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  1. Jmaz4

    Upper river

    Long time no talk or fishing for that matter! Anyways besides going up to nosbonsing during xmas break its been awhile since iv felt qhat a fish feels like on your line. ( all dinks in nosbonsing) Yesterday me and a buddy decided to get out. Dusted out the boat and ventured to the upper river. To be honest it was absolutely gorgeous out. Dressed for it obviously. Boat fired up first try which is always relieving. We set up shop and anchored tried jigs, swim baits, and even minnows. Seemed like the fish were turned off. Saw one boat bring in a walleye while we were anchored. So we decided to drift. First drift in my buddy lands a beautiful steelhead. After that, fish turned off again drifted for awhile and nothing. So we anchored and aet up shop again tossing everything. After looaing multple jig head and plastic to snags i have one rod left that was set up for a minnow so i through it out. Didnt even touch bottom and wham! A jice chunky walleye. Decided it was to big to keep, and the belly was fat! So unsure if preganant or it just ate a football haha. All in all it was nice to get out and catch a couple! Totally worth it. Hope everyones doing well! Cheers!
  2. What a night it was. My first time limitting out on lake erie. 18 delicious walleye in the boat! The action was insane. At one point we had a triple header and obviously the lure gets stuff in the net. I hand bombed one in the boat. Then the 3rd rod went off. I grab it my buddies still trying to get the lure out of net. Well they didnt so feeling confident hand bombing one i did another . Well let me tell ya this little walleye wasnt happy. Thrashed on me spit the lure out and bang hooked me right in the lower calf passed the barb! Not only did the little doo-doo hook me he wiggled his way back into lake erie! Got the hook out luckily with minor damage. Ill take one for the team every outting if we limit out though. Fiahed 65to 73fow. 2 dispeys 1 setting 144 and 154 back. 2 on 3 setting between 70 and 100 back. Ripplin red fins tipped with worm. Deep rods caught majority of fish. Cheers!
  3. What a fish fry boys! Cajun fish crisp is my favourite. Cheers!
  4. Unfortunately we split between 3 guys and my family goes nuts over fish frys. Going to cook them up tomorrow. Having my mom her bf, my nana , my mother in law and my wifes uncle over. Geeze hopefully i get a piece or two! Ill snap a pic and post the feast! This is what makes fishing great! Cheers!
  5. It finally all came together! Keep in mind I have only been trolling for walleye for past 2 years. Im a rookie! After always launching at crystal beach and the most walleye weve ever caught is 5 in an outting. We switched and went to out of sugarloaf in port after getting some good advice. Anyways we headed out at about 530 last night. Had our first fish in 20 mins. And a couple more in the next half hour. Had 4 rods out on dipseys all with harnesses. It slowed down a bit. Notices the copper harness was getting touched more so i threw on the bronze ripplin red fin tipped with a worm. It wasnt in the water for 2 mins and it got smashed. Switched to 3 ripplin red fins and one bomber. All tipped with worms. The action was insane for a rookie like myself. At one point we only had 1 rod in the water. Ended out the night with 13 walleye! 2 limits!!!!!!!! We missed atleast 5 fish. So we could of had our 3 man limit but oh well. I can say it was my best day fishing on lake erie for walleye! Fished 65 to 70fow right out front of sugarloaf. Get out there! Cheers!
  6. Finally got out on sunday. Heard the walleye are shallow so i thought id give it a shot. Trolled from palmwood towards buffalo back and forth. Ended up woth 3 nice walleyes. The smalleat was 4lbs and biggest was just under 9lbs. In between walleyes we hooked into 5 or 6 sheephead and 2 smallmouth bass. The one smallmouth was 5.5lbs, made a couple splashes at the surface to make it interesting. All in all it was a great day on the water. Getting first walleye of the year in the boat is always relieving. We were fishing in between 18 to 25 fow. 3 rods, all with stickbaits. Started out with 4 rods with 2 on boards but it was a little choppy and i hate those things! Lol Water was between 61 and 64. Im guessing the walleye will have to be going deeper real soon. Hope this helps. Cheers!
  7. This probably has something to do with the world cup carp classic. I was watching one of the fishing shows on saturday mornings and they were talking about this. Because were only.allowed 1 rod. Canada as a country will never be allowed to host this event. Even though i do not carp fish its a pretty cool event. http://www.worldcarpclassic.com
  8. Beyond jealous. Good showing!
  9. They were a pretty decent size actually but when i called to make sure they had some, they did mention it was their last order. Id be going to dominion or erie .
  10. Actually got them from petes tackle
  11. Went out for my first trip of the year to lake erie yesterday. Really wanted to get into some walleye. We trolled from 7am till about 10 1030. Marked only 3 fish. Skunked! Luckily we brought minnows also. Tried one spot, not even a bite. Only saw a couple fish caught while we lasted there. So we decided to make another move and try point abino. At about 12ish there were maybe about 15 boats . By 2 it had doubled in size. Marked huge schools. Ended up with 28 perch. Not bad for a couple hours of actually perch fishing. Even though we didnt find the walleye the perch made up for it! Tried to post pic of the fish fry but the file is too big. Saw a couple perch caught that were huge! Our biggest one was just over 12 inches. Great day on the water!
  12. Not sure if this helps but if you have instagram and follow fishin niagara he usually does daily updates of the river. If not daily every other day. I find it very helpful.
  13. The time has come ! What we have all been waiting for! https://www.wgrz.com/mobile/article/news/local/ice-boom-removal-to-begin-on-monday/71-ccfc3222-d557-47f3-86ad-88ea8ae90c73
  14. So my buddies brother was in town from BC. We had planned to gonfor walleye in upper river but the ice flow scared me. Decided to go to st kitts and troll for trout and salmon. Keep in mind this was our first time doing this. The fog was wild. If it wasnt for the gps we would still be out there trying to find our way in. Anyways, we got 4 rods in the water and within 20 mins we had ourselves a nice little rainbow. Trying to keep on tract towards jordan we started marking big fish. Watched the rods that were in that column of water and bammmmmmm! First salmon in my boat ever. Probably around 18lbs but we rounded to 20 haha. About 30 mins later not marking anything at all and the rod went again. A nice 10 to 12lb laker. Winds picked up by then and it was getting pretty cold out there so we decided to find our way back in. Great way to spend a holiday at work! We were fishing in between 60 and 80 fow. 2 boards outs to hit the higher water column and 2 rods out the back on dipseys varying our depth but both salmon and laker were around 10 to 15 of bottom. Have a great day! GO LEAFS GO!
  15. https://coastwatch.glerl.noaa.gov/modis/modis.php?region=e&page=1 This shows satellite images of the all great lakes. Atleast gives you an idea of how much ice is still out there. Hopefully the boom goes this week.
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