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  1. It was fun for all of us. The garbage in the area was of course unimaginable.
  2. My 11yo boy and 8yo daughter wanted to go “catching” and not fishing so I took them to a reliable drum spot this morning which should look familiar. They each hooked and reeled in their own sheepshead. My daughter was thrilled. My daughter has accepted the fact that the worms must die for us to catch the fish. What she had a really hard time with was me having to kill the “cute little gobie”.
  3. I usually go down with a coffee. I go home with that empty coffee filled with fishing line.
  4. I’ve never found bass in the harbour. It makes sense and I’ve done the same on those pads but haven’t had bass luck.
  5. One of my customers was one of the guys who fell down the bank. He wasn’t doing anything silly. He just slipped. He was all banged up.
  6. Ya that was fantastic!
  7. I was bread for this weather! I wish I lived in Florida
  8. There was nothing on my car today for the first time in weeks. Those things LOVE white vehicles.
  9. That is absolutely awful.
  10. Trolling motor, battery, charger, rod holder, and I crafted a kayak dashboard to mount my finder and motor to, complete with measurements for all those fish that come aboard. Ha. Also picked up a Penn Pursuit when it was on sale last week which I would use as a cheap saltwater travel reel (if they open the damn borders), because I don’t like using my Daiwa BG in the salt even though it could probably handle it. ...oh and found some clearance Spiderwire Ultracast flurobraid which I grabbed in 10 and 15lb. Sinks better than normal braid. So, not much really.
  11. All good advice fellas. Thanks. I use a nice weightless lithium battery for my sonar. It lasts for days. But for a motor, ya, super expensive.
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