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  1. I was at my friends house right on the lake. Everyone who had a deck or boat ramp near the water had everything destroyed. Here is a sample!! This area is approximately 10 feet above the normal lake height and during the storm it was under water.
  2. Rice lake is no doubt a tough lake to fish. We have been going there for nearly 20 years and know lots of very good spots. They are defiantly not as productive now but we still always catch fish.
  3. Hi fishingking. We have tried pickerel rigs with limited success. I will try your method next time we head to Rice, THX !!!
  4. Hey Tyler, it was mostly for work but was still a lot of fun. A few years ago a thick school came in and we were catching 1 almost every cast. 6 of us caught over 30 in an hour and then just like that they were gone again.
  5. Hello everyone. We just got home from a 2 week stay at a friends cottage at Rice Lake. First cast on the first night my brother caught this little beauty casting from shore with a perch colored buck tail. Every night for about 2 hours at sunset you have a good chance of getting into them casting from shore. Best to use a buck tail or countdown perch rapala. We caught about 10 during the 2 weeks. Unfortunately there is a slot size in that area and we had to return a number of them around 25". Sorry no pictures of the big ones!!
  6. This is from mid August. A very good friend of mine invited me out for a day of walleye fishing. Unfortunately I had turn him down because of work. 3 of them caught their limit in 3 hours not far from Port Dover. Here is their catch!! BOOO !!!! work!!!
  7. I never knew you could not take a picture of an OOS fish before it was released. It won't happen again!!! These are OOS musky but legal pictures. They were not the target species and the pictures were taken during the fight. These musky never made it into the boat. The HUGE 1 ( first 2 pictures) was released from the net and the smaller 1 bit the line before it was netted. We hooked more musky by accident that weekend than walleye. We were using 10 lb. braid with no leader. That is a TD 7 perch color Rapala. I fought this approximately 53" monster for about 30 minutes.
  8. I promise to behave Tyler. Thx for the invite to this fishing forum!!!
  9. I sure hope that walleye was 18". If not we will have to get the ministry to track down the bad bird who kept it!!!
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