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  1. I am in same boat as you DNorton and preparing to get my fly gear soon. One justification to heavier outfit is that it will handle carp/large trout/pike/bass. I have watch many fly carp videos in different scenarios. The buggier the fly looks the better. Cast well ahead and bring fly away from their faces like its escaping. Treat carp like they are as spooky as clear water trout.
  2. Yes, covers all larger fish including pike and carp, but not ideal for fishing streams/creeks.
  3. I should go to this show to look for fly fishing gear. Still deciding to go for small fish (4 wt) or larger fish (8 wt). If I like fly fishing, I will end up with both 4 and 8.
  4. Depends on where you are fishing them, but they can be good.
  5. Yes with perch they move constantly. A good hole is one where you are able to intercept their travel routes. Bluegill and crappie are usually found together and can bunch up and often suspend (if water deep enough, close to cover/drop off). Pike show up when they notice activity under a hole. Fish finder reveals when a "pike" moves in as larger mark. Small fish disappear. Sometimes that large mark could be carp or sheephead, but still lets you know why small fish gone.
  6. I take the other day as an example. It was for panfish, but from 6 holes, 2 produced fish. 1 of the 2 holes produced the most fish. If I stayed at my first 2 holes, there would be no fish. I give each hole 20 minutes maximum if NO fish show. Another 10 minutes if I mark fish (non biters/fussy). Now if I return to that good hole next time, I can try there first. It may become a dud, or it may produce again. If it does, I there is a reason why its good, if not, then keep moving until I find them again.
  7. Lots of time to do that after fishing trip. On water, I'd rather be catching the fish and not think about catching them.
  8. Long weekends is when gas prices spike in the warm weather time of year. Demand is high for such activities.
  9. Or you can drill one hole and sit all day in one spot and wonder why you aren't catching fish.
  10. Fishfinder lets you know depth and if fish around under your hole. Saves time when ice fishing. Still need to make them hit. With camera, now you know what fish it is, you can adjust your presentation, and set hook when you see bait/lure disappear (instead of feeling the hit and depending on your reflex if jigging). Those are the two levels. I say first is acceptable because you want to make most use of time. You still have to make fish hit (without knowing what they are). Camera is good for educational purposes, but yes, now it increase the odds for you. A lot of the this new tech equip is expensive and limited in use out there. I know when it comes to ice fishing competitions, no electronics allowed during competition.
  11. Best to take advantage of their points when you can to "save". 🤨
  12. I'm fan ofcurrent blue on white.
  13. Yeah, that's a nice spot to learn to fish on. Low water best time to see bottom structures/holes. I know chubs and small trouts like these places.
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