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  1. Haha you’re funny smerch! Since you tried it on the motor cowling, was it ever hazy/foggy? Or did the product make it foggy? Would love to know of a product to get the haziness out of the cowl. I only used the spray 9 on my hull so I know that’s not where the cloudiness came from. However, it’s been there for years so likely was there before I bought the boat. Almost needs something to bring the natural finish back without having to repaint (already did that to the motor cap about 5 years ago ).
  2. Center is always the hardest. Gotta be a contortionist or something to get under there. Glad it worked for you.
  3. BOOM 💥. Told ya smerch :)
  4. haha too funny! The marine stuff has to be better. I've used the regular spray 9 on the boat and didn't work too well. This marine stuff is the real deal. Cleaned up the 1995 hull like new as you said.
  5. Smerch, Is your hull fibreglass or aluminum? After having my fibreglass boat sitting in the water all summer at the cottage, I used a spray nine hull product. This stuff needs 0 elbow grease- just paint on with a sponge brush and let it sit and spray it off with the hose or power washer. You can watch the stains come out it’s pretty neat - in fact it took stains out that were On the boat for over 10 years that I never thought would come out . Best product I’ve ever used. See below. (I should have taken before and after pictures but the difference is unreal )
  6. Smerch, have you checked bass pro? Being from Stoney Creek I get all my stuff from Bay City Marine but that’s quite the trip for you.
  7. Not sure Steve, I haven't been out that way since the spring.
  8. Yep, that’s the closest one to the lake without actually launching in the lake. This is the launch that Jwl said above being close to Nicholls.
  9. In my opinion I wouldn’t even suggest a topwater lure right now especially where you are going (northern country). It’s getting colder up there by the day, water temp is dropping and the chances of top water action are coming to an end. Is there a chance you catch something on a topwater? Sure, but you’ll have better luck doing other things. Since your in a canoe I would; 1. Drift a minnow or worm on a jig head or on a worm harness - closer to the bottom the better. You’ll catch anything doing this. 2. Troll some spinners like you have listed above or minnow body baits. Again, you’ll catch most species doing this. 3. Jig vertically with a mister twister( white, black or chartreuse). This may be harder since you’re in a canoe unless you are anchored. 4. From shore, I would cast jig heads tipped with worms, minnows or mister twisters or cast spoons or minnow baits. 5. Tie a live bait rig. Bait holder hook, couple sinkers a foot and a half above that and tie a worm or preferably a live minnow on there and let it soak . You can do this from shore or drift from behind your canoe. I know the general area you are staying. I usually travel a bit further north and fish in the fall and have a blast. Enjoy and be safe! Cap’n
  10. I am thinking of trying trolling tomorrow morning. i am usually a bass fisherman but it's just not doing it for me anymore these days. I have outfitted my boat with some rod holders, rods with lead core and dipseys. I usually launch out of crystal beach for bass but for anyone close to Maitland, hows the lake look today? I am looking at taking the day off tomorrow to troll in the morning and spend maybe an hour or 2 on some bass after that. Windfinder looks ok for tomorrow but can't always rely on that. According to windfinder, today looks lumpier than tomorrow so i was going to judge my day tomorrow on what the lake looked like today. Chrisb? thanks guys.
  11. Ps. What the hell is pickle ball ?
  12. Agreed Smerch! In my neck of the woods they are destroying a great park(confederation park in Stoney creek) to put in a regulation size cricket field and 13 or so pickle ball courts. All green space will be gone soon and popular fishing areas gone.
  13. Smerch, has to be one of my favourite areas- from Quinte, to Kingston, 1000 islands etc, you just can't beat it. Great area, and world class fishing for many species. You could say I'm a Niagara area fisherman. I'm from Stoney Creek but I frequent the Niagara area- mostly Lake Erie to be honest though as I am an avid bass fisherman.
  14. Thanks Smerchly. I didn't even notice that was my first post ever- I had thought I sent an introductory. Anyhow, glad to be aboard!
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