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  1. The_Fish_Dawg

    Cormorant news

    I think the chances of it passing is very good right now if they receive any overwhelming amount of support for it , Otherwise I donf see why they would have gone this far with the proposal. Also right now with a majority conservative government it's now or never on this issue IMO. Please take a few moments to formally submit your comments
  2. The_Fish_Dawg

    Port Dalhousie Kids Day Sat Sept 15

    Just a heads up/reminder that this Sat is the St Catharines Game and Fish Association's annual Free Kids Fishing day in Port Dalhousie. Anyone interested and available to help out with prep and set up can meet at the clubhouse Thurs and Fri evenings and on Sat morning at 7am. Community service hours available for students! More info here https://scgfa.ca/event/kids-day/
  3. The_Fish_Dawg

    St Catharines Game & Fish Assc. August Update

    Kids Day Planning meeting is 7pm tonight but will be at The Rib restaurant in the Offtrack room Members Bbq is this Sat 1pm at the ramp/clubhouse
  4. The_Fish_Dawg

    Free Great Lakes Fishing Seminars - Thurs March 8

    See you tomorrow night
  5. The_Fish_Dawg

    The St Catharines Game & Fish Association

    See ya there! Hopefully many can make it. The Game & Fish has lots of great things things happening and has the potential to do much more too.
  6. The_Fish_Dawg

    Smoked rainbow trout

    maple & apple tend to work well with fish and many other meats mesquite &hickory are often better with pork and brisket
  7. The_Fish_Dawg


    The Strait Line Anglers cancelled their perch tournament scheduled tomorrow due to weather
  8. The_Fish_Dawg

    Dalhousie dock removal and property cleanup

    See you Saturday
  9. The_Fish_Dawg

    Fishing Guides

    FINtastic Sportfishing Shane Thombs
  10. The_Fish_Dawg

    Fishing from Shore in Grimsby Area?

    Visit Grimsby Tackle.. You will get plenty of great info!
  11. The_Fish_Dawg

    Bow Mount gadget info

    Yes it's worth it A V2 Minn Kota Powerdrive with Ipilot was the 1st offering ... I think 2010 or 11 was the 1st year.? Look around... Likely some used ones available as guys choose to upgrade to newer Terrova, Ultera or Ultrex Models.
  12. The_Fish_Dawg

    St Catharines Game & Fish Association News Update

    Nice story... Your not the only one I am sure! What a fishery we have at our doorstep.
  13. The_Fish_Dawg

    New to the forum

    Welcome! If looking to learn about lake Ontario Salmon and trout I would invite you to check out the St Catharines Game and Fish Assc. next general meeting on Mon March 27 7pm at the Port Dalhousie legion... Some good guest speakers will be presenting a very informative seminar.
  14. Great meeting on Monday. Lots of good stuff on tap for 2017
  15. The_Fish_Dawg

    fishdawg please send me a pm

    Sorry inbox cleaned up