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  1. Smerch, I often think about that too. Is that perch fishery doomed soon? I know people fish for other species in there(Lakers, whities etc.) but it would seem most are perching. I know lake Simcoe has been there forever and this has been going on forever but there’s definitely much more pressure and gets worse every year. Does something have to change? Time will tell I suppose but imo 50 perch/day is too many. Captain
  2. perch hands down is way better eating than eyes. imo.
  3. Smerch, maybe try febreze a couple times over the winter and see. Or maybe some bounce fabric sheets and just leave them in there for the winter, should have the bag smelling nice in the spring. I use bounce sheets in the boat over the winter to keep the mice out and in the spring it smells like heaven in there.
  4. Beautiful day Bigugli but I’m with you- I was spending time with my little lady. What a beautiful family you have! God bless .
  5. +1 . 3 inch-ish swim bait for me too. Throw it on a jig, football head, dropshot it etc etc. So versatile and catches anything that swims.
  6. Anyone fill up with that Welland water gas?
  7. Dave, I agree! They even send you an email reminder ahead of time to remind you of renewal !
  8. I fished the harbour a week or so ago (just before I found out about this issue). I didn’t notice anything by eye but there’s definitely a ton of damage done from what I have read. I think the sewage has gone into cootes paradise in which will obviously flow into the harbour. There’s nothing but a fish gate separating cootes and the harbour. I won’t be putting my boat in there again. What also irks me about this is that the government spent a bunch of $$ trying to bring back the the walleye populations and then this nonsense continues to happen. On top, you can only imagine what the factories are discharging into the harbour. Sickening to say the least!
  9. Where is this and what’s he doing?
  10. I think I’ll have to pass too. My daughter and I are just getting over being sick so being out in the cold by the water probably isn’t a great idea.
  11. I’m planning on harbour bassing for the next 2 weeks.
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