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  1. Anyone around queenston,scg&f boat ramps. Just wondering how busy they have been or if ppl are staying home?
  2. I have debated going out as well. Thought to myself that being on the open water away from everyone would be the best example of social distance. Going for a walk is encouraged so why isn’t a boat ride? I decided not to go. I think we are now at a point of don’t go out at all. Really I think they need to put a two week lock down in place, no incoming flights. Any leeway someone they give, someone will ruin it for the rest of us
  3. Last week I was at crystal beach and no docks in yet
  4. When do they typically put the docks in down in Port D. Was thinking this year may be earlier.. Anyone have any info?
  5. Thanks for the help. Ended up going with the 8.6
  6. Nice nice!! There are some beasts in the river
  7. Hey all, Adding two new rods to my gear and want to set them up with lead core. I have been reading a lot with mixed opinions so I thought I would ask on here to see what is working. What size rod are you using when trolling with lead core!! So to answer some more specifics.... I'm targeting salmon, trout and walleye. when i'm fishing salmon I usually am using 8'6 rods on my downriggers and dipsy's, Two on each side of the boat. Was thinking that when I have a couple buddies on board it would be nice to add an additional two rods. So, your opinion, smaller rod? like a 6'6 medium heavy, or something similar to the 8'6. I want to be able to use this rod for multiple species as listed above. Thanks for your opinions.
  8. Has anyone bought directly from them off their website?
  9. Anyone have any luck with em? i was looking at thunderingmist luers. Does anyone have experience with them? I think the company is local
  10. Thanks for the comments. I guess i'm just getting antsy to get out fishing so these little things have been haunting my mind.
  11. Hey all, Looking for some advice. I was wondering if any of you use the supplied swivels on your Spindoctor flashers. (See picture). I have been just tying my leader directly to the suppled flasher that was I can easily unhook to change fly color or flasher. My question... Is it anyone's opinion that this swivel is too large, and not the best presentation? Just wondering if someone has had better luck with something different? Thanks
  12. Are there many salmon in the upper?
  13. Lake levels as of December https://www.canada.ca/en/environment-climate-change/services/water-overview/quantity/great-lakes-levels-related-data/levelnews-great-lakes-st-lawrence/december-2019.html
  14. Well with any luck the melt will be less this year. I wonder if we will get hit hard in the early spring again and then get a fast warm spell. I think that's what caused some of the problems last year... I have heard that Erie is higher than seasonal average right now as well
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