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  1. Yellow Perch is definitely better for eating than Walleye, which are still ok.
  2. Got a hut booked for 26th. Hut operators are putting them out slowly.
  3. If we had ice fishing I would not care about the piers being off limits. Have to find new spots to lurk.
  4. When I drove by earlier this morning, it was "filled in". That will last maybe until next big rain. Oh, a FYI. Main St is regional, not St. Catharines.
  5. Claim submitted through region. Can't give claim amounts because nobody open today. It will be Monday thing. Can take up to 6 weeks for decision. I'm sure this one pothole will eat up lots of their money. Can't imagine a 20" aluminum rim with skinny tire hitting that at 4o km and surviving. At least steel bends. Just hope the ball joint or wheel bearing wasn't rocked.
  6. Does St. Catharines give compensation for pothole damage done to car? I hit a really bad one in Port Dalhousie on 182 Main St. early this morning. A neighbor there said road work was done recently. The patching was washed away. Hole filled with water. Three other wheel covers were there from other cars. While talking to neighbor there a car drove through it and hit pretty good. Didn't stop, but I'm sure tire is damaged. Mine was bent rim and air leaked out.
  7. I'm trying to picture how this could have happened and how lucky they were. Unless it happened at the ramp.
  8. Basically a blade bait (vibrates). Usually used for vertical jigging, but can be cast and retrieved as well.
  9. Its expensive if he wasn't expecting it. Plus now he'll have plenty of follow up inspections.
  10. $5000 plus the cost of 25 trees is a expensive lesson.
  11. One wonders how the gull got one there. Unless it was floating on the surface for some reason.
  12. I'd say its cursed. What size is your back pack? If just standard, I could give you one that I don't really use.
  13. Plasitc rims on barbeques don't even last. Any plastic in cold weather is worse as it becomes brittle.
  14. Weapons don't have free will, people do. People who used them to kill others make that decision. No guns, they would use something else like a vehicle. Gun control is about control, not guns.
  15. Maybe the trees were planted to prevent full erosion of that berm? Looks strange to be clear of trees. Less wildlife there now I'm sure.
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