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  1. Dan Andrews

    NEW invaders

    We do however have European Hornets which look like a giant yellow jacket but they are harmless unless you are digging into their nest then look out. They do attack honeybees but not to the extent of Japanese Hornets. Japanese hornets have never been confirmed in Ontario. Not only does the media like to exaggerate but I sense so does Niagara Beeway. I attended one of their info sessions and it came off as sensationalism and fear mongering with a side of self promotion.
  2. Dan Andrews


    You know exactly who would be recruited to do that study. Coyote Watch Canada is extremely bias and paints the coyote as a harmless victim in sheep's clothing. They'd be sure to sku the numbers to make them look threatened. Their determination pays off. The rest of us don't have the kind of time to deal with coyotes that is needed to rival that group. Simply put coyotes are a recycler we need but we still can't just ignore them. When they start taking pets and livestock we have to be allowed to defend ourselves and don't think sending a message to the rest of them isn't heard.
  3. Dan Andrews

    Wood Duck Conservation

    Thanks Dad. She was supposed to be writing an article on wood ducks and conservation not about me. It's a fun hobby I enjoy but I sure bit off a lot. So I'm was planning on down sizing a bit but now because of the article I've had offers of help. This past season was the most successful of all for the ducks but bad for the feral honey bees. I'm now done until mid August. Jerry Mitrovich at the St Catharines game and fish like this program and hung a few boxes around Martindale pond but the creeks there could use so many more. If anyone is interested in hanging and monitoring nesting boxes in there area feel free to contact me for advice not that I'm the expert. But I've learned a lot over time.
  4. Dan Andrews

    No T on hunting card

    Nice that's some common sense. Now if they can drop the price of a tag to $5 I may actually hunt them again. Thanks for the replies
  5. Dan Andrews

    No T on hunting card

    Hey I just got my renewed fishing/hunting card and there's no T on it. In the past there was a T to indicate you've completed the turkey course and you couldn't buy a turkey tag without it. Is this a thing of the past or do I need to call the Ministry next week? I'm a little out of the loop the last couple years
  6. Dan Andrews


    They've also temporarily disabled the images used for this site so you can't even save them and upload them to your own paid webspace. I'm also losing my cogeco webspace that is associated with the cogeco emails this August. Guess soon everyone will have to buy their own webspace and pay whatever they want to charge for it but for $400 they can keep the dam pictures.
  7. Dan Andrews

    Port Colbourne - Gravelly Bay

    Don't currently have the sanctuary picture but I did tell them years ago to either include these in the regs or make them readily available on their website. Last year late fall I reported one buoy off McDonald Dr in Fort Erie was left out there for the winter. It seems to me there's less and less people helping do these things with the MNR (I'm one of them who doesn't help anymore) and less front line staff outdoors. I lost interest in helping when calling to report poachers and the first question I was asked was "What ethnicity do they appear to be?" Makes no difference they never show up. Not even for a sanctuary. With that said the last few times I caught fish in there at this time of year it was pike. Large bobber with big shiner or a weak chub in between weed beds. Never take your eye off that bobber though. Its a slow take but this time of year the boat traffic is minimal. Best spots were close to shore IN the legal area not covered my the sanctuary and right in the boat channel for the marina.
  8. Dan Andrews

    That time of year (again)

    Sounds like a lot of those items listed were there before the smelt brigade started. Just saying the regulars aren't much better there's just fewer of them. The attitude has to change everywhere not just where fishermen gather. Fishermen have a bad rap and its easy to see why. Yayaya its not just fishermen but if you go to any popular fishing spot and compare it with any spot along the river where anglers don't regularly frequent you'll get my point. There's no shortage of beer drinking rednecks who will tell you to go FY if you point out the mess they're making. I don't fish from shore anymore because it breaks my heart year round. It's not everyone but the angling community as a whole is embarrassing.
  9. Dan Andrews

    Walleye for everyone!

    I'll be honest, I've never fished these waters for walleye. For one I eat walleye and that water is filthy but the stocking program has given the MNR a little more weight for fighting new pollution (Hey people are eating the fish). Secondly Lake Erie has a great walleye fishery and I live very close by. NFN used to be part of a problem I'll admit. It was where everyone would come to get fishing info because it was one of the few places to find it. We all know that one idiot weekend warrior who just has to giver and leaves a mess and we hate the fact he is even allowed to fish. Well now we have facebook and so many other sources of info. I find the people who still come here do so because they like talking fish and fishing. It's more of a community online get together site than a place to get that top secret info. The Gar Pike thread is awesome BTW! I just think disagreeing by painting public property and making the area look crappy is ironic and counter productive. In fact it just made me want to fish there and spread the news even more. For every action there is an equal action in the opposite direction so this topic is the reaction that's all. And man watch that aquaduct on the far end. We had a back flow that day but that thing would be evil when Hydro demands go up.
  10. Dan Andrews

    Walleye for everyone!

    So me and a buddy go for a paddle down the Welland River this morning and we see this under both the Woodlawn Rd and 406 Bridges. I'm not quite sure what this nimrod artist was trying to accomplish here but here's a post that it inspired. This waterway is full of walleye and I think you should all grab a kayak, canoe or boat of some kind and try for them. I personally picked a small team and for 2 years put thousands of walleye fry in here so I know what I'm talking about. Actually if it hadn't been for me these walleye would have never been stocked in this area at all. After the disease VHS made its appearance the MNR was going to end stocking of walleye in the Welland River until they found VHS at the headwaters or they proved it wouldn't have a nagative impact there. I stood up and said we need to continue stocking even if it meant stocking below the aquaducts which were fish barriers. The clubs had little else to do and we just found new blood for volunteers due to this program. They agreed it was a good idea so we continued taking fish from the Grand River for the hatcheries in Dunnville and Port Colborne and about 5000 hatching eggs/fry would go to the Fort Erie rearing pond each year. Port C and FE raised fish were then released in this section of the Welland River and to my knowledge still are srocking about 10,000 fry here each year. MNR certified VHS free hatchery walleye are being stocked upriver in Port Davidson. So now the Welland river is receiving about twice as many fish. Somebody on this end of the river doesn't like company. Well that is too bad Sir because we didn't stock these fish for a few we stocked them for everybody and that includes the people of Welland the surrounding area and tourists. This was not only meant to be a food source but a socio-economic program. If we get that river packed with boats targeting these walleye we can justify more stocking. A spot hog with tight lips only serves a selfish purpose. Good for you on your colour choices but you're still a degenerate vandal with no art skills and you've scarred the place not helped it. I hope these painting inspire others to go fishing. Please target the walleye here and enjoy the fishery without littering, spraying toxic paint over the water or taking more than your fair share. We didn't bring our rods today but this inspired me to come back and join the crowd. For the record we saw some nasty pollution and I really think if people were open about eating the fish here they may have to clean it up a bit. Tight lines and see.you on the river
  11. Dan Andrews

    Old Stuff

    I remember the days before the Marina at Port. Tampon applicators everywhere!
  12. Dan Andrews

    A Few Waterfowl Mounts

    Beauty, love them all
  13. Dan Andrews

    Word On The Street

    I've had these dogs in my back yard all winter this year. Mostly after dark but the neighbour told me of a 1:30pm visit last week. I leave no food but I know there's a bunch of neighbours feeding deer etc. You can't feed anything outside without coyotes getting a taste. I'm actually glad they're here because they keep the cat pop at bay. My dog is pretty smart. He knows they're around long before I do. Yes they're getting ballsier. I chase them out of the yard but there's one big one that only keep a 25 yard distance. If they could just keep the hollering down after 11pm I'd be happy. With everyone being wired with technology these days it sure would be nice to see some of these close encounters with pictures
  14. Dan Andrews

    2016 Kids Day In Port Dalhousie

    Is that email a typo? I'll gladly lend a hand again.