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  1. Use to be houses along the river. One place had docks where yo could pay to fish. These are all gone now.
  2. Minnows Roebags and Cleos .all depends on where yougo.
  3. Botchegalupe If you need a tour let me know. . We can meet at Timmies for coffee.
  4. Just before the sand dock which is crumbling and just before the Railway bridge to the States.
  5. I have fishing the upper Niagara for52 years. i remember get the big perch in the spring.Thats all gone. Trout was good to. Had 30 to 40 guys fishing. Never a problem. I guess people are just so greedy now. That they will take what ever and fight you. Sure would like to meet some of you guys. Could tell you stories you wouldnt believe.
  6. Been fishing up in Fort Erie for a long time. Never seen it this bad. But be patient and sooner or later KARMA catches them.
  7. Walleye and Trout fishing . Fantastic. Custom Docks. Minnows and Pckerel rigs
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