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  1. Generally about 24hrs later. Winds blowing Lake Erie towards the Niagara River have far more impact on water clarity than rain/slow. Also, steelhead seem to bite best with moderate visibility, if that’s your target. Too brown obviously is bad, but too clear (more than 10ft) can also be bad without perfect presentation. People like to say they like it to look green.
  2. Sounds toxic. Not good for the tomato garden. Lol.
  3. That’s better than bulldozing it?
  4. Wow. When I retire and move to Florida I’m living on the 10th floor minimum. Water is powerful.
  5. Wish I could join you. Queenston that weekend will definitely be rammed. Browns are there now and bows will follow. Bottom bouncing does require space and timing with everyone’s cast so not sure how that would work out for you if it’s a large group. Spots are limited there. More space in the whirlpool but that’s gonna be a hike and a float setup of some kind. Have fun wherever you guys go!
  6. Hopefully that won’t happen when the Maid of the Mist/Hornblower is below!
  7. I wish I could. Weekends are filled with hockey for my kids.
  8. Lakers are closed in the river until Dec 1st. There are steelhead in the river. I have seen them caught in the whirlpool last week. I will try queenston tmr AM I think.
  9. That’s true. I use that excuse a lot. 😝
  10. I was talking to a friend last night who has been a fisherman forever and always has “luck”. You realize quickly that it isn’t luck after all. Like anything with practice you develop more skill and with talking and listening you gain more knowledge. Then suddenly guess what? You have more luck.
  11. Great day! Congrats.
  12. I think any knot that you can tie well works with mono, especially under 20lb. I need to perfect my 15lb fluro knot (trilene preferred) which never seems to look right.
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