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  1. Can't catch fish that aren't there.
  2. The most tech I use is fish finder. Odds are against you ice fishing so finding fish is priority. No fish around guarantees skunking.
  3. Yes, even I have snow tires on, you still slip a bit. Tried to turn down a side street, kept going straight even with ABS working. Funny that city can plow dry roads from last snow to not prepping the roads for freezing rain. 🤔
  4. Its crazy fishing there. I understand a lot of spots are gone due to pier reconstruction. Otherwise, its just as bad at Queenston.
  5. You can always check https://www.ontario.ca/page/eating-ontario-fish-2017-18
  6. I would say smaller trout like 1 - 3 lbs should be ok. Usually best in straight from the lake (silver). Ones who stay in harbor for long time won't taste as good.
  7. Don't small engines need 91+ octane to run at best? They give "up to 10% ethanol" as advertised on pumps. That little bit of less pollutant as opposed to full energy NO ethanol fuel. Winter gas probably adds more ethanol, but its weaker combustion. I don't even know of E-85 pumps around here. Your car would need flex fuel designation anyway to run such low octane.
  8. Ethanol fuel burns cleaner, BUT you sacrifice over all engine performance. 🤔
  9. Haven't seen new one, but its probably based on the "shooting brake" design, like a wagon. No, it should have been called something else. like "Lightning". They're going after Tesla. Ha ha. Good luck.
  10. 407 is vital in stormy winter weather as its cleared/sanded/salted first. Makes sense since you're paying for something taxes already paid for.
  11. Lots of people on east side. That's usually a good sign. Either that or they have nothing else to do. 😀
  12. Depends what he's doing. You can ask nicely for him to stop doing what is bothering you. He may not even be aware he is making you frustrated.
  13. True. The recipe is same, but it comes down to consistency of quality. If they cook right and give good portions and have good service, they will always sell well. The same goes with pizza joints. Best places do it right, but all the time. Sometime with that depends who is working that shift.
  14. When I have a taste for deep fry fish I like JmonkS fish and chips on Grantham Rd.
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