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  1. Sharing fishing spots is a personal decision. In the public form it's not a good idea. You don't want swarms of people running to your spot and also there's just to many pigs out there who leave garbage all over the place. PM the person and ask. If they want to share, great you just lucked out. If they decide to keep it private, thats their right.
  2. Good job you guys. I'm sure those slabs will cook up and taste just fine as your socks are drying out Thanks for the report Scott.
  3. The big flea market down in the valley closed some years back, but was opend again as a smaller version right beside Butterballs resturant. Its open every Sunday Gene and the one table has enough lures to sell for at least a month. Of course with me going down each week the pickings get less and less
  4. Are you responsible for this weather, or just posting the facts When can we expect back to normal conditions, fishing people want to know
  5. Good looking fish. Well done.
  6. I think we use to use old 78s for target practice when we were kids, slingshots and pellet guns.
  7. Only saw a few Vibrax, some one bought them Butterballs resturant right beside the place, fries and such if you so desire. What's a 78 Did anyone make it down there
  8. Yeah thats correct, so don't waste your time looking for the place or fishing it if you find it
  9. Jordan flea market has a vender named Jodi there selling brand names and new fishing lures and accessories at great prices. Last week and today I picked up over 15 lures and 30 jig heads and other minor stuff for $50.00. Just to list a few----9''Rapala floater- four 6''Rapala jerk baits-power dive minnow- four 5''willians spoons-two #4 and one #5 bluefox Vibrax lures. Get down there if you can. The boxes are a mess, sorry Will take you over an hour to go through the stuff. Jodi claims he bought out a few stores and has more stuff to put out but lacks the room so there will be lots of stuff there the next few weeks. If perhaps you guys say Dan told us about this place, though he might not recall who I am, when I go next time I may get an even better deal The key with this guy is to barter. He holds his ground but is flexible Daniel
  10. The purported claim that musky lurk at this area are false You know fisherpeople, they tend to exaggerate the facts
  11. Well done bf. Those carp will give you a run or two, specially one like that Must of been a thrill
  12. Nice looking fish there Jamie. Got yourself a good meal or two
  13. Went down to the beaver dams just to relax by the water mid afternoon for a couple of hours, my fishing partner had other commitments. First fish was a catfish As a result of this catch, a young lad across the road decided to fish with me. Nice boy, however he kept pulling his line in every minute. Told him, I catch fish because I leave my line in the water, lets try it. Two minutes later.... This picture doesn't do the fish justice. You have to compare the fish to the size of the boys fist. This sunfish was huge. His father came over also stating it was the largest he also ever saw. I'm still a greenhorn with my camera. Finished of with this little 8 lb carp, nice little fight to end the afternoon.
  14. Of course you know if we tell you the secret spots we would have to k... lets just say send a deadly virus to your computer
  15. Picked up Valeries rod and reel today. Nice 6'5'' Daiwa rod and reel combo. Can't say enough about the guys and gals down there that give of themselves to put a smile on the kids faces. I think the sponsers should be mentioned also, for there contribution, but not sure if thats ok to post here. Valerie has enough rods and reels for each day of the week, which is important to her. She won't use a particular combo unless it matches her shoes Valerie has I believe one year left to qualify for the derby. After that she says she wants to volunteer her time down there. These people and clubs that give of their time, do leave an impression on the kids. Hats off to all who make activities like this happen.
  16. I know that patch of grass Ok, the spot, I'm going to guess Niagara Nice fish Scotty
  17. Thanks for the pictures. Bet that bowfin gave a good fight
  18. Oh come on you can tell us :lol: Tell you what, just tell my daughter as she wants to catch a big pike and the rest of us will turn our eyes away from the post You could always PM me and my daughter, we are only two people would really give her a thrill
  19. Yep Port D is still good. Saw a couple of boys a while back, maybe all of 14 years of age carrying a pike they caught. It was at least 3 feet in length.
  20. Wow ! I call some of those fish monsters. Great pics Steve
  21. Yeah marina's usually produces some pike. I hear scottydog has a huge guard dog, better watch out
  22. There's been more pike caught recently and people are getting the itch. Just wondering what lures you find produce best for you when fishing for pike. I haven't caught one yet, but Valerie caught hers on a five of diamonds. Daniel
  23. knightfisher


    Nice cats BB. Nice to be rewarded when fishing in the rain.
  24. Another nice size pike, good job Scotty. Think I will try a few spots this weekend. Might leave the daughter at home, she has been out fishing me lately
  25. I have a problem with cats in my yard helping themselves to some of the fish in my pond that I think muskies would.....
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