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  1. Nice meeting up with you Scotty. Like yourself Valerie and I love the outdoors and get out as much as we can. Thanks for some of the pointers you gave Fisher Girl and giving up your spot to her of course I think she just took it after you caught your fish You can tell Scotty, you made her day by Valerie's smiles in the pictures you posted. Great post and pictures and of course the fish. New leader Hope to hook up with you again, and thanks again. Daniel and Valerie PS: Valerie sends her thanks to you, and the pointers and she liked the picture of the mink you showed her.
  2. Thanks for the replys guys. At first I thought you were all pulling a fast one with this ''hot sauce'' So if you use hot sauce for the reels what do you put on your wings
  3. Noticed a small cap screwed on the back of my reel the other day, took it off and figured its where you put in more grease. Took the rest of the reel apart and noticed the grease a slight grey colour or color depending where you live Just wonder what some of you guys do here as far as the upkeep of your reels. Do you clean all the gears or just apply more grease ? I heard some guys use vaseline. I really don't want to go to the store and buy some :D Not that there's anything wrong with that
  4. Say it ain't so. I am in the middle of laying flagstone for a customer and cement and rain just don't go well together Not to mention it will interfer with our evening fishing
  5. Way to go on the pike Andrew. Hopfully more of us will be catching them and adding to the pike off.
  6. Well then Rockfish still holds the lead. I have been out a few times trying for pike but no luck. If this keeps up I am going to have to put a homing device on Bostons' boat
  7. Hey what you doing catching our pike, leave them alone, there ours Let me know when your coming down this way Dave, maybe we can hook up. Little sore from work today, Valerie wants to go to the beaverdams, so I will tag along with her and sit back and fish for some carp or whatever. Cudocats' fish is now the one to beat, the size is slowly getting up there. The challange is on
  8. One was caught on lake ontario on sat at the fishing derby. Almost any body of water have carp active now. Just use the right bait.
  9. Yikes : Thanks for the post fishstick, and thats the last time I will be having one Seems to me eating the fish you catch yourself would be a lot safer. What ever happened to just using salt as a perserative, like in years past. Something is just not right with society today, or the corporations that run society.
  10. Another Dan on this board Looks like us Dans' will be taking over this site soon Welcome aboard, and great pics and well done getting the kids into fishing. Daniel Maybe the mods can give us Dans' a special chat room
  11. That fish looks like he's staring into the camera. What a ham Good post. My grandmother doens't fish either, so you can tell us
  12. First shot of creature, of course at a safe distance away next shot probably the same, much confusion and fear... If you have any idea what it is, don't approach it but call authorities :D Just in apparently the creature is some kind of fish.... probably a rockfish, as its half submerged :lol:
  13. I am still hoping someone can tell me the age bracket for this derby at windmill. I e-mailed them a few days ago asking them, but have not received a response yet. If anyone can let me know that would be great, Knightfisher
  14. I sent an e-mail to Windmill park a few days ago and haven't received a reply yet. If anyone knows the age limit of this derby could you please post it, thanks. Daniel
  15. Good looking girl there dad, nice to know she and my daughter will be in different catagories at the derby Good luck to the little one
  16. Doesn't make sense Joe, unless the deers was bagged illegally, or the hunters just didn't realize you could leave the carcase in the woods.
  17. I was fishing off merritville today where that half submerged road is and noticed some bubbles coming up and some debrie rising to the top. I looked a little closer at the edge of the road and water line and a #$^%^@#$ water snake pops his head up. You didn't mention snakes Tommy, I don't like snakes that close to my face
  18. Good meeting you too Dallas and the dr. also. Missed the pic of you and your girl. Might see you at the derby. Hope the kids get more than gobies. You will be able to tell where my daughter is, she will be the one saying another @#$%^&^% gobie. Those are just curse words of course not swear words A few years back the fishing was alot better at the derby. Back in 2000 my daugher caught 8 suckers, and some of the guys measuring the fish were joking with her that they should just grab a chair and wait for the next one she caught Actually that year my daughter made it in the sport pages of the standard, a 15X10 picture of her holding her sucker. I have a few copies of that and was actually going to frame one and send it to the club, but just never got around to doing it. Anyways hope your girl does well, as well as all the kids down there. Daniel
  19. Nice perch there, bet that makes a great meal.
  20. Wow, what a beauty of a fish. Going to have to try the upper niagara this year.
  21. Good job on the pike Dave, makes the trip worth while. Where there's small ones there's.... Hey, do you suppose the bruin fan becomes a red sox fan durning the summer
  22. I agree the palomor is excellent. Here is a site you can check out for some other knots as well. http://www.marinews.com/knot_rigs.php?PHPS...5c1c6ddb9382216
  23. Hey Richard like smerchly said, bass love worms. Thats why alot of the plastics look like worms. Daughter and I go up to lovesick lake a few times a year and we found a spot that most boaters won't chance, and we catch at least five to ten largemouth each time, strickly on worms. The other areas of the lake we catch the bass on plastics and other lures. Daniel
  24. Good fishing down at that pool. Good workout also geting there and back
  25. Yes Valerie and I went to the pond yet again, started out slow, Valerie caught one small crappie, some sunfish and a perch. Rockfish dropped by, hey buddy, I think this place is growing on ya Dave went on his way, and about an 30 minutes later I finally caught my first crappie of the year. Then another one, and a few more, and Valerie was keeping pace. Then about seven other people showed up and we all were catching them. It was like a contest. Anyways Valerie and I caught at least 25 between us and lost at least ten right at the shore. All were released to swim another day. It was a good time. Daniel
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