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  1. If you were wearing a mask last year inside a public building you'd be arrested.... now its mandatory.. I have to wear one for work but I hate it royally... sweaty, cant barely breath... Is what it is... definitely a deterrant to go anywhere I dont have to though...
  2. Fish on-line is a great resource for checking what zone a particular body of water is in... if you zoom in it'll show contour lines of what's the dividing line between zone 20 and 16... or other tributaries of any of the great lakes... I check it before even going out... it's not perfect but a great tool.. I find alot of different places to go just by browsing the map... gives stocking info... what's been caught by mnr... what's been caught by public... if area has additional regulations in addition to the zone... barbless hooks... been stuck before not realizing needed to use barbless had to get the file out lol
  3. I always clean up garbage... usually just a grocery bag or 2... I just find a park garbage can and toss it there... I'll never get it 100 percent as long as its cleaner than when I left I'm happy
  4. Been targeting carp this weekend no luck... I know they are In there caught one there before... I chummed up spot one fished there after the storm rolled through... seen a couple diesels swim through they weren't eating though... moved to spot 2... seen a juvenile tried for a bit... random guy stopped by for a chat asked what I was fishing for blah blah... I was getting bored no action for a bit... so i walked back to truck.. put my stuff away.. then decided to see what was going on at spot #1... I walk down there maybe 10 min walk from truck... longer than # 2.. I see 5-6 diesels circling my chumming spots... at least 20lbs + I'm thinking double that... also seen a Goldie cross so... I wanted to go grab my rod and try some more but.. I told the wife I was coming home... I'm new here and I love targeting carp.. I'm a amateur for sure but I try... I like all types of fishing but because the carp fishery here In the hammer is decent and I dont have access to a boat.. so that's what I fish for... in winter if bay freezes try different species.... I'll be hitting up that spot again... its 5min from work and 10min from home so that's the kind of places I like... can't wait to share some pics
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