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  1. I always check for fishing line, for the sake of my dogs and other animals, and move it out of the way. I'm not there to clean up someone's else 's mess.
  2. Usually water it every evening Bill. Those nasty flowers are starting to grow at the base of Grace.
  3. From June 3rd to June 16 largest leaf is now 20''X 18''
  4. No answer to your question. But if I'm thinking right, when we got into those many carp a few years back, there was a young chap using a fly rod and landing carp on a piece or two of corn.
  5. One weeks growth from May 27-June 3rd. From 2 inches to 10 inches.
  6. Thanks for the update. Good to know Jordan is open.
  7. With the opening of some parks, businesses, boat launches, etc, does anyone know if we can have a buddy in the boat with us. I heard if we can't be 6' away from someone, to wear a mask. I'm guessing this could be applied in our vessels.
  8. It is a unique tree for sure Mop. The way I play it each year, it's probably the only one on the planet 🙃
  9. Last year the main tree 16 years old grew about 12 feet. The sucker, this is the 3rd year grew 15 feet. The race is on again this year. The current date is May 21st 2020.
  10. Guy in the white van seems to be there a lot.
  11. I can see you doing a lot of shore fishing this year
  12. What Snags has omitted was the fact, half an hour earlier I had a pike on and he REFUSED to grab the net and help me out. So when he was occupied I had a little talk with my coyote (Angel) and told her if she hears grab the net, to grab it and go the other way. Sounds like karma to me Snags
  13. Beer, beer and more beer. Oh, also picked up a larger frabill fishing net, for those toothie critters, will also accommodate carp. While out picking up the net I also got some more beer.
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