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  1. Koppers is hiring! Looking for a progressive career opportunity in the tackle tradeā€¦.look no further: Koppers Fishing & Tackle Corp; the makers of LIVETARGET, is seeking a professional, dynamic individual, who possesses a good work ethic and is results driven to join our Niagara On The Lake office team. Your attention to detail and excellent interpersonal communication skills is essential in this fast-paced, team-oriented company. You will bring 3+ years of administration experience in a corporate environment and have a background in business &/or human resources. A passion for the sportfishing industry is an asset. Interested applicants may forward their resume by email or mail no later than May 3rd to: Susan Koppers P.O. Box 1336 342 Townline Rd Niagara On The Lake, ON L0S 1J0 susan@koppersfishing.com www.livetargetlures.com
  2. Just a reminder this meeting is Friday night.
  3. In follow-up, I fished the rig for about a 1/2 hour with 5 four inch swimbaits(New York Waters). It definitely is a work out. The fish weren't active so I didn't have any hits. I can say in the area I'm fishing I snagged a few fish on a regular crankbait with treble hooks but nothing on this rig. Althought there are five hooks they are swimbait hooks that have 5 hook points total versus any crankbait that has 6 hook points on two trebles. It is a slow moving rig with a lot of drag so it's likely that a fish that it is approaching will not get 'snagged' unless that fish actually took a swipe at one of the baits.I think it would spook any fish that wasn't actively feeding. A regular crankbait moves much quicker and would be more likely to snag a fish. Smerch mentioned about breaking off the rig and killing a fish, because of the cost of the rig plus the baits(plus multiple catches at once) it's recommended to use 80 pound braid which I did on a heavy action set up. The whole thing weighs more than 3 ounces so a special set up is needed. I can see potential when the fish are feeding on schools of bait as it really looked like a school of fish swimming in the water. I will have it in the boat this season and use it when the opportunity presents it's self but I think our northern fishing in natural lakes is very different than the reservoir fishing where this lure has been super successful. I think for most anglers that purchase this rig it will sit in the bottom of their box because it's tough to fish and has to be fished in the right open water conditions with active fish. Multiple catches on one cast really are the exception but get the most talked about. I'll provide some addtional feedback once I get some addtional experience with it. If I feel it's harming the fish I would definitely stop using it no matter how successful it is.
  4. There are 4 wire versions at Fishing World as well as a bottom walker version, and a smaller 4" arm version. I'm going to give it go this year. It's just another tool in the boat and will have it's place and time. It's not going to replace all the other lures in your box. Guys have fished multiple lure rigs for years and this is just the latest incarnation. There are many applications for those willing to experiment. I had the opportunity to meet Andy Poss the inventor of the original A-Rig. He said he's fished everything from topwater frogs to dragging worms on it. Definitely going to be a workout if your throwing it all day but the musky guys throw big lures all days with no complaints.
  5. I stayed on this lake last year. Lots of little bass, mostly smallies but found a few largies. Biggest of the week was about 3 pounds. Explored a good chunk of the lake. Didn't see any pike or musky. There were quite a few walleye anglers out in the evening before and after dusk in the main lake area. Not a lot of cottages, mostly crown land so the scenery was very nice and pretty quite.This is where we stayed and there is a map of the lake. http://www.campsbaycottages.com/images/lr-biggullmap.jpg Let me know if you have any questions.
  6. I bought a pair of bogs this fall as well. Love them so far! Comfortable and warm. Outdoors Oriented on Fourth Ave carries the brand.
  7. Couldn't agree more Chilli!! Erie hasn't been too nice to the boaters either! Big smallies are calling and no one can get to them. One weekend day in November out of 6 has been fishable. BUT this coming weekend is looking nice...... and my son has a hockey tournament.....
  8. Since floro virtually disappears in water, I use 10 pound Seaguar InvisX with 20 pound Tuff-line braid and join them with a uni to uni knot. Doesn't seem to effect the number of hits I get.
  9. just give me a shout if you need anything Brad.....hope you guys are enjoying the new bundle of joy! We need two people to replace your wife
  10. Top water baits always kept my son interested because they are visual. Don't expect too much, my son is 8 and is still only good for a couple of hours before snack time, playing with the net, fishfinder, trolling motor, 1 minute lure changes....but I wouldn't trade the memories for anything.... Have fun.
  11. Weather is looking great for Saturday's tournament! I hear there is an 8 pounder out there swimming around in the river....
  12. Tom Chopin


    I picked up a Malibu sit on Kayak Mini X. My wife wanted a shorter kayak and I happened to find one that had rod holders.....They are very wide and stable. My linkhttp://www.malibukayaks.com/fishing_kayaks.asp
  13. The thousand island area is a known smuggling area and is getting extra attention. We'll have to see what happens in our area, so far I haven't heard of any fines. From the article above from Bassfan it mentions Niagara specifically as an area that is not enforcing the rule. Canada had a similar incidence with an old fishing regulation that prevented culling fish in tournaments that was on the books forever but never once enforced until one CO told a US tournament that there was no culling in Ontario, the rule was recently rewritten to allow culling. Hopefully these border issues get rewritten.
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