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  1. Wow those are huge. Forgive my ignorance, as I have never caught any near that size, but I was wondering what the fight was like bringing in those hogs
  2. I put in a pond some years back for my daughter. Has a lot of fish in it. However I don't know if it could handle the pressure There's a Donut Diner in walking distant, so you guys would have to drink ''real'' coffee
  3. Definitely a tough call fishstick. 5-8 does seem young and with the cold weather and water temps... I recall growing up in Hamilton and at age 12 a few of us would be up at 4 am on our bikes headed to Princess Point or Valley Inn Rd. where ever, and go fishing. We were just like Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn. Really. We made rafts and climbed cliffs and even hopped moving trains. Lots of us kids did this, not that it was right, but was just a way of life for a lot of us. The parents when they found out would give us @#%$ and break up our rafts or take down the rope swings or whatever, but we would just repeat the action again. We were well aware of the dangers, of course the hopping of trains was very stupid, but as for the rest, us kids knew the dangers and apart from some cuts and bruises, we survived. We found the kids that were unsure of fearful just wouldn't come out with us. Had they, there probably would of been a mishap. I think for the most part kids are pretty smart. Most of them do know how to take care of themselves. Now my viewpoint of children changed once I became a dad. I always had/have a eye on my daughter and other kids for that matter. Sometimes I would speak up unnecessary, out of my own fear. I believe society has gone overboard on protecting kids these days. While I believe kids should be watched and taught to play safe, I think kids also have to be kids and experience life as it comes. Kids can no longer play three quarters of the games we use to play at school as kids. Today one kid gets hurt and there's a law suit. Just ridiculous. My daughter this year in gym played baseball with a tennis ball just in case one of the kids got hit with it, it wouldn't cause any real damage. What the @#$% is that about. There is just to much protection of kids and activities, because of lawsuits, and it's nuts. While kids need to understand todays world and be taught street smarts because of some of the sickos out there, kids doing kid things should be allowed. Just because one kid breaks an arm or gets hurt, doesn't mean all kids should have to be denied a normal childhood, with the experiences that go with it. Best I stop this mini rant. 5-8 year olds at waters edge this time of year, unsupervised, that's not ok.
  4. Great replies guys. Fishstick, you may want to forego the launching skill I developed Which reminds me of a time my daughter Valerie and I were up at Lovesick lake, trying for muskie. Spent more money than I wanted on some large bucktails. Once on the water I set the rods up for my daughter and myself and being that these bucktails are quite heavy, thought I would show Valerie how I cast them. Well I whip this $20 lure out and it went out like we couldn't believe, seemed like miles. We were both admiring the distance it covered. I start to retreive it back and notice the line broke. The bail had somehow shut After a few colourful adjectives, I looked at my daughter and told her, ''now that's how you don't cast out a lure'', and we laughed. You had to be there I guess.
  5. Fishing today was quite enjoyable, the weather was great, a number of people catching some perch and rockets. I had a fair day with four nice smallies and a small rocket. Usually while fishing I have my tackle box open and close by for quick changes. This particular spot I had the box about a foot behind on a level patch of ground as I was fishing on a small slope. As usual after a while I change lures, this time puting on a nice size crank bait. After a few casts I decided to get closer to the waters edge and cast out. Only this time as my rod and lure dipped behing me for that long cast outwards I hear a slight tinging sound. As my rod and lure swings forward I quickly look behind me and notice my tackle box, realize my lure hit the box. The line well on it's way I notice the lure looks a lot larger Then I realize there were now two lures about to hit water I close the bail quickly and slowly started to retreive the line just as it hit the water. Keeping the line tight I brought the lures in and noticed the crank bait took a chatter bait out for a ride. Won't do that again I hope
  6. Well done guys. Good times, good fishing.
  7. Watched these two launch this morning. One only wearing a sweat shirt. Not wearing a PFD. Not sure about the other guy. Though the channel here is relatively calm, it's still not worth taking a chance. In the last pic, a number of guys on the shore have on PFDs, but the boaters must know best Don't take a chance guys and gals. If your out in a boat wear your PFD. Your life may depend on it.
  8. Nice musky Peter. Enjoy your time down under.
  9. In a past life, I recall.... the maidens would venture to the creek, once assured no one would peek, into the water they went, washing silky skin with soapy scent, sometimes a large fish would come by, causing the maidens to cry, some of us knights would stand by, keeping one heck of an eagle eye, when a fish did come around, we would leap from the ground, into the water we went, protecting our women of heavenly scent, fishing rods not heard of then, we acted as all chivalrous men always carring our lance in our pants wanting to take it out at every chance, maidens eyes would open wide as our lance would now glide, towards the prey of the day, and impaling, the maidens would say, you knights really have an impressive tool, buts thats not the fish you fool, trying to withdraw as we did, maidens would say not so fast there kid, you have this job at hand, and must finish it like a man so needless to say, most of the fish would stay away, but the maidens would keep us knights at hand, hoping we would have to jump into action as any hot blooded man. So after that experience the name just stuck
  10. Yes I second that. Congrats Scottydog and Richard. We await your victory speeches
  11. TMI--too much information packrat Good luck tomorrow, I may hit the water myself for one last shot at a decent pike. Nothing but rockets lately.
  12. Way to go guys. Sounded like you all had a great time. Now thats what I call survival of the fittest. Looking at the scenery, ya all didn't hear banjos did ya
  13. Crappy that is Beautifull colours and 11" long. Was surprised as I was using a large pike spinner. You just never know
  14. My boss doesn't like to give me time off, but I think I will out smart him this weekend Yes jwl, I am, I mean one of us are due for a really big one
  15. You sure have nailed your share of pike this year Dave. We better get out there and give smerchly and scottydog and the rest of the boys some competition Nice bass there Blair
  16. Nice looking fish scotty. Going to have to get out myself and try and get me some pike, maybe give you a run for the lead
  17. Nice haul for sure. Going to be some tasty meals. Thanks for the post and pictures.
  18. Was out at gate 12 this evening checking things out. Still nada on the salmon. However the @!#$&^$ garbage dumped along the side of the road was sickening. I drove the length of the road and counted 18 @!#$%^% piles of garbage. I can't believe there are brain dead people out there that would do things like that A couple cameras out there would do the trick. Then a friendly visit from the men in blue, to the homes of this @!#$$%%%, handing them a nice fine and bill for the clean up. It's probably not cost effective to put a gate across the entrance, but a few cameras would do the trick. Better yet, any one caught doing such a thing has to clean up the entire area, with pictures in the newspapers. Now that would be a deterent
  19. Nice catch smerchly. Now thats a fish of 100,000 casts. Well done.
  20. Actually seems more like mid summer flowers. I like the morning glories the best, guess thats why I have them growing like weeds over my property. Thanks for the link.
  21. Way to go Jamie The smile on your face says it all. With all this fishing just wondering when you have time for work Well done buddy
  22. The St. Catharines Niagara News ran a picture and short story on the home made boat. Tyler Mate and Coin Bergen are shown in the picture. Well done guys.
  23. I think you two guys have been drinking to many brown pops. We still be in summer here, and have the fall to look forward to. Lets keep that snow where it belongs, many months down the road
  24. Hey Bbm good talking with ya. Is one small world isn't it First time I spent more time chatting then fishing Must say I am really impressed with your flipping and casting accuracy. Always nice to put a face to the board members. Since you mentioned Rob M in your post, I just realized though I never really met him yet, I did take a picture of him presenting a silver plate and fishing gear to my daughter a few years back at the catfish derby. Now he's in our photo album for all time Good luck next time out, trying to get that pig that got away today.
  25. Hey Jamie, excellent post and pics Well done
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