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  1. Hey Jamie, excellent post and pics Well done
  2. Should get a nice meal out of that. Well done on the catch, along with the rest of the fish.
  3. Unfortunately a loss has to bring about this subject. But facts are facts and belts and jackets save lives. Don't take a chance with yours or your loved ones and friends. Didn't know there was an inflatable jacket. Where can they be purchased ?
  4. And there's always my sure fire approach, the dynamite thingy, but could attract a little to much attention PS; I have a dumb ass dog you can try, and save yourself $3
  5. knightfisher

    Port D

    Good pics and report Jamie. Your becoming the newest master out there. Chartering next
  6. Hey Scotty thanks for the invite. However working this weekend as I have the last two. Good luck out there. Dan
  7. Hey Jamie, not a bean plant, though I call it the Jack in the bean stalk plant. Jack I was going to respond to your comment, but forgot.... what were we talking about Don't make me post that picture of you Davey, in the back yard one night Scottydog the plant needs pruning from time to time, and I just burn the leaves in the fire pit, yea yea that's the ticket Classic, wait till you see this plant in the late fall
  8. Hey Bubba, those carp can put up quite the fight. Looks at least 15 lbs. Thanks for the picture and post.
  9. Before we go fishing we rub the amazing plant for luck. Now its fishing related Ok you guys remember the plant I posted about a month and a half ago, and Rockfish tried to smoke some of it for reasons unknown Well here's an up date on the plant, for your viewing amazement. Amazing or what Daniel
  10. Hey I caught my first fish there, some years back. Was down that way a few years ago, and man the changes Good to see the spot still produces Use to go up the road towards Plains Rd. to the 12'' hotdog stand. Took my daughter there two years ago. They seemed a lot bigger when I was a kid But still a good feed with the fries and strawberry shake.
  11. Thank god it's not what I thought. Brokeback Erie That lake can turn nasty very quickly. Gotta be alert on that water guys.
  12. Hey, hey, hey Davey, way to go on the excellent musky. Great pictures. Persistance it the key to success. Well done buddy
  13. My God what a huge fish Well done Steve puting the guys onto fish. Great report and pics Scotty. Daniel
  14. Very successful couple of days Jamie. Nice looking fish. I heard of musky being caught in the prop wash, but don't understand why the musky would be there in the first place. Could you enlighten me on that. Daniel
  15. Good stuff Mugen, glad you guys had a good time and got into some fish also. K
  16. Nice report Scotty, great pictures. Interesting technique poping the rigger. Couple good meals for sure Daniel
  17. Nice looking bass. Supper ?
  18. Leander Boat Club, now thats going down memory lane. Use to row there for years. We use to race against Scottpark and Westdale high schools, and kicked some butt in the school boy races, also lost a few. At that time never saw anyone fishing down there. Water was very dirty The coach would always push us to row faster. He needed not be concerned. We rowed as fast as we possibly could getting away from the various things we saw floating in the bay
  19. Hummmmm fish being caught in my home town. Might be time for a visit Good report guys but I don't see any pictures
  20. Thought of getting a nice smoker, but decided to let the fish smoke it self Dave and I done this a few weeks back waiting for the right time to post it. The fish was already dead floating in the water, just to ease any possible upsets out there.
  21. 15 for 16, thats a great day. That one fish is huge. Good pictures, good report.
  22. Turning onto Marlatts Road friday evening my first thought was one of disbelief Two of the pictures didn't take, I had the camera in movie mode There was garbage like the above picture down the whole road between the two ponds. At first I thought some punks were at large causing some sick effect Turns out a guy named John had had enough of the "PIGS" leaving their mark every time they come to this area. John was collecting the garbage left between the rocks and throwing it up to the road to collect and put into the two trash cans in the area that the "PIGS'' are to lazy to use Naturally when one see a person taking such responsibility, it's easy to get involved and help out. And we did gladly This act of responsibility would of gone unnoticed. It was a decent man's act, and warrants posting Any of U "PIGS" who may be lurking here should be ashamed of yourselves, that other people have to take responsibility for your insidious, lazy acts. John I hope you see this and want to say thank you for your example of true responsibilty and if you have time, feel free to join the family here. Nice meeting you John, a true man indeed Dan
  23. Yeah I can Pete, though sometimes I just buy them pre-made, but they run about 3 bucks a piece.
  24. I still think you would do better with my first suggestion. Rockfish, my daughter and I fished the upper river from Chippawa to Fort Erie a few evening ago, shore fishing of course. Caught some small ones here and there, saw many jumping, but that was it. If you don't like my first suggestion, have you ever thought of using the ''Tesla Coil''. That will bring fish up All joking aside, keep at it, your luck will change, if not, maybe that scrape book.......
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