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  1. Thought I would share this prehistoric looking fish I caught on the pond a few days ago. I don't recall seeing a post with pics of local gars caught in Niagara in recent years. Probably have been, I just don't recall seeing one. I have seen gar pike in our local waters over the years, but never managed to hook into one, until now. I could not believe how slender/skinny this gar was. Believe it or not this little guy was 27 inches long. Very unique looking fish. I also noticed how hard the skin and scales were on this fish and did not feel any slime like the northern pike. Apparently there are a few varieties of gar. I'm guessing this is a spotted gar, but not sure. Not much of a fight for such a slender fish, and when netted it went totally docile. Did not move once. I hope to get into a few more, but understand they can be quite the challenge to catch, which explains why it took me sooo many years to finally land one.
  2. As my friend use to say--And now, the rest of the story-- Yep that was me. I saw you about a hundred yards away, as we slowly approached each other. Like you, I was casting lures to shore and drifting as well. Actually I had the natural drift from Richardson's Creek which flows west to east. You were constantly maneuvering your craft as you fished. Assuming you are aware of your surroundings as you fish, you had to see I was hugging the shore line tighter than you, only moving out further from shore as I maneuvered around the fallen trees. As we approached each other, you continued to cast as if I was not there. If I saw you, you must of seen me as well. Seeing that for whatever reason, you would not stop casting as we approached each other I went behind you at what appeared to be about thirty feet. According to your rant, that wasn't good enough for you. You must of expected me to go way out of my way to accommodate you, instead of stopping for, oh I don't know, 20 seconds. Remember we were both fishing the shore line. In all the years of fishing this pond and the hundreds of other canoeist/kayakers and boaters that I have approached while drifting, one for one we stopped fishing, exchanged pleasantries or waved or chatted for a bit about the conditions etc. You wanted none of that common courtesy, which is fine, and is why I passed behind you, as stated by around 30 feet. You also omitted to say, was that as I was trying to pass behind you, you continued to cast. What makes you think you have a right to continue fishing and I do not. Moreover what kind of person would continue to cast, whether or not they felt the right to continue to fish and perhaps putting someone's or their dogs life in danger. That's when I said ''hey I have a dog as well as myself here in the canoe. From my 25 years of fishing this pond, proper etiquette that I have experience when two boats approach each other, is to both ensure safe clearance and passage. Meaning you both stop casting if a present danger could occur. You just continued casting as if you had the right of way, owned the water and to me that was extremely dangerous. I cannot believe you continued to cast as I was trying to pass behind you. Unbelievable. You also probably heard me talking to another member of this forum who will remain anonymous who was fishing from shore who also witnessed what transpired. Also you failed to mention that I tried talking to you, but you ignored me. Then as I was passing behind you while you still continued to cast, you started saying something without looking in my direction. I could not hear you, and twice I asked what you said, and you didn't have the decency to face me and talk to me like every other boater I have ever met up with on the pond. In the future please show respect to everyone on the water. Having to stop fishing for a whole 20 seconds is not the end of the world. And again, because we were both fishing/drifting close to shore, it was both our responsibility to take a few seconds to make sure we passed each other safely and then continue fishing. What I did notice is that when I finally got around you and started fishing again, I caught a fish on my first cast, and noticed you immediately packed up and left the area.... The question I have is --what kind of human being continues casting knowing with their set up, they a putting people behind them at risk. That was a rhetorical question. I'm done with this silly thread you posted. Just because you were fly casting from your craft doesn't give you the right over anyone else. Give your head a shake. Just wanted to add some of the facts you omitted.
  3. Belgian Malinois, I think a little smarter than a Shepherd. I have never had a dog that learns on one command or direction. They are actually smaller than a shepherd. She loves the Sportspal, being much wider than a regular canoe. I got out about 2ish till just after 6. Marked a lot of fish in the 15' range, but no takers today.
  4. Were you out from Jordan ? If so,my dog was saying hi to you. I was in the sportspal.
  5. So he got you hook line and sinker eh Bill Your situation there happens a lot at crappy tire.
  6. Most OBD II readers will tell you what codes are not ready. Curious what two codes your mechanic told you were not ready ? Did he say whether having your computer reflashed will make a difference ?
  7. Minimal maintenance ? Whether by rail, road or pipeline, the environment is at risk. Time to release suppressed technology, to much damage due to oil spills.
  8. Bill I have a code reader you can use for your 02. Easy to use and read. Will save you a trip and a few bucks if it's not ready. Let me know.
  9. I'm thinking ice out will be later this year. Will this delay spawning in some species ? Do you think this will change the timing of the spring bite ? Wondering what your thoughts are.
  10. Bruce it's absolutely not counter productive at all, to talk about the ethics of using frogs for live bait. Currently it is legal, and a option if one desires. Part of the purpose of this forum is education, as well as opinions. Many anglers I have met over the years don't want to kill any bait to catch a fish. Many have no problem with it. I still use worms. It's a personal choice and currently up for discussion. People learn by hands on as well as reading what works for others. Ethics is a personal choice and a open discussion as this one, gives one more information to make an informed decision. We are not discussing if it's right or wrong, we are giving our opinions, which is not counter productive in the least.
  11. Many years ago we had a couple of garter snakes in a aquarium. One day we decided to feed the snakes a couple of frogs we caught. Usually just fed them worms and crickets. As soon as the frogs were put in the aquarium they started to scream. I mean very loud screams and crying loud like we never heard before. That experience of their fear of death and screams, put me off of every using them for bait or food. Perhaps think of that before putting them on your hook.
  12. Most tax is crap Bill. Maybe we could implement a new --crap and trade
  13. Can't wait, people world wide are going to save trillions.
  14. Yep the first acid battery was invented 216 years ago. We are still using this system in our cars. Does it really make sense that we still depend on this antiquated technology. I think the suppressed technology would put to many out of business.
  15. Check the link below, well put together and funny. If link does not work, copy and past to google. http://www.hrtwarming.com/best-reply-to-a-relationship-complain-ever-this-is-genius/
  16. Hope those people can find new jobs. But today's job market is extremely tough. Thousands of jobs have left Ontario and they are never coming back. A company's bottom line is money, obviously. With todays crippling hydro rates- (Back in 2003 rates were 4.3 cents/KwH, today it's anywhere from 7.7 to 14 cents/KwH.) That's over a 50% increase. And now it's projected over the next few years rates will increase another 40%. Add to that the continuing rising cost of heating and water, and it's understandable why companies are looking elsewhere. And now the looming carbon tax to be force on us, I too would look elsewhere to operate a business if I had a choice.
  17. The ministry of transportation on St. Paul St usually has a few each year. Will give them a call this week.
  18. Really Cliff ??? The thread was about water clarity and then on post 6 Jeep decided to attack the bottom bouncers. Projecting I guess. Unbeknown to us, our picture was in the Standard a few years back. Kind of hard to float fish, when most of the guys on the wall are bottom bouncing.
  19. What a brute. Well done on your personal best Bill
  20. Killing the musky for no reason is wrong and what this angler did was very ignorant. And because this made the www, I'm guessing he'll think twice about trying that again. But to me this case is being over blown. It's just a fish. Hundreds of anglers slit salmon and brown trout for their eggs and allow the fish to be wasted, and many have witnessed this. Yet that is not bad enough to have their pic taken and splattered across the web. It's amazing the thousands of atrocities going on world wide, yet most turn a blind eye to those. But get caught killing a fish, and wow ! The amount of people on various forums calling for blood and severe punishment..... they need to get their priorities straight, it's just a fish. Just my opinion. It's just a fish.
  21. I love fishing the upper Niagara. Beautiful, and you never know what your going to catch or see. This mink was quite brave to say the least. Nice 3.5 small mouth bass. Love the colors.
  22. Buddy wanted to know where to catch carp on Gibson, so I took him to a spot to give it a go. Tried a fews days at one spot and noticed this duck with a jig in it's mouth. We befriended it with corn and tried to catch it. No luck the first day. Second day with the net set up and corn as bait Joe caught it. I opened the bill and noticed the jig was in it's tongue. I got my snips and cut off the barbed end of the hook and then back out the jig. Released the duck who stuck around a while and went on it way. I caught a number of carp using drop shot technique, Joe caught a sucker.
  23. Canadian ski championships taken place on the pond after the Henley. Also was informed the other day while assisting in putting the dock in at the launch, that there might be a small sailing school forming, and operating near timmies. Just a rumor.... Apparently someone/s put a bug in the mind of the staff at city hall.
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