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  1. LOL that guy really didn't have clue did he? We used to get them by the 100's of pounds off the pier in Hamilton and have all night cleaning parties. 1 snip with scissors and the head is gone. Put the scissor blade in the hole where the head was and cut down the belly to the tail. Use your thumb to pull the guts out. Rinse them off and dry. Pan or deep fry and enjoy. OH YA AND NEVER CUT THE TAIL OFF, CRUNCHY GOODNESS !!!
  2. I don't own a boat and we usually rent an old tinner with a 9.9 when we go cottaging. About 10 years ago we went to a new place on Rice Lake around the middle of July. When the owner saw what I was going to use to go find walleye he laughed and said good luck with that. It's the middle of the summer, 30 degrees and sunny. What I had was a hydro-graphic map and an old fishing rod with 5' sections of line tide together. Find the drop offs on the map and then check the depth with the home made depth finder. By the middle of the week I had people with a big fancy boat with all the electronics wanting to pay me to show them how I was coming back with only walleye every time we went out as they could not catch even 1 !! By the end of our week the owner wasn't laughing anymore and told me I was the best fisherman on Rice Lake because of all the eyes we were catching during hot sunny flat water days.
  3. Go out from Gilford Rd. and go south. Fairly close to shore in about 9' of water. The Riley brothers fish there and usually catch. They also catch a lot of pike there to. In years previous they always had the catch of the day and swear that shallow this time of the year is the ticket!!!
  4. My friend lives by Nanticoke. The halloween storm tore them up bad. He lost about 14 feet of grass and his deck fell. We pulled it up the hill and it will have a new resting place. The other is a picture of the mess at his next door neighbors.
  5. Happy New Year everyone. I hope you all have a great year next year as it is the last year of the 202 nd. decade!!
  6. Merry Christmas to all my new friends at the NFN !!! I hope everybody, their friends and family have a great holiday season!!!🎅
  7. Hi Tyler. We didn't weigh them and I forget how long it was. If you want a nice place to catch carp this it, We never waited long till another one was on the line. This property will be a B & B next year if you would like to go try for yourself.
  8. Hi Smerch, this is an area that the water has to much flow and is not safely fish able during the winter. I fish either Lake Simcoe or Lake Nipissing during the winter.
  9. We usually target walleye when fishing Rice Lake and do very well but I had my son with me and he had never got to experience fighting a carp so we took some corn to chum with and started fishing from the dock right in front of our cottage a 1/2 hour later. Within 20 minutes I hooked this carp and handed the rod over to my son. This was the result. We caught about 3 per hour
  10. My friend used this JSR-7 trolling around Rice Lake 1 day and caught a perch, sunfish, rock bass, catfish, bass, walleye and a huge musky all in the same day. I think the rattle drives the fish crazy!! He has 2 rods and uses this lure or an orange jig with a worm and that's all he ever uses on Rice Lake.
  11. I think you will be waiting until January for sure. Cooks Bay just froze over completely in the last few days and it is approximately 2 weeks after that the hut operators will start putting their huts out as long as mother nature cooperates. If you don't know an operator i have a suggestion for you. HOTBOX HUTS. they are out of 2 nd line by Lefroy on Cooks Bay. Owned and operated by Gail and Donny. 226-218-4638
  12. I was at my friends house right on the lake. Everyone who had a deck or boat ramp near the water had everything destroyed. Here is a sample!! This area is approximately 10 feet above the normal lake height and during the storm it was under water.
  13. Rice lake is no doubt a tough lake to fish. We have been going there for nearly 20 years and know lots of very good spots. They are defiantly not as productive now but we still always catch fish.
  14. Hi fishingking. We have tried pickerel rigs with limited success. I will try your method next time we head to Rice, THX !!!
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