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  1. Walk the upper river and look for areas you think they might be and odds are you will find a couple.
  2. Twice on the same pattern I came up with by accident last year by chance lol.I tied a large almost intruder style fly with a tightly wound large ball like ice dub head to push water and low and behold it didn't sink so the wheels started turning. Now I have to tie more .
  3. I spotted one about 3 feet long sitting along a current break yesterday . Tied on a large top water fly I had tied up,cast it about 6 feet in front of it gave it 3 swift twitches and it nailed it ! I set the hook ,the fish turned aaaaaaand SNAP! My leader broke , I was gutted and went home with my head held low .
  4. D McV

    Perch Eggs

    I just threw up in my mouth . To each his own I guess ,but I draw the line at cured eggs on my sushi. I fell bad when keeping all the hens and have to throw out the eggs . I've tied them into scarf and used for bait with very limited success . Willing to bet cat fish would love it .
  5. Not sure where you heard that but, Walt at dominion is one of the only people around that are granted a license to catch and sell minnows . Makes no sense that he'd buy them from Erie tracker .
  6. I went to every tackle shop between toronto and niagara falls and all over western New York this fall looking for what I wanted in a new boat rod in 8.6-9.6 while I was on trips etc .I'll start by saying I will not pay $400 for a bottom bouncing rod ....Loomis was the best I found... , I tested Shimano, St. Croix,Fenwick, Diawa,okuma,lamiglass etc etc etc Honestly and surprisingly to me for the actual weight (it's light!) Action,guides and handle ,the Berkley Air was the best I found next to the Loomis. I've put it through the paces from boat and shore and love it. 9'-Light spinning- Lure wt 1/8-1/2 oz - line rating 6-10 . The only place I could find them locally in that model was at Peters .A little over $100 Inc tax but well worth it .
  7. I was fishing on shore on the lower a few years ago and heard a noise behind me and there was a fox just a few feet away with a squirrel in its mouth . I was talking to a woman who lives in the area I was fishing later that day who said the fox had pups under her deck and even got along with her dog.
  8. I agree ! Such a great project,I wish we could have had something like this while I was in school or while my daughter was in grade school for that matter. I'm curious , what is the cost per tank set up ? and what happens to the fry ?
  9. D McV


    Probably my favourite thing to do on the fly . I like crayfish patterns , wolly buggers ,I also tie alot of larger funky looking nymphs (with pink,purple rubber legs etc)and egg patterns like you would use for trout .I've even had success stripping streamer patterns when they are aggressively feeding -ice out... they hit minnow patterns like a freight train .
  10. And take the front treble hook off of your kwikies if drifting the river. Your wallet will thank you and you won't notice a difference in the amount of fish hooked up . Best lesson I have learned fishing them .
  11. D McV

    Pautzke Cure

    I've tried everything over the years except pautzke and I have found that doing nothing , not even water hardening has got me more results than anything . However , if I am freezing them to last a long time then do what cliff says and add some water.I pack my fish the same way and it lasts so much longer with no "freezer flavour " or freezer burn as it is protected in a block of ice .
  12. No .The Pine drift is down river from the pipeline drift . Look for other boats ,they are not hard to miss.
  13. Trail cams are great and the mnr are also realizing this
  14. Awesome! I love hearing stories like this, let's ya know that there are more people out there who care.
  15. Yup, this happened to a couple of kids a few years ago. Ever since then I make sure to do a thorough check, the discomfort from such a thing would be enough to drive me bat shot crazy!
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