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  1. Seems to be some omitted data on this situation.
    Was there a restrictive covenant on this piece of land that the owner was unaware of, at time of possession.
    Was it a blatant disregard on the part of the homeowner.
    Missing information.
    A number of us who fish the area were quite impressed on how well groomed the land is.
    As a result, now the family there enjoy the water front, which we have observed a number of times.
    Right or wrong, the planting of 25 trees should not deter the family and children enjoying the water front.
    Most here will never see said piece of land, less one is out in a canoe/yak.

  2. I voted which was a waste of time.
    IMO non voters totally have a right to complain.
    Looking at history, every party elected have lied to us.
    Charges us more, directly or indirectly via taxes and
    -so called rights-
    Really, what rights and freedoms do we have.
    We have the right to drive, $ How many taxes involved here.
    License, plates, car, insurance, repairs, gas..
    The right to fish and hunt, own a boat $
    Right to own a house $ Don't pay your tax, house forced sale
    Start a business, tax tax tax
    We must pay taxes on all necessities of life.
    If one doesn't pay these taxes, they could end up
    on the streets at the least.
    Yeah, got to love the freedom to vote for a party who will dictate how we must live according to their dogma.
    Anyone see a problem here....

  3. Totally agree Bill. It was just fantastic fishing.  Don't know if we'll every experience anything like that again. Right place at the right time.
    As well, the hook ups were within minutes or so of setting up.  Within a few hours we both had close to ten fish a piece. Totally amazing.
    Glad we got Daniel and Joe-carper extraordinaire into the run as well.  Funny thing with Joe was, he was excited to hear about this great run,
    and his first two fish were channel cats:roflblack: But he, like the rest of us got into some great fishing, and as you said many over 20lbs.  The scale
    I was using was only up to 25lbs and bottomed out. I'm sure we caught some close to 30+lbs.

  4. 56 minutes ago, Mbocco said:

    I’m not a carper but wouldn’t you want the line to be able to slide so there’s no resistance when the fish eats?

    Actually Mbocco there are many methods for catching carp.  Many anglers float fish for carp which only requires a small split shot sinker.
    No hard fast rule when it comes to catching carp. Smerch and I were fishing Jordan a few years back and the carp were a plenty.
    We were just using corn and a sliding sinker on the line. We were catching 7-8 fish each, for a few days of that run.  Most of the fish
    we caught were by hooking the carp when we saw the rod tips moving slightly.  We did not wait for the carp to take the hook, we hooked them
    and it was a blast.

  5. Bill, did you take the rear handle off along with the 10mm bolts and trim for a look see ? A lot of times one of the two bars attached to the actuator has come loose or off, and is an easy fix, by snapping the bar back in place. That's probably one of the things a shop will do, after they check the wiring.

  6. Wow, really eh, what are the chances.
    I have numerous 'Brand' name rods, but
    like this one the best for canoe fishing.
    Over the years this rod pulled in many pike,
    channel cats, one high flying musky,
    and many other fish.
    What species of fish were you targeting
    with this rod ?



  7. Once in a while I post pics of this amazing plant on the forum.
    Not many people get to see something like this, except the people
    in my neighborhood.
    It's always a pleasure watching people walk by, stop, stare, continue and stop again for that second look.
    This is the 15th year for this plant. By late fall all the leaves fall off and all that's left is a long straight pole.
    Each year in early May I cut down the stock to the lowest bud forming and see how it grows each year.
    The plant usually reaches it's maximum height in 3-4 months....wild.
    Last year I let a sucker plant grow, and currently it passed the original plant by about a foot.
    This year the sucker plant reached a height of 15'6''.
    The leaves currently measure 24 inches wide.
    With just the one plant, as posted before, the leaves grew a whopping 34 inches wide. Amazing.
    Now you know why I call it the Amazing Plant.
    ps: Sorry if some of you thought it was of the 420 variety.




  8. Was quite the outing for sure. Very comfortable on the water, regardless of the high temps.
    And of course the beauty of the area makes it very enjoyable.
    However I never had so many mishaps occur as did. Quite a number of snags, handling the Pal
    with the gusts of winds regardless of the 40 electric made for creative maneuvers.
    Lost 30 or so yards of powerpro line. Line just snapped when bringing in the bait. Never happened
    to me before.  Any breaks in the past was always at the lure or leader.
    Wind blew off my tilley hat, and with the wind blowing us around, got to it just as it was sinking.
    Later as Bill mentioned, my rod exploded to my shock. Lost various tips of rods here and there,
    but never in the middle. Then about 3:30 there was about 30 racing scull/shells coming towards us,
    but keep a good distance away. Few minutes later another barrage of shells came towards us, and
    the coach in the tinny had to tell a number of the crews to watch out for us.  And of course don't I get
    a snag, and the Sportspal blowing in the wind, and a eight man boat aiming to T-bone us, lol, it was
    quite funny.
    Was surprised we didn't get any fish, especially when in the past, where many cats and sheepheads were caught.
    Enjoyable time out, lots of birds and wild life to see, and lots of stories between Bill and I.
    PS: Bill, I picked up the same rod today, I just have so much affinity for this model lol.


    Was out a few hours a couple of days over Labour day weekend.
    On Sunday, met up with Tyler, Bill, and Joe. While there was plenty
    to talk about, not so with the fish. Only two carp caught between
    the four of us. Still it was nice to get out with the guys and meet Tyler.
    On Monday tried Gibson again for a few hours with Joe, and managed
    two small carp. 9 and 10 lbs.  Carp fishing has been tough this year,
    but then again so are pike which I target a lot.



  10. I have been spraying Angel, my malinois with apple cider vinegar cut 30% with water. 

    Spray her legs and underside, tail, and cover her eyes and quick spray at the head, they love exploring, and only had two ticks on her in about 6 years.

    She got those two, because I forgot to sprayer her one day.

    I also spray the bottom of my pants and shoes.

    Just a quick spray, not wet.

  11. 8 hours ago, DNorton said:

    Anyone know if they are moving around in cdp yet or is it just cats still. 

    Smerch and I have been down there numerous times and apart for two carp, nothing but cats and some rudd.  

    But it should pop any time, I figure within a week, two at the most, jmo

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