'm warming up with a drink after fishing?... if you guys need pics for inspiration.... I can edit my steelie report from yesterday as soon as the pics are sent to me 😏
  15. Jwl1

    Awfully quiet

    So looks like me and smerch the only ones fishing this week?πŸ€”... well I know cliff was too on account of being out in his boat yesterday catching steelies 😎.... come on folks... bundle up and get out there... while everyone is sipping tea and knitting doilies at the quilting bee...there is some of the best fishing to be had of the whole year at this time of year...we are blessed to live in such a diverse area for multi species fishing
  16. Jwl1

    Newbie to the Forum

    Hi Dan welcome to the site just so happens to be a few people from st kitts here that frequently fish the area I'm sure if you read some of the posts you will find some of the info you ste looking for.... Niagara has a few areas where there are opportunities for pike fishing in all seasons...as for musky fishing... the odd incidental can be caught while pike fishing...but that is a tough one around the area to target...happy fishin
  17. Jwl1

    Perchin'-Piken Day

    That's awesome bill I was thinking on trying that same thing where I went pikin the other day...usually get a couple perch... nice to hear that you managed a snack...mmm cold water perch yum I saw Pete's had some nice minnows today when I went to lick up some last minute trout supplies for the morning....might as well get out there ice or no ice
  18. Still trying to figure site out... I think my phone has a handicapped finger operating it.. Haha... hey just for fun... let's see who can name some products that on everyday use we all tend to call an actual product name..... for example: Kleenex.... is just a brand of "facial tissue " yet we tend to ask for a Kleenex....
  19. Jwl1

    2nd week controlled hunt

    Right on... it's not always all about the prize...although a freezer full of meat is always nice...getting out sharing time with friends.. honing the skills...go figure about the ones you saw before shooting time and great yo have the sense not to try and shoot at something out of range.. thanks for sharing
  20. I read suggesting that there are better fishing spots on the upper for targeting trout and walleye.. also why I asked what fishing techniques....there's a difference in tossing out a hook and sinker and seeing what bites and actually trying to target a species πŸ˜‰
  21. Now now doc can't ask him because apparently hesa no speaka da engalish so it would have to be sign language.... and I'm guessing arms waving around in the water would be sign language for no πŸ˜²πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‡.... on a side note I think cliff was laughing at me for suggesting to fishguy that I might be able to lend him fishing advice regarding the upper river πŸ€”
  22. Its because that is a super easy access spot...and people see people fishing there...and therefore think it must be a good spot...usually if I fish a spot like that and someone asks how the fishing is.... unless they see me catch one.. I tell them the fishing sucks....Haha....the ministry does go there but if you think it's a prob.. it's your right to whistle blow there are many reasons for our mnr.....and it's better than vigilante justice... Haha.... I hear you about just wanting to relax and fish....Fishiotherapy is way more fun than the shrink.... I would be more than happy to share some tips if you PM me... no offence but I'm not telling the whole world... and guys like that are why..Haha
  23. What kind of fishing you doing? Still fishing... jigging... drifting a float or bottom bouncing?... if you want trout and walleye there are better spots then worrying about someone spoiling your day.πŸ˜‰
  24. Let's just say a few people of question fish over there....and sad part is they really don't care about anyone else around them...most people are courteous and know how to share spots like that one...then there are those that think they are regulars and own the place.... all you can do is try to reason..but it's not worth getting into a problem over it... there's better spots up there..I've seen people even do that to kids there...its takes a heck of a so called fisherman to muscle out kids over a couple 6 inch perch...Haha...
  25. Jwl1

    Float fishing at whirlpool

    15 is a good place to start...then adjust accordingly depending on where you try