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  1. Its like the European Perch. Much larger than our Yelllow Perch. First perch at 11:19
  2. Oxygen restriction through various masks. This is why people with breathing issues should NOT be wearing these. Especially driving. https://www.bitchute.com/video/msAZ6UhtvI4C/
  3. Medical exemption. No explanation required, nor can she be questioned, because that is vilation of human rights and disability act. From St. Catharines By Law (Niagara Region is similar)
  4. Nobody will give up good shore spot since good shore spots are tough to come by without being overrun by other internet fishermen.
  5. I like the look of those fries, just need to make it a poutine. Please DM me where this place is.
  6. Anything that the government want to make people do is not freedom. But don’t worry though – they have “policies” on privacy…🤔
  7. Driving through there on Saturday I saw a few cop cars at the museum section. Even behind the barricade.
  8. Ooooh......what's she drinking? Looks good!
  9. Best way to learn is by doing.
  10. So now they'll be monitoring who has access to the beach(es) like Lakeside Park......only Niagara residents, since Toronto area visitors can easily out number ours. Explains why local shore fishing areas are busy. I know very few are locals because the normally quiets spots are busy. I wonder when the Neil Peart memorial is going up at Lakeside? that would draw a lot of fanbase people too.
  11. Cougars, like most predators, will target the small, vulnerable and separated first.
  12. Taxes will always go up, no matter the illusions they are trying to sell you and they will always find a way to generated more revenue. Take Port Dalhousie and the inevitable parking situation. Don't expect free parking to continue. Once the tenants have their parking, the remainder will be permit, metered or day parking.
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