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  1. Once the sun goes down and after a couple beers I’m still convinced there are sharks in my pool.
  2. Where is everyone coming from that buses are dropping people off?
  3. I just have missed the thread that mentioned to stay away from the launch on weekends. I hadn’t been there for over a year. Not only was I surprised to see so many boats but the amount of people on shore and the pier was astonishing. People had picnics already set up ....before 7am!!! I went somewhere else, 15 minute drive Down the road - not a soul at the launch that I used . Coming from out of town, I won’t entertain the idea of going to that launch ever again.
  4. Arrived at port maitland launch today at 640. Parking lot full, road parking full, side streets full, people all over the wall, park full of people....200+ people on the pier. Was there something going on today or is this the summer weekend nonsense?
  5. Smerch, so you’re not changing all your line out - do you think adding 15-20 feet of mono onto your braid would do the trick ? That way you’d still have some stretch in that leader but have that castability of the braid. I’m not a carp fisherman but just an idea. Thoughts ?
  6. I don’t fish for carp, So I’m not using heavy test but for reliability and castability- Trilene XL monofilament is the cats patoot! I grew up using the stuff specifically 8-10lb . Casts a mile, never birds nests. Been using it for 20+ years and all never buy another monofilament !
  7. ⬆️ My boat goes nowhere other than Bay City Marine. I know it's a bit of a drive for someone from Niagara but you'll never get a runaround like Genec outlined above. 4 weeks is a joke. Bay City would have that fixed in 1 day.
  8. Agreed Smerch and seems like on the water "etiquette" is almost non existent these days. I've been lucky to be working from home/cottage the past few months which allows me to "sneak away" for a couple hours to fish every so often. The nonsense I continue to see out on the water blows my mind. Are people that stupid or do people just not give a F?
  9. I'm with you Smerch....I'd maybe pick up some line so an animal, pet or child doesn't get caught in it but that's as far as it goes for me. I haven't shore fished in years so I don't get to see the shore mess like others do. However, when i am fishing in the boat and reel up a rats nest of someone else's line, I will bunch it up to throw out later.
  10. Tommyboy, where did you end up going ?
  11. Shore or boat? I’ll be launching maitland tm.
  12. 24 bass for a family of 4 is too many imo. I don’t keep bass, maybe some perch and some pickerel but 24 bass in a day is silly.
  13. Where is everyone going? Green fish? Brown fish? Both? Patiently waiting for the browns with a few brown pops. Good luck and be safe! CHS
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