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  1. Good meeting you too Dallas and the dr. also. Missed the pic of you and your girl. Might see you at the derby. Hope the kids get more than gobies. You will be able to tell where my daughter is, she will be the one saying another @#$%^&^% gobie. Those are just curse words of course not swear words A few years back the fishing was alot better at the derby. Back in 2000 my daugher caught 8 suckers, and some of the guys measuring the fish were joking with her that they should just grab a chair and wait for the next one she caught Actually that year my daughter made it in the sport pa
  2. Nice perch there, bet that makes a great meal.
  3. Wow, what a beauty of a fish. Going to have to try the upper niagara this year.
  4. Good job on the pike Dave, makes the trip worth while. Where there's small ones there's.... Hey, do you suppose the bruin fan becomes a red sox fan durning the summer
  5. I agree the palomor is excellent. Here is a site you can check out for some other knots as well. http://www.marinews.com/knot_rigs.php?PHPS...5c1c6ddb9382216
  6. Hey Richard like smerchly said, bass love worms. Thats why alot of the plastics look like worms. Daughter and I go up to lovesick lake a few times a year and we found a spot that most boaters won't chance, and we catch at least five to ten largemouth each time, strickly on worms. The other areas of the lake we catch the bass on plastics and other lures. Daniel
  7. Good fishing down at that pool. Good workout also geting there and back
  8. Yes Valerie and I went to the pond yet again, started out slow, Valerie caught one small crappie, some sunfish and a perch. Rockfish dropped by, hey buddy, I think this place is growing on ya Dave went on his way, and about an 30 minutes later I finally caught my first crappie of the year. Then another one, and a few more, and Valerie was keeping pace. Then about seven other people showed up and we all were catching them. It was like a contest. Anyways Valerie and I caught at least 25 between us and lost at least ten right at the shore. All were released to swim another day. It wa
  9. I think the way its set up is just fine. The longest from shore and in a boat. Many derbys are based on the longest fish. Lets just keep it simple.
  10. Hey BB, Valerie was fishing the tubes on the west side of pond two till about seven, then she joined me. I was fishing pond three about fifty yards north of the tubes. Might be there tonight, Valerie want me to pick up some minnows however I am quite late leaving for my job this morning
  11. Handy chart. Thanks for posting it Cliff
  12. We got skunked, but a guy at tubes was catching black crappies, about eight or so while we were there. The average size about eight inches. He was using very small minnows.
  13. I've never used downriggers before, so heres a silly question, how do you decide how deep you are suppose to drop them.
  14. Looks like jwl is on a mission he will have his 50 posts in no time, and yes he has lots of info in his post to, which is great, keep it up jwl. Daniel
  15. Wow !!!!! What a fish. Great job.
  16. I checked out the website for info on the fishing derby. It did not give the age range for the kids. Anyone know what it is? Thanks Daniel
  17. Thanks for the report Smerch. Hope the fishing picks up, the kids derby is in a few days, and my daughter could always use another rod and reel
  18. Some good info on this thread. Thanks guys.
  19. Nice crappie, well done. I'm still looking for my first of the year.
  20. Thorny trees.....I first thought you lost a fight with a large cat Handled the problem with the camera, however the batteries are now dead. These digital cameras eat batteries fast. Will take a picture of the jaw tomorrow and post it, and perhaps someone might be able to tell us what fish its from.
  21. Valerie (my daughter) and I went down to the ponds after a days work. She fished the tubes to start as she usually does. She caught alot of small fish there and met Bill there ( a regular who fishes there almost daily, nice guy), he mentioned he saw her on this web site A little later she is talking to some other guy after Bill left, apparently he's from Germany, forgot his name They continued to chat and catch fish, he got a nice size crappie. Meanwhile I am fishing the larger pond, checking on Valerie from time to time. About an hour goes by and Valerie brings this guy over fo
  22. IBC, she swam away. We could not keep a mama like that. But that picture is sure a keeper
  23. Still working on picture sizing. This perch is 12 inches long, and fat, fat, fat. We never saw one this huge. Amazing what you'll catch around Niagara.
  24. Hoping I got the size smaller
  25. Here's my daughter holding the first picture of the pig. Can you guess what kind of fish it is, and where this secret location is Ok guys, I need some help here. I am using photo bucket for my pictures and don't know why the pictures are so large. Anyone have any pointers ?
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