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  1. I still have a toque a ball cap and a coffee mug
  2. Fishing 99 percent catching 30 percent
  3. RJR

    Fished Today

    I tried friday morning in DC along the rec canal and got nothing. But like you said it was nice to get out.
  4. Yeah it made me feel really old, and dream of the days fishing was simple. you put a minnow on a hook with a sinker below it and tried to catch a perch. No bites after a while you determined there were no fish around you pulled up your anchor and moved to another spot.
  5. RJR

    It's on!

    Conrats Jack. Good to see you back in the game. I am retired now and still don't have a lot of spare time to get out
  6. Freedom isn't free. If you don't vote you cannot complain. If you vote and the party you voted for lies you than have the right to complain
  7. RJR


    Its that time of year again. Anybody else going to Super Dirt Week in Oswego NY
  8. Sounds like you had a good time. I used to go there in the late 70's all the time to watch the races
  9. RJR

    Full moon

    I was fishing out of PC yesturday for perch and got only gobbies.
  10. RJR

    Full time fishing

    Hey Smerch, The last time I was at Mohawk Bay I noticed across the street there is a pond and it was just loaded with carp swimming around.
  11. Hey F4U. I also remember the days when fishing by the lighthouse and in the bay was good fishing for perch. I wouldn't blame the decline on the marina, but I would put the blame on all the cormorants that have taken over the breakwall. I used to hate all the seagulls that used to be there, now I would take them back anytime.
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