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  1. Wish I had a video of the last time you used leaches Snags.....
  2. Rereading this thread, the most common suggestion, by ten members is to reduce the number of sub forums.
  3. Nice going there Mr. Smerch. Maybe you should post your reports on the main forum, like that snagopuss did. Might get more views and replies
  4. Funny, buddy doesn't seem impressed though.
  5. Wow.. world record for 2.1 mile murder. That's all war is...
  6. Silly Snags We don't have any rights in this country. We only have privileges, and every privileges has a price, whether it's for fishing, driving a car, owning a house whatever. Every single privilege cost money. And of course at any time these privileges have been and can be taken away from us at any time. But we're free of course....
  7. ''I've never caught a muskie intentionally''. Tommy I remember that Saturday afternoon in June a few years back. It just happened to be the muskie opener that day
  8. Bill, a potato launcher would work....;)
  9. Hi Spennyfish, carp can be caught from most of the shorelines around Gibson. Get yourself a can or two of corn, donate one of them to the fish gods, and throw it out to the spot you chose to fish and then it's a waiting game. A few carps have been caught this spring and it will pick up as the temps move up. Also keep an eye out for where others are fishing. Just a little warning....if that Smerchly guy is fishing near you, you may as well pull your line in. That guy attracts carp like a magnet, and the rest of us get skunked.
  10. Looks like a porky rudd. Well done.
  11. Hmmm Bill knows of a musky spot and he's not telling me, time to check that my gps on his truck is still working
  12. With some slight modifications I'm sure we can get the smerchmobile up to snuff.
  13. Mr. Smerch, your best bet is -seven eleven speakout. Currently the flip phone is $29.99. I paid $65.00 last year. Pay as you go and the time you buy is good for a full year. You won't find a better deal anywhere. Didn't we have this conversation before.....
  14. Renewed my 3 yr conserv. at Canadian tire yesterday. Gave me a temp sticker until the card comes via the mail. $64.44.
  15. You got this Cliff. Still many trout out there with your name on them.
  16. Well you got one Bill, better than the stripe. I was chasing pike yet again....they gots to be somewhere.... but I couldn't find them.
  17. I was expecting a musky report Good job on the carp.
  18. Asking the Smercho if he caught anything today is like asking will the sun rise tomorrow.
  19. Fished with him many times. Great non-fishing stories as well. Will be missed.
  20. Enough of the 'one-upmanship' Reverting back to young teenagers is silly.
  21. Yes I haven't upgraded that net for a reason Massive fish there Bill
  22. Never gave it any thought in the past. Always thought it was the length of the river. Ya never stop learning. Thanks for that tidbit.
  23. Learning early to ' earn one's keep'
  24. Wow, look at the enthusiasm in her smile. Bill, you made DeeDee one happy girl. And well done on another excellent mount.
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