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  1. I think I’m going to take my boys to the river Steelhead fishing for the first time in their lives. I’d like to have one rod soaking some sort of bait and one rod bouncing. Neither have fished like this before. I have plenty of bouncing options. No problem there. But I don’t have fresh roe (never use it). Most people who cast and sit use a big ass sinker and row. Any other suggestions on what to throw on the hook for the rod that is just sitting there? Do you think 2oz is enough to hold it down? We would be near Queenston north of the boats.
  2. Mbocco


    You can park outside the gates and walk down the path. But u have to haul your kayak. I’d think u can use the boat launch at the Beacon for free this time of year also.
  3. I’ll be there tomorrow AM. Well not exactly right there. 😉 I need a break from the mayhem.
  4. I won’t be doing this, but u aren’t getting in my pharmacy with a fever and a cough. We are screening everyone coming in with a few questions and a temperature check. My customers are happy about it because they know the store is safe.
  5. Mbocco

    This afternoon

    That’s all lower Niagara. And yes you should try it! But...You will likely get skunked the first few times until you figure out the river. It’s a natural learning process but well worth it!
  6. Mbocco

    This afternoon

    I love it. Definitely going back next week for more.
  7. The “cling on” seems interesting. 😝
  8. Mbocco

    Lower Niagara

    That actually was the trick. I increased my weight and slowed down the drift.
  9. Mbocco

    Lower Niagara

    I’ve had my best days in murkier water. They seem to group up a lot closer to shore.
  10. Mbocco

    Lower Niagara

    Caught a couple more yesterday. The river was less than 1ft vis. In 3 hours 12 fish were caught were I was fishing between myself and 2 others. I have never seen that before. Not a Single boat in the water!
  11. I can’t believe you have pictures like that. That’s amazing.
  12. Mbocco

    Finally got out

    Nice. Glad you threw her back, even if she is a stocked, fin-clippped fish.
  13. That’s awesome! I believe you. I set up my bottom bounce rig with a 3 way. I like the sinker line to be an inch longer than my hook line, each about 3ft. I know this isn’t what most people do, but you get snagged way less and I seem to catch more fish this way. Certainly less time re-rigging. Sinker weight depends on current. 3/4oz to 1.5oz. If I’m floating (which I am still learning): Bobber stop..bead...float (size depends on current)...bead..egg sinker (if float size requires)..micro swivel..fluoro leader...hook. Between micro swivel and hook I’ll add the necessary shot depending on current and what’s on the hook. I will certainly listen to your suggestions.
  14. I can nvr get those to work. Maybe I should buy yours!
  15. Mbocco

    Lower Niagara

    First was on a glow trout worm. The rest were on jerk shads. Zero takers on beads, yarn or streamer flies. It was all a “meat” bite today.
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