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    Quite the thrill hooking into a big fish in the Sportspal. The adrenaline is just a pumping. A lot of times you don't see the fish for a good five minutes or so. The sportspal is pretty much unsinkable, and you can stand in it as well. Best canoe for fishing, extremely stable with the flat bottom. The fun continues when you can't unhook the cat, carp, drum etc at the side of the canoe, so you have to bring it in, then at times all hell breaks loose
  2. Sorry to hear that Cliff. Hopefully someone takes it over.
  3. Here's a crazy idea. Get hundreds of people calling up the cop shop, not 911, and tell them you are about to have a few drinks, and just want to make sure no one has called in about you. As crazy as this idea is, it would create change lol. Of course I'm against drinking and driving, but the laws have got too suppressive. One is now taking a chance having a drink with a meal while eating out. May as well have alcohol free weddings and other such functions. Sports bars will be a no no. IMO these laws are getting too extreme. PAPERS PLEASE is where we are heading.
  4. I can't believe some of the comments on here.... push him in the river, slash his face with a hook, cut his line....really. All that for a fish. The river is huge, long, all kinds of spots. Give your heads a shake. It's fishing, he's not taking your car, or robbing you whatever. Just move along to another spot if you can't reason with the guy. Unbelievable.
  5. Excellent business idea. Stocking stuffers.
  6. The UN wants to ban guns world wide, except for the enforcers. Justin wants a seat on the security council. This will make him look good. Using this ploy of ridding guns just might give him the edge he needs in 2019. Regardless if he wins or not, eventually all guns will be illegal. The writing is on the wall.
  7. Almost seems that way Bruce.
  8. 3% is what I use Bill. Any type of ACV will work. Thing is when Angel gets in the jeep after a walk I can still smell the ACV a bit and then have a desire for some fries....
  9. Borax soap with some H2O2 will kill anything on your dog, and is safer than most shampoos. Angel had two ticks in her ear a few months back, because I forgot to spray her with ACV. We go for a half mile walk every day along the hydro road, full of ticks and she never gets a tick on her when I spray her feet and legs and under belly with ACV. Works for her and inexpensive.
  10. Nice job. Some good eats for sure.
  11. Excellent job Snags. They should do well come June when bass season opens
  12. Not sure what you mean by performance. My Jeep, hi output inline 6 runs great on regular gas. Touch the gas peddle and I'm in passing gear instantly. Runs fantastic. And lots of pep.
  13. One station was giving out free K Y, helped a bit ...
  14. Good job on caring for the bird Bill. I owned a homing pigeon a while back. Sold it 24 times.
  15. Got the itch do you Snags
  16. As you know Bill, I would never use any type of chemicals on Angel. The net has tons of remedies that will not poison your dog. When I read of the numerous reports of dogs getting cancer, well.....you have to look at what these chemicals are doing to our loved pets.
  17. For years I have a spray bottle of 50/50 apple cider vinegar and water in the jeep and spray Angel an myself before going into grassy areas that I fish. She has had one tick per year and it was the time I didn't spray her. Cheap and effective.
  18. Eventually all gun ownership will be illegal. Bleeding heart groups will continue to claim hunting is inhumane and unnecessary. It will come to pass, the writing is on the wall.
  19. Of course it's pretty much a give when all the condos are in, fishing in that area will be illegal.
  20. Saw my first otter in Black creek off the upper Niagara. Been fishing the waters of Martindale and Jordan out of the canoe for tens of years and never saw one, but they could be there. Saw hundreds of beavers and mink. The minks are cute, the beavers have an attitude
  21. Snags being that you have this affinity for bass, this would be a great tat for you
  22. Of course it does Good to see you putting it to good use.
  23. I've been able to give up my perscription drugs cause I eat so much fish
  24. Does look strange for sure...
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