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  1. Looks nothing like the carp I used to pull out of there as a kid 30yrs ago. What a shame.
  2. A Rudd eh? Looks like a wannabe carp without the whiskers and downwards snout.
  3. There are plenty of drum if you fish from shore. There are also plenty of carp and catfish though I haven’t targeted them. Lots of bait fish and jumping bass that I couldn’t catch. Today i I caught some perch and this thing.
  4. I’m heading to the exact same spot tomorrow morning! We shall see what luck I may have.
  5. Well no snook but some small snapper and sea bass. Time to fly home and break out the kayak.
  6. Day 1, 6am- I hadn’t visited a bait shop yet so threw a Zara topwater with no luck, then tried a gold Johnson spoon with no luck then tried some paddle tail swim baits with no luck. Grrrr! Day 2 6am- Flat fishing in the mosquito lagoon with a chartered captain friend who I have fished with before. My Zara got smashed in the early hours but no hookup sadly. Managed only small below slot sea trout on the trip. The water was very brown from too much rain the previous week and subsequent brown algae. Hence the fish were not in skinny water and very hard to find. I could only catch them on swim bait in deeper water. Too bad too because this is my favourite type it fishing. Day 3- Broke down and visited the bait shop for shrimp. Perfect fishing conditions all day. Caught about 20 fish. Mostly catfish for the kids under 2lbs. Pulled in a sweet 5lb stingray. Wicked fight on light tackle. Also caught some croakers which I filleted for bait. Moments later my reel erupted and rod flew sideways. Nearly an immediate break off. Most likely a larger shark. Earlier that day I had a 5ft black tip swim right in front of me in the crest of a wave. I’ve never been that close to a shark in the wild. He didn’t seem interested in me. Next couple days the ocean became quite rough. I don’t have the tackle required to hold bait on the bottom in those conditions. Nonetheless still caught catfish and croakers every day. My last day is tmr and I’m waking up early to fish the rocks in the jetty. Not sure what to expect but that’s half the fun. I’d love to land a snook. I know they hang out there. Here are some pics. Mosquito lagoon launch at sunrise, stingray, live delta IV rocket launch (that was too cool), cute little male sea trout
  7. Normal price was $1099 for the 12ft. I got it for $899! That was a better price than most comparable used kayaks on Kijiji.
  8. Well after much research and visiting many stores and checking out every kayak I possibly could, I decided on an Old Town Topwater 120. I think I got a really sweet deal on a brand new one. I was playing with it in the swimming pool and it is almost impossible to flip. I can stand on one foot it is so stable. It’s a bit heavy, but small price to pay for the security of that level of stability. I will have no concerns trolling Lake Ontario with this thing. Now I just can’t wait to install a fish finder and get this baby out on some real water! Before that though, I’m off to Florida Sunday for some relax, surf fishing, and flat fishing. Thanks everyone for for all the advice.
  9. Good to know. I’ll keep my eyes open.
  10. The more I read, the higher my budget is going. Lol.
  11. Thanks for the suggestions all. The foot pedals are attractive but many of the harbours here are so shallow i don’t think I’d want the pedal device below the kayak running into weeds and rocks. But it’s all preliminary research now. Testing them would be ideal. Good idea for sure.
  12. Hi All, I am seriously considering buying a kayak mostly for fishing. I’ve kayaked plenty using crappy resort kayaks in Florida/Caribbean. So I would image anything I buy would be an improvement. I am looking for some recommendations for my first kayak. I would only use it in lakes and harbours, not rivers with a lot of current. $500 is fine though I would spend more if it would be worth it. I would likely not want to spend $1000 though. I’ve done a lot of online research but thought some of you could chime in. I’m 180lbs and 6’. Thanks!
  13. Mbocco


    That’s somewhere I’ve never tried. I actually didn’t even realize you could access those areas. Thanks for that tip. A couple mornings ago I hooked another 12ish lb drum on a crank bait. A surprisingly excellent fight!
  14. Mbocco


    Couldn’t find any bass in Jordan this morning but plenty of drum (which sounds way better than saying sheepshead).
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