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  1. the truth is ... ANYTHING can catch fish! Love it. Very creative, thanks for sharing.
  2. I've browsed the forums a few times and decided to join and contribute... hoping to get some good fly convo going. I love spin cast as well, but fly is my preferred. Cheers
  3. Thanks, I will keep this in mind!
  4. Cheers - thanks for the advice. I have a collection of various sized poppers .. do you think they'd be effective for pike? I've got an 8wt rod/reel as well ... was thinking about getting adventurous before the pike season closes again. I've heard you can fly fish for pike similar to bass.
  5. Hello friend - I have some recommendations if you're still looking I am relatively new to fly fishing myself, even though i've been trying it on and off for about five years now. My best rec would be a 6wt. I started with an 8 and found it a bit tough and not as versatile as i'd like. You can essentially fish for anything with a 6, and they typically feel great. I also have a blast with smaller wts but they aren't as versatile. Companies like Orvis have great starter sets that come with everything (rod, reel, line) which is nice if you're looking for convenience. I've also had surprising luck with a company called max catch which you can find on amazon. Very affordable, and one of them is my go-to rod. Was shocked.
  6. Hey folks! New to fly fishing for bass and was hoping to do some learning before the season opens up. Was wondering if anyone has any tips in Niagara for good locations that might not be the canal? Or is the canal the best option? I've got a decent collection of poppers that should be effective - any other tips and tricks I should know about? Thanks Yeti
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