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  1. Has anyone bought directly from them off their website?
  2. Anyone have any luck with em? i was looking at thunderingmist luers. Does anyone have experience with them? I think the company is local
  3. Thanks for the comments. I guess i'm just getting antsy to get out fishing so these little things have been haunting my mind.
  4. Hey all, Looking for some advice. I was wondering if any of you use the supplied swivels on your Spindoctor flashers. (See picture). I have been just tying my leader directly to the suppled flasher that was I can easily unhook to change fly color or flasher. My question... Is it anyone's opinion that this swivel is too large, and not the best presentation? Just wondering if someone has had better luck with something different? Thanks
  5. Are there many salmon in the upper?
  6. Lake levels as of December https://www.canada.ca/en/environment-climate-change/services/water-overview/quantity/great-lakes-levels-related-data/levelnews-great-lakes-st-lawrence/december-2019.html
  7. Well with any luck the melt will be less this year. I wonder if we will get hit hard in the early spring again and then get a fast warm spell. I think that's what caused some of the problems last year... I have heard that Erie is higher than seasonal average right now as well
  8. Yes I agree. The local shops are much more educated and provide priceless advice on rigging up the lines, and whats hot locally.
  9. I was just going to say I thought I saw some similar ones at bass pro in NOTL.
  10. Lets just hope the water level doesn't rise like last year. that is the worst I have ever seen it. Made for some interesting launching
  11. I find you have to wait for the sales at bass pro for it to be worth it. Remember they will price match anything on the Cabelas site as they are the "same store". I just recently purchased an inflatable life vest for 99, and the cabelas site had the same one listed for 219. Such a monopoly. You just have to do your research.!!! Sometimes I compare prices between the local shop and the big box, and it's hit and miss. sometimes local is cheeper, and sometimes big box is. I would much rather support the local however.
  12. Has anyone been able to install a trollmaster pro successfully on a Mercury 5hp 2 stroke. I recently was thinking of purchasing one, but first looked at the install manual and it looked nothing similar to my motor. I contacted the company and they said that none of their models work with 2 stroke engines. I thought this sounded a little off, as Im sure someone out there has done it. Looking for advice. Thanks
  13. I was told to do a couple things to reduce the numbers... Border property with cedar mulch, remove wood piles, and remove bird feeders. Not sure if they were the reason but I did all these and the ticks stopped.
  14. Ticks were bad this year 2019. I found 10 in my back yard, that borders a wooded area.
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