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  1. Some park and walk down the rail track to fish under train bridge. Don't think its a good idea for parking at the crossing and its a bit of a walk. Its a do so at YOUR own risk scenario. Lots of private land around Jordan Harbour, so it is tough to fish where you want on shore for carp.
  2. I know of fly fishing (researching), but have not done it yet and have not caught a brook trout. (that should cover remaining 20%) 😄
  3. Overall life time in skills/knowledge/experience combined, definitely 80%. Just not a boater only shore. Still have lots to learn (but not interested in any big water trolling) and catch a couple of fish I haven't caught yet.
  4. Yes, I figured as much. That's probably why many worked from home. I'm sure there would be many fire hoops to jump through as home based business. And like I said about BPS. Now when I think about it, you have to have high security if you keep customer guns at home. Can't see a vault being cheap. Too bad. Good to be unique in a business sense.
  5. I was wondering about the Niagara region and gunsmiths in general. I know our laws aren't like US where gunsmith are more available because of more open gun laws and varieties. Do gun owners here feel the need for more gunsmiths? Or is it adequate? Most likely a few work out of home. That is something I would like to do eventually if I pursue a gunsmith course. In my current stage I'd like to learn something new and work from home. I know and understand a gunsmith would be more for custom building and modifications as opposed to just part replacing or warranty work representative for whatever company. I have lots of transferrable skills and knowledge and guns could work for me which is why I consider if there is opportunity. I know BPS doesn't even have a gunsmith as they deal with somebody in Buffalo, as told by store manager 2 and half years back when I was considering it back then. (more for hobby and collection for myself). You can answer here or DM me in case you want to share a business or name that would break rule of advertising here.
  6. Yes, because it won't be just about owning guns. There is more at stake.
  7. Last time I found a bank card, I just called it in that it was found and they put it on record for me to destroy it.
  8. The sprit of freedom is resistance and heart of maintaining freedom is rebellion.
  9. If you don't fight for your rights, you don't deserve to have them. Freedoms are hard to get back once they are lost.
  10. Climate change has been happening since the Earth has atmosphere created.
  11. Now I would think in fly fishing you would not "match the hatch" (because of how many of these there are) but throw something similar but different to stand out. Then I hear trout can be very selective and only take what is active. I guess that's why there are so many flies to choose from.
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