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  1. Smerch, has to be one of my favourite areas- from Quinte, to Kingston, 1000 islands etc, you just can't beat it. Great area, and world class fishing for many species. You could say I'm a Niagara area fisherman. I'm from Stoney Creek but I frequent the Niagara area- mostly Lake Erie to be honest though as I am an avid bass fisherman.
  2. Thanks Smerchly. I didn't even notice that was my first post ever- I had thought I sent an introductory. Anyhow, glad to be aboard!
  3. I was fishing a tournament on the St. Lawrence river in Gananoque last year and heard the roaring of a boat coming down river at us. As it came closer(at a very high rate of speed) i noticed it was a pontoon boat, as it flew by I needed to see what was on the back of it. Twin Mercury Racing 400's!!!.... true story.
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