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    That’s somewhere I’ve never tried. I actually didn’t even realize you could access those areas. Thanks for that tip. A couple mornings ago I hooked another 12ish lb drum on a crank bait. A surprisingly excellent fight!
  2. Mbocco


    Couldn’t find any bass in Jordan this morning but plenty of drum (which sounds way better than saying sheepshead).
  3. Mbocco


    When I was a teenager we would bike up seaway haulage rd behind GM, cross the shallow part of the old canal near the dam, and fish the old lock #18. We would catch 20 carp a day in there. I created a dough ball with cornmeal, and various other additives as bait. The good ole days. Now I long for the topwater bite.
  4. Mbocco


    Sounds like a plan! Thanks. Hopefully I can get out this week. A couple weeks back I had something significant hit my paddle tail swimbait on a jig head in the whirlpool. I was too slow with the hook set however. Might try 16 mile creek near the QEW where all the carp fisherman go next. Hopefully there are some largemouth bass are hiding in there. Does Queenston produce this time of the year now that the steelies are all gone?
  5. Mbocco


    I’m new to the forum and just wanted to say hello. I’ve lived in north niagara my whole life and have just rediscovered local fishing after many years. Until recently I’ve only fished saltwater in Florida. Although I don’t mind using live bait, my passion is working artificial baits. Looking forward to rediscovering some fishing spots. Been unlucky so far with my artificials but I’m not giving up. I will catch me some bass this week!
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