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  1. Valerie brought her friend Carolina out fishing to beaverdams with us a few days ago. It was her first time out. She refused to touch the worms. Caught a tree a few times. Casted in such a way, we had to take cover Screamed a few times that caught Dave and Pete's attention who happened to be fishing there also. After a bit of time she was casting like a pro and proceeded to fish. She caught this one first and said now what. She didn't seem to comfortable. Valerie came over and Carolina seemed a little more relaxed and actually held the fish. It took a bit of convincing. Carolina caught another small one, Valerie caught a few small frys, and of course dad gets out fished yet again. All in all a good time. The following evening Valerie and I went back for about an hour. I casted out with a worm and put the rod down, and talked to a guy, ended up being Spanky. Returned to my fishing rod and pulled in this perch. I was having a bad hair day so I let my daughter pose with the fish. For anyone that has not fished Beaverdams, you should give it a try. Nice scenery, and wild life, and you never know what you are going to catch. Anything from alewife to zebra mussels and everything inbetween. Daniel
  2. In my line of work I have a high tolerance for pain, plus your a doctor right
  3. I put a little home made juice on my bait when channel catfishing. Whether using worms or dead minnows the juice helps. I use vanila extract and put in lots of salt and garlic. And if my sandwich is to bland, I sprinkle some on that too
  4. I like this site. Its local. Met a number of guys here and most of them helpful. I don't recall reading any specific honey holes being posted, general spot yes. If there has been, please PM me those spots I post a bit about Beaverdams, because I'm there alot, fives minutes from home, and there are all kind of fish there. Met a number of members there including Pickerelhunter yesterday and Spanky today. Nice meeting both of you oh and your wife/girlfriend also Spanky. I also am a member of a few other boards where a number of members have given me excellent advice including locations to fish up north. Some people will share fishing spots, others not, and thats totally fine. I find PMs is the best. Perhaps I should re-type that one PM some of the members and you never know, they may turn you on to a few spots. Just respect the fact that perhaps they don't want it -broad public issue. I know the northern spots are easier to find out about, as most people only get up that way a few times a year, so there's not that threat of a place being fished out. I also think the Mods do an excellent job. They have quite the responsibility of deciding whats ok and what's not. And sometimes posts make it to the open form, that should not be, and they take the necessary action when needed. We like it here at NFN, if we have any complaint its that no one has told us "where the heck are the big pike" Daniel
  5. Good to hear you got some. They have been somewhat elusive the last few days. Enjoy your feed.
  6. Always nice to get out with the family for some fishing. Nice when the bite is on also. Thanks for the report.
  7. Went down to Port Maitland for some fishing. No one was catching any perch of decent size. Caught alot of small stuff, and Valerie caught a fat sheephead. I tried to take it from the rocks to the pier for a picture but the fish would have nothing of the sort and jumped from my hands back into the water. Headed up to BBQ island in Dunnville to fish and spend the night. Lots of small stuff, and windy I was loosing ideas it was so windy This first pic looks like a wanna be battle cruiser A couple of fish The moon waxing the evening sky As usual Dunnville shows its appreciation for us visiting
  8. Well done on the carp. They can give you a run for your money. Pond three has the biggest carp. Don't know what bait you were using, but we use corn and always get into some nice carp. We also use PP line and find it successful in landing the monsters.
  9. Beaverdams is a great place to kick back and drop in a line. You never know what you are going to catch one day to the next. Well done on the the boy's first sheephead. They can sometimes put up a good fight. 20 fish is a good haul for a few hours. Thanks for the report.
  10. Don't know what you got there Scott. Many unexplained events. If one wants to see UFOs and such check out Rense.com and click on the various UFOs links. The X files, now that was a good series.
  11. Thats funny Dave Now we are both racing to the fishing spot
  12. Here's the two pic Valerie took. From a distant I thought it was a huge fish, but on closer inspection it was some kind of critter. I thought the two pics I submitted was the skull as there was nothing else around to identify the thing. Not sure what is happening with my pics sizes, I don't think I am changing anything however some are coming up way to large
  13. A few days back Dave, Valerie and I went fishing. Dave lent Valerie a Cleo to use. She was impressed with the action. Yesterday we went and picked up some lures and today she used them. Actually just one. Her pink poke a dot Cleo. First catch 21, second 22 and third 23. She caught the first one in about one minute. I wasn't even in the water yet. I finally get my rod together deciding on a lure and she has another one on. I finally cast away and hook one but it got off. But that was good. She had another one on She was fishing about twenty feet from me and says Dad, do you want to try this spot. Well if you want to trade spots sure I said Finally a few minutes later I had one on. Just a touch longer at 25'' I'm going out tomorrow and by me one of those girly lures Daniel
  14. Its from an animal of some kind, thought it was part of the head. I think Rick is right. I took those pics with my camera. Valerie took two others with hers, not the best camera, but I will post it in a bit. I should of took the pic while I saw the whole critter, but wasn't interested. Wasn't till Valerie brought that part up the shore on a stick of course that I decided to take a few. Does look like the devil though
  15. Fishing one of the ponds a few nights ago we found this on the shore. Moved it on the grass for a better shot. Anyone ???
  16. Wow ! Well done you two. Quite the haul over the last while. Will have to refer to you's as the Perch God and Goddess Thanks for the post and pics. Daniel
  17. Thanks for the reply guys. Not my jeep Scotty. Tried a few local spots and finished up at beaverdams. Valerie really likes that spot, so close to home and such. Caught a crappy and some small fry. I'll have to try the Wellandport area. I have ate at the 2X4. Cool little greasy spoon. Nice couple that runs the place. Food is good, but they close early. How about it jwl
  18. This is quite a long river. Goes on for miles and miles. Just wondering if any of you guys and gals could point me in some direction to try and catch fish. I heard there are Bowfin in there. I caught some in the Grand, but looking locally to put one on a hook for Valerie. Maybe someone could PM me a few general areas to try, I don't expect any honey holes, just something to shorten the search. Any help would be appreciated, and if not I can understand that as well. Daniel
  19. Was back out to the ponds again this evening after a crazy day of running around. First cast 2 lb OOS. Fourth cast small rocket about 18''. Pictures were not that good as my reluctant photographer has been a little annoyed I have had a little more luck over the past few days. I have a feeling a few nice size ones will come from shore fishing the ponds. The canoe will definitely get us more access, but then we will also be in a different catagory, but then again I really don't know if a tippy canoe can be considered a boat I was annoyed at the number of people at the three ponds targeting bass with their small spinners and plastics. Pike fishing requires a leader and these people were lucky no COs where in the area. If they get caught and fined, it will be a expensive lesson learned. I am surprized actually with the number of people fishing the beaverdams that the ministry doesn't send over officers more often. One of the guys targeting bass with a plastic worm caught about a 7lb sheephead. It gave him quite a fight and we didn't know what he had on till he had it ashore. I didn't know they were in these waters.
  20. Looks like we found the nursery, now we just have to find where the adults hang out. A thank you to Valerie, our photographer. It was a wet one today, but enjoyable. Thee adventures shall continue....
  21. Must of been quite the experience. Sounds real cool. They are a unique looking fish. Thanks for the report.
  22. Well done on the pike. The big boys our out there. I'd like to help you out with your question, but you would have to tell me where your fishing so I could make the proper assessment and recommendations
  23. Good job on the pike Richard. With more being caught, the pike off should get interesting.
  24. You want to keep your hands away from those monsters mouths Well done on your catch. The big ones are out there, just like Scotty says keep moving and hunt them down
  25. Daughter and I raced up to the K lakes lates Friday evening, got near Stoney Lake about midnight. Fished till 2 am, then jumped into the roadtrek for a bit of sleep. I was out fishing at 6:30, Valerie joined me about 8:00, she likes to sleep in Fished all day and night Sat. Early to bed Sat. evening about midnight, up at 8 am fished till about 1 in the afternoon. Stopped in Lakefield for an icecream for Valerie, and the largest coffe possible for me, and back on the road, up to Lovesick lake, fished till dark and called it a trip. No keepers to bring home, lots of OOS bass, perch, but I don't keep them, tons of sunfish, the size I never seen before, absolutely huge. The highlite was Valerie fighting a fish for about five minutes and then the line snaps and this is 20 lb PP. Goes like this, a few people notice Valerie fighting a fish, at first she thought it was a snag, but snags don't pull on the rod. I shout over, make sure the drag is set properly. Now to get where she was, I had to scale a sheer wall, almost totally vertical, and I am no rock climber like her. Well I finally get to her and the line snaps. I check her drag and you could of pulled in a Mac truck. In all her excitement in the trip in general, she forgot to set the drag properly, and with all the smaller fish she hauled in before this, the drag was not an issue. Oh well right back at it. Valerie also caught a turtle before it went over a small dam, named it Phil or Philis depending on the sex, she says, took a few pictures and released it. The run up north was a spur of the minute thing, didn't decide we were going till the last minute, and once we got up there, the rest of the dog eat dog world stopped. Heck I even forgot there was hockey finals going on. We don't listen to the radio, nothing. Just enjoy the area, the fish, the new people we meet, and eating, Valerie likes cooking and eating in the van - roadtrek, and making the seats into her bed. Glad she likes the simple things in life. She also befriended a few chipmunks, let me know every time an osprey or heron flew by, and reminded me a few times that she out fished me yet again. Well thats it. Valerie wants to run up again this weekend.....guess, we'll just play it by ear
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