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  1. Hummmmm fish being caught in my home town. Might be time for a visit Good report guys but I don't see any pictures
  2. Thought of getting a nice smoker, but decided to let the fish smoke it self Dave and I done this a few weeks back waiting for the right time to post it. The fish was already dead floating in the water, just to ease any possible upsets out there.
  3. 15 for 16, thats a great day. That one fish is huge. Good pictures, good report.
  4. Turning onto Marlatts Road friday evening my first thought was one of disbelief Two of the pictures didn't take, I had the camera in movie mode There was garbage like the above picture down the whole road between the two ponds. At first I thought some punks were at large causing some sick effect Turns out a guy named John had had enough of the "PIGS" leaving their mark every time they come to this area. John was collecting the garbage left between the rocks and throwing it up to the road to collect and put into the two trash cans in the area that the "PIGS'' are to lazy to use
  5. Yeah I can Pete, though sometimes I just buy them pre-made, but they run about 3 bucks a piece.
  6. I still think you would do better with my first suggestion. Rockfish, my daughter and I fished the upper river from Chippawa to Fort Erie a few evening ago, shore fishing of course. Caught some small ones here and there, saw many jumping, but that was it. If you don't like my first suggestion, have you ever thought of using the ''Tesla Coil''. That will bring fish up All joking aside, keep at it, your luck will change, if not, maybe that scrape book.......
  7. Thanks for the post Scott. Mixed emotions for sure. Time to start and create anew. Dan
  8. I use both, but if I want to ensure I am not going to lose a fish, especially when pulling in five lbs of weeds as well, I use at least 50lb floro.
  9. The beauty of the K lakes is not just the area and fishing, but the fact they are pretty much under an hours drive of each other. A lot of the small towns have some nice shops. On at least one of our trips up that way we always stop off in Omemee, check out a small art/craft shop there and talk to the owner. She has been there all her life and told me a few stories about Neil Young, who grew up in that area on a farm. Regardless, the whole area of the K Lakes are just beautiful, and sometimes you are rewarded with some great fish
  10. Hey Peter looks beautiful up there. Nice evening shot also. Time does fly when your having fun Will catch up with you later around the ponds.
  11. That was a great read. Thanks. Really can't help you catch fish, but I was told if you hook up a stick of dynamite to your line, look for a promising spot, lite it and cast, let it sink, take cover, once the fireworks are over, grab your net and scoop up the remains. Hope that helps
  12. Nice pictures. I recognize those small trees behind you
  13. Bet the 10 minute fight was a rush for the lad. Thanks for the post and pictures.
  14. Sounds tasty jwl. A little to much work for me. For expediency purposes I'm a can of tuna/mayo eater
  15. Doesn't get much better than that. Thanks for the report and pictures.
  16. Thanks for the info guys. I got it figured out now.
  17. Great report guys and great that you guys won. Sounds like it was an exciting day to say the least. Well done, very well done.
  18. Picked up a Humminbird 128 from a friend, never used and would like to make it portable if possible. Not concerned about the power supply, but more on keeping the transducer solidly in the water, not flopping around. Was thinking of attaching it to a pole or something and using a C clamp to secure it to the side of the boat, or canoe or whatever. Anyone have any input or websites I could check out ? Thanks Daniel
  19. Thats right smerchly, I have been telling him that for a while now Dave is definitely on a mission
  20. Well done on your first muskie Matt. They are a thrill to catch.
  21. The drinking and boating or driving is not ok, . That being said, from the story I read, the guy is in his fifties, owns a decent boat, has a naked 34 year old woman handling some other things....life just seems nice for this guy Wonder how I would make out with a tin boat and a six pack any takers
  22. Tried the Niagara River for a change of pace. Tried a few spots. One spot had bass jumping all over the place. Only landed two. Tried many different lures and presentations...even brought a chalk board to show the fish what I expected, still didn't help Just one of those days, but the beauty of the mighty Niagara, and the fine weather, still made it worth while. Ended the evening at the Friendship Festival in Fort Erie, got some fries and listened to a bit of the band called Honeymoon Suite Daniel
  23. The three ponds at Beaverdams produce bass along with many other types of fish. Most everyone on this board has tried the ponds or knows of them at the least. But don't be telling everybody about these ponds, it's just for the family here
  24. A what Getting back at me for stumping you on the plant
  25. Glad you could join us, look forward to your posts.
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