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  1. Good one. Tommy the average size I caught was about six inches, maybe it's as chilli said, I caught the tail end of the run and missed out on the bigger ones. Good enough for me though, just have to cook more
  2. Daughter and I headed to Queenston this evening for some smelt fishing. What a zoo, at the boat launch. Just unbeleiveble. Don't like netting off the cement docks as I have lost to many nets. So we went down river and found a little place and caught a few hundred and are quite pleased with that. Daughter pulled the net in a few times with some nice numbers so she was happy. All in all a good couple hours tonight, may try one more time before they are gone. Lets see, garlic, salt, pepper, butter, going to be a good side dish with eggs in the morning.
  3. knightfisher


    Daughter and I were down at the ponds yesterday late in the afternoon. Nothing. A few guys were catching sunfish, but thats it. I lost a six inch lure, power pro line snapped, which was strange. Put on another lure, and after about five minutes, caught the first one, so that was rewarding enough
  4. Use anything that stinks, you'll catch them.
  5. Good stuff. Glad to know their running. I will probably get out twice in the next four days. As long as its not to cool at night.
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    Anyone get themselves a feed of smelt from Niagara river yet ?
  7. Hey Bill, How much does it cost for the kids and adults ? Where exactly is the location ? What are the times ? What fish are the kids fishing for ? Thanks Daniel
  8. knightfisher


    Yep, some real nice pike in there. Lots of hammer handles also. As for size, well after my daughter saw the size and teeth on one I caught a few years back, she decided its not important to wash her hands in the water after baiting her hook
  9. My daughter and I were out there today. Caught three small guys, sunfish, perch and a shad, which I thought was unusual for the area. At least it was another species she caught.
  10. Thanks Steve. Bubba we caught our first catfish 10 lbs shore fishing the grand river. We also drop the canoe in at times to get to new spots, always with good results.
  11. Thanks Steve. If I can make it down I will stop in say hi and grab some minnows. The spots you recommended last year for catfish, resulted in some huge channel cats. But more importantly a great thrill for my daughter. We will definitely be down a few times once you start up the catfish derby. Daniel
  12. My 14 year old daughter likes fishing, and usually will go fishing whenever I suggest it. And I suggest it more and more to keep her away from the young boys Anyways she has been after me to take her crappy fishing which is a first. For over a week now she says today dad ? Hopefully I will get her out this week. I definitely want her to keep this attitude up Tonight I will change my handle to Knight hawk, but just for this knight.
  13. Well done Jamie !!! Great pictures. No I have not got the boat done yet, but soon I hope.
  14. Queenston always produces,if you put in the time. Welcome to the form K
  15. Wow Lots of twists and turns on this thread, and all I wanted was some infomation about a snake I will think twice now about posting another thread And Rob, I don't see anything wrong with peta People Eating Tasty Animals
  16. I want to thank everyone who posted a reply to my question. Very informative. Thank you for all the input. Daniel
  17. Wow. Nice pictures and nice fish. You caught that one in the pool behind ya
  18. You are right about having to put in the time. A guy showed me the weedlines to fish by the bridge, and I did a few times a week for a one and a half years. Many smaller pike, then one Sat. morning at 11:00 am the musky took the bait. Could not get him into the net, and the other hooks on the lure tangled in the net and we lifted him out. When we got him out the treble hook totally straightend out. A few of us admired him for a few seconds and released him back into the water. Never carried a camera with me until after that morning. It was a beauty.
  19. Hey Canadadude, what do you call trophy size. The musky I caught was about 17-20 lbs, which I thought was great for this area.
  20. Excellent Doc. Its such a joy watching the expressions of our children catching fish. My daughter was also an angel at that age, now at 14, well there's a little change But she still loves being my fishing buddy, and as a reward last summer, I showed her how to prepare to catch carp, by chumming an area the night before. The next day she caught a 10 lb carp. Take about excitement, words cannot describe. She thought her arm was going to fall off When you think you daughter is ready for a big carp, pm me and I will tell where to try.
  21. Lots of fish to be caught at beaverdams and area. My first musky was caught at the little red bridge as it was called, off decew near the St Kitts water plant. Many pike there also. Unfortunately now there are all kinds of no tresspassing signs. If you want a few small smallies cast right under the bridge on decew, bridge is a few hundred yards before merritville hiway. Small plastic works good. Kids get a thrill, but watch the footing down there, all rocks. Not safe for younger kids. Met a guy down there some years ago, and he show me a plastic crawfish rig to use at the two ponds. Bought some and rigged it up and casted along the shore line about four feet out. Caught 9 in two hours, including a three lb. large mouth. If your not to serious about catching fish, the beaverdams can be quite enjoyable. If you put a canoe in like my daughter and I do, your in for some real treats exploring the various inlets and of course catch fish. Knightfisher
  22. Time to dust off the rod and add some lube... to the reels as needed
  23. Saw seven guys fishing one of the little ponds this morning. I am guessing they were going for crappie.
  24. Was down at Port this morning for a look see. No one on the east side. One boat drifting. About 15 people on the west side. Saw one bow caught.
  25. Thanks all. I feel better now. Hey Canadadude I respect your viewpoint and the way you were brought up. However not all kids are brats. And saying that parents bring animals home and forgeting them is a generalization. How many parents do you know personally that do this, 20,50,100 ? I think it is very very few parents that let children bring criters home. And while I am sure you are right a few parents do forget about the criters, not all are like that. A few years ago I was working near Jordan, and at lunch, my helper and I noticed some frog eggs, so we took a few and put them in my pond, as a suprise to my daughter. Well they developed into tadpoles, but did not turn into frogs that year. The next spring these same tadpoles were now 4-5 inches long. I never saw anything like it. Checked it out and found it it was bullfrogs eggs and some times it takes two years to develope. Called my daughters school, St. Peters, and told them what I had, and was invited to bring them in, to show the class. My helper and I did that and brought a small goldfish from my pond as a comparison. The kids and teaches loved it. Took pictures, and the kids came up in small groups as we talked about the large tadpoles. Most of these kids will never ever see, anything like this. They were returned to the pond and turned into frogs and lived there for a few years. The way I see it in this example, the were thousands of eggs and we took a few. In the wild they get eaten by all kind of animals and fish. These few made it, but more importantly gave alot of children a whole lot of joy and excitement and a reality on something they may never see first hand. I agree with you Canadadude people generally should not disrupt the wild life. But what are we doing when we catch and release a fish and it doesn't make it and dies. I thinks children should be allowed to be kids and explore and bring things home as jj and skunker said. A few kids taking a few critters home is not upsetting the balance of nature. Now if you want to talk about global warming or urban development affecting wild life, then we have the real culprits
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