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  1. Enough of the 'one-upmanship' Reverting back to young teenagers is silly.
  2. Yes I haven't upgraded that net for a reason Massive fish there Bill
  3. Never gave it any thought in the past. Always thought it was the length of the river. Ya never stop learning. Thanks for that tidbit.
  4. Learning early to ' earn one's keep'
  5. Wow, look at the enthusiasm in her smile. Bill, you made DeeDee one happy girl. And well done on another excellent mount.
  6. Thanks that was great. Just wondering, do those fish stay in a certain area, or do they just drift down river with the current ?
  7. Good job Gunner. Love fishing the river, never no what your going to catch.
  8. Read the same thing JMO. Bill you'll have to pick a few for me off your plants
  9. 911 for assistance May have to tag team those brutes. Looks like your set up with bait and chum for a while. I was out at Gibby this evening. No fish but nice wind off the water made it very comfortable.
  10. Bill, I'm almost finished modifying an attachment on a cordless drill, that you can use as a power assist on your reel, if needed hauling in one of those big brutes
  11. Sounds like a fun productive evening until the hook set. Had two points of a treble hook embedded in my arm years back trying to land a pike. I didn't feel it go in, but sure felt it coming out at the hospital.
  12. Good job Bill. I would expect a good fight from a 30lb carp. Maybe try this, easy on the arms.... Easy on the eyes as well.... http://www.precisionautoreels.com/
  13. 90 % of my fishing is targeting pike and musky. Use steel leaders most of the time. I find presentation of the lure is key. Pike like to ambush. I do use flouro the odd time fishing the gin clear upper Niagara.
  14. Yea, sometimes a camera doesn't do a pic justice. Again good job.
  15. Nice mount. I think a tinge of green instead of beige would make it look more realistic. jmo
  16. Am I reading this right ? Like St Johns pond in Niagara, this are pellet fed trout, only released at a larger size ?
  17. Cliff did you piss someone off...joking...what's going on here. Had to use unusual solutions to get on the site.
  18. As the water warms up the bite will improve. There are many cats all over the Welland river.
  19. Sorry to hear that Bill and Sandy. Rex was a cool dog.
  20. Friendly little guy for sure. Bill there are a number of you tube vids which may help. Maybe a treat just before the needle....good luck.
  21. Not needed with photoshop....not that I ever used it
  22. Don't do it Bill. The blocks have water in them, and seeping in as it is. You don't want them to drain into basement. However I have done jobs where we did drill on the inside, but had formed and poured a sealed trough which went to a sump pump. There is also another way to repair from the inside. Give me a call.
  23. Bill if water is coming in from both sides of the corner wall, you will have to do the entire lengths of both walls. I have some delta membrane from the last job I done for a customer which you can have.
  24. Don't know if I agree with these ''self piercing'' Would rather pay a pro for a new stud or trinklet..... Ouch for sure.
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