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  1. I don't care how the cormorants are culled and left, just get rid as many as possible.
  2. Will be hitting the shores as well soon for the toothie critters. As you know BIll, it's been my passion hunting these pike. However like the carp, the numbers are not there for me. Snags and I walked various shorelines along Gibby the other day, covering a lot of area, for at least 2 hours and no signs of life in the water. Head scratcher for sure.
  3. For the hours put in, not really, but better than the white stripe.
  4. Tried another part of Gibby today. 6 & 7 pounds, just litttle ones today.
  5. At it again this afternoon for a few hours. For the amount of time put in, the numbers are really lacking this year. Got this gal and she came in at 13 lbs. This carp net is to large for my liking, anyone interested in it PM me. April never saw a fish before and tried eating the fins.... Anyways hoping the numbers pick.
  6. With a nice gps tracking device attached to his van, the use of satellite imagery, and of course a handy drone, was able to find one of Smerch's secret spots. Didn't see a lot of action, but Joe and I did get this little 9 pounder. You can trust me Bill, I'll keep this spot to myself, unless bribed with a nice chunk of money
  7. Saw the first goldfinch this morning on the sunflower. There are now 7 faces blooming
  8. First for me. I plant sunflowers each year, but never had one with five heads. This plant also has four others heads not open just below the five faces. Pretty cool in my books.
  9. Walking the dogs along Gibby this AM, I brought my rod and believe it or not, caught this skinny 22incher on the first cast. That's a first for me.
  10. Need to water this one almost daily Bill. The driveway beside the plant has a stone base of about 18 inches and probably sucks away most of the water. The leaves will start to wilt without watering or rain. Many people walking by give it a second look. If I'm out at the time, some ask questions about it. If they have a child with them, I ask them if they recall the story--Jack and the bean stalk🙃
  11. As can be seen in previous pics, this plant grows in spurts. The main plant is now 11 feet tall, and the other is 10 1/2 feet.
  12. Bluebird skies, mid afternoon. Put a few casts in one area, and as the lure got close to me was about to pull it out of the water and this gal took it. What a nice surprise. Was 32 inches.
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