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  1. went out for a look at the bbc and palmwood. Im definatly an icefishing daredevil and i would not dare go out on that ice ....... huge open cracks and a large section of open water and way more cracks than normal..... minors sells perch $10\lb its worth it hahaha ..do not go out on that ice unless you have nothing to live for
  2. been to the bbc 4 times fishing just outside the channel in 5 fow i have not left there with under 100 smelts yet but that was a week ago........... was going to attempt to go out off the palmwood again but that 6ft crack i seen there makes me leary anyone been out since the storm
  3. nice fish 15 more would have been better mmmm crappie . also they get bigger than that got one 16.5 inches in a pond a week or so ago i thought i had a bass on or something
  4. went for a walk today to some old fishin spots i use to fish a couple years back a was walking down the trail wen i got a wiff of something nasty i followed it i dont know why cause im tellin u it stunk. came around a bend in the creek and fish bodies half eaten some completly dried and chewed counted 9 rainbow and alot of suckers im guessing they were going up the creek to spawn and it dried up a bit and they couldnt make it so the fish became a shmorgis bord for everything with 4 legs i wish i had a camera but i was only there for a min or two had to run away to get my breath lol.
  5. went to a popular summer fishing spot to check for pike seen 2 but i grabbed my rod and took 3 casts on the third cast i thought i hooked a mac truck the carp bit my 6inch bomber plug took me over an hour to get it in on my 6ft rod with 8lbtest im guessing around 30lbs all i got was a measurement 38" and her gut was huge
  6. got 4 pike last night nothin over 8 lbs and lost one walleye had its head in the net and my buddy lifted too early and snap boy was i mad almost threw him in.
  7. headed out for a couple hours on the lake/river yesterday aft i was on a pike mission but i only saw one pike the smallies started hittin so i switched from plugs to spoons and moved around a bit and ended up getting 2 nice bows about 3 lbs in just a few casts and then it was like there was not a fish in sight
  8. i know it works but i just cant see tying fluro leads ive alwayse just used what ever heavy mono i have. and why hasnt anyone mentioned using liver as bait. i love cut bait but liver could give it a run for its money
  9. floatmaster


    went out for a couple hours today in a local creek got about a dozen kitties and 3 carp about 10 lbs all on corn and worm combo 2ft undar a float not too bad considering i was going to watch a movie instead .
  10. keep in tight around 30 yards depending on current stregth with an 1.5oz sinker flat bottom of coarse and about a foot lead and corn with a piece of worm or get your hands on a bag of boilies or dough bait corn or tuti fruity flavour. ive got about a dozen carp out of the pool when nothin else was biting and that works for me so im sure it would for any one else
  11. after dinner decied what the heck the gf can wait another half an hour went down to the river took a few casts with a cleo nothin just wasnt feelin the cleo so i hooked on a 4in gulp minnow on a 3 way and let er sail 3rd cast i felt a hit didnt pull too hard till it got to shore turned up a nice 4lb walleye and i was like ahhhhhhhhhhhhh sweet!!!!!!!! guess ill be fishin more after dinner headin out for carp in the am will post pics tom night if we catch any.
  12. nice cats for sure.did you give the boat a once over before you took it out?
  13. great pic kids love fishin i use to catch panfish and hook them on my friends sons line he had no clue all he knew was holy man i gotta fish .
  14. just got a call from a buddy who was tryin to fish the niagara he said it was getting bad then he said it felt as if he got shot and he made a run for his truck getting nailed by ping pong sized hail.ouch!!!!!!!!!!! so no fish and a body of welts not a good day 4 fishin
  15. beauty fish bro. suckers oh man hit up the creek yesterday before sunset and it was like my bait was sucker crack. and it was a blast about 15 in 2 hours lotsa fun esp with the old lady she dont care what she catches as long as it pulls hard
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