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  1. And the garage. Panels need to be painted white, soffit/flashing needs to be installed and need a garage door but this is the 3 day progress so far.
  2. Very busy Smerch! It has felt good to get some nice weather and get outside. Being cooped up inside was driving me nuts. Here is the veggie/fruit garden and I also have a few random potted veggies around the property.
  3. Nice gents ! I’ve also been busy this week. I’ve planted all my veggies today- will send a picture or 2 of the garden tomorrow since it’s dark now. I also built an attached garage to my house over the past few days. Will send pics tomorrow - it’s dark and I’m whooped! Capn
  4. Pike are wild! I’ve had pike in my live well that I thought I had to keep due to inhaled lures. Some so bad I can’t even see the lure anymore. Put in the live well as planning to filet after the outing. An hour later, open the live well hatch and the lure is floating with an angry pike flying around ready to kill something. 🤷🏼‍♂️ I’ve heard Coca Cola stops bleeding fish however I haven’t tested this theory but I know a lot of tournament bass guys always carry a bottle of coke in there boat for this.
  5. Charged move quickly and with impetus. The deer charged the fisherman patiently waiting for his rod to bend. charged
  6. If the ramp is open the blockade would have been totally removed by the city. I’ve seen multiple blockades moved to the side over the past few weeks. If the ramp was open, why would the municipality keep the hardware on site?
  7. I saw videos of people at Niagara Falls on the weekend as well. Where I was, I didn’t see a single soul, not a boat on the lake nor did I use a closed launch(personal property i own). I was at my place of residence so I’ll assume this is ok.
  8. I did go fishing this week, in the boat at that!
  9. When the boat ramps open does that mean the washrooms will still be closed? I may need to find a new place to have a morning deuce when launching at crystal beach .
  10. I agree with Smerch, 27s are quite heavy- I have 3 of them in my boat! I think a 24 should be fine and should last you a full day of fishing especially in a kayak. I’m on my second trio of Interstates. My last trio lasted me 9 years! A little more expensive but I get them at a low cost from a mechanic friend of mine. You can sometimes get good deals on an Everstart battery at Walmart or a Nautilus at Canadian tire. These will be just fine and won’t break the bank. Make sure to take care of it and should last you a while.
  11. I am wondering if there is any members that work for Alectra? I have a question for you. PM me. thanks!
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