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  1. Not having the same problem smerchly. The problem I'm having here in west St. Catharines is all the traffic build up over the last few years. Sometimes takes me over 5 minutes just to get out of my driveway
  2. smerchly. My daughter is sort of a tomboy. When she gets bored fishing she starts exploring. She caught a garder snake and showed me and of course said can I keep it, pleaseeeee. So we put it in the aquarium at home and two days later we have 16 snakes Any ways as stated earlier, I am concerned if there are in fact rattlers there. Thats all I need, ''Look what I caught dad"
  3. Saw a number of guys fishing the small beaver dams below Collier road, they told me they were fishing for crappie. I had no idea crappie were in there.
  4. Hey guys I was reading some older posts, dated back in Aug 04. Had to do with fishing behind GM. IBC mentioned there were rattle snakes there. Is this true. I take my young daughter there from time to time, and I sure as hell don't want to put her in harms way. Daniel
  5. I agree they should be culled. Was down past lock 1 a while back and noticed a few cormorants in the water and some in the trees. Didn't know webbed feet birds could land in trees. Well most of them. One had apparently tried to land on a branch, slipped and got his neck caught in a lower Y branch. Hung it self.
  6. knightfisher


    Nice size and color. Your sister looks real happy.
  7. knightfisher

    new reel?

    Boston has one for sale. Check out the buy and sell. Its a good one. You can also google the brand to get the information on it.
  8. Hey Hamilton. Can't help you out about locations at the falls. But Queenstion has many areas to fish from shore. A few years back in the warmer months a Sunday would easily attract 40-50 fisher people. It has really toned down the last few years. Sometime you would be lucky to see 5 people down there. Anyways you can catch anything from alewife to zebra musscles and everything in between. The beauty of Queenston is you never know whats on your line, till you get it in Dan
  9. A walking lantern Good one Doc At one of the local food marts last year, I saw smelts for sale. Said Lake O, go figure
  10. This question might of been discussed before, I don't know. I notice on the home page there is a picture of the current phase of the moon. I would assume most fisher people get out whenever they can. However does anyone here follow the moon phase and if so have you had good results ? Daniel
  11. Thanks for the information all. Erie sounds alot better. However I have no idea where to net them in Erie, and its not like going to Niagara, which is only a twenty minute drive to check if they are running. If anyone knows any spots to net these smelt let me know, its not like its a prize fish with secret locations Daniel
  12. Thanks for the info Rockfish. It really sucks. All these fish around, yet so many are unsafe to eat. I don't have a current guide. Any info on how much safer the smelt are in Eire. Daniel
  13. Please don't jump all over me for this, but where is BPS I have never been there.
  14. Yea I seen a couple of kids walking down the pier at Port D with a nice size pike. They caught it at the newer marina, NE side. Spring time apparently is the best.
  15. Hey Denis, good stuff. Just wondering however, what is a silver perch
  16. Each spring, which is around the corner, I fish the Niagara River for a few good meals of smelt. I don't fish for them at queenston anymore as its to much of a zoo. I have found a great quiet spot. I also keep a few for fishing catfish in various derbys for my daughter. Just wondering if any others here like a good feed of smelt from time to time. I like mine best with lots of butter and salt and garlic. Daniel
  17. LOL. Now I feel silly. My last smilie worked Thanks Jamie
  18. On some of my posts and replies, I try to add some of the clickable smilies and have no luck. When I put the arrow over the smilies I get some like this so I try clicking or double clicking, and even try typing in the name, but the smilies don't come up for me. What am I doing wrong
  19. Nice fish. Well done. Note to self. Get out there, get out there.
  20. Hey Boston. Was out driving around testing my repair on my trany. Noticed a fair amount of ice around the area. Lake Gibson is clearing good, but the smaller beaverdams are still ice covered. Won't be long though:D
  21. I get up to Caledonia a few times a year with my daughter. Caught a bowfin there last year. One hell of a fight, thought I had I big pike on. Ususally get suckers and catfish. Get some pike with minnows right off shore near the two lock like structures. Hey what did I just say. I never get any fish near the dam:P
  22. Thanks fishstick, I will do that. I have to replace the front wheel bearing next on the jeep. I enjoy working on my own vehicals but sometimes I find I open up a whole new can of worms. Hummm, worms, I should go fishing. Any and all pointers is always a help.
  23. Yes it sure was a nice day for it. I was stuck working on my car:( Was it very crowded, I am thinking of giving it a go tomorrow ?
  24. The transmission in my cherokee has been acting up for the last few months. Losing overdrive from time to time. Figure no big deal, just let it go. Not a good idea. The jeep has close to 300k and my neighbour said to change the filter and fluid. Well it was either to cold or wet out to do it so I let it go a little longer. Then I started losing third gear, and second gear. Now it had my attention. Put a jug of lucas trany fix in it and it handled the problem for a whole day, then same thing, lost third and second at times. Thought, well now I done it. Fried the trany. Called three shops and everyone told me 1800-3000 to fix it. Every shop said there is nothing that can be done until it was remove and opened. I was told just removing the pan would show very little. Well now I am in apathy for not taking responsibilty sooner. Neighbour came over and again he said change the filter and fluid. Thought heck for 35 buck why not. Well as the fishing god is my witness, after doing this, the trany was back on track working fine. I couldn't believe it. I mean the trany was slipping real bad, and now it working fine. So, what I learned was maintain your vehical, and do some of the simple things and you just may save thousands. Daniel
  25. Thats horrible. Any loss of life is tragic. I had a close call a few years back. Driving back from Fort Erie at night, totally dark for miles on some stretchs, I was in my cougar with the cruise set at 70. Just ahead of me in the slow lane was a 18 wheeler, and he was flashing his lights. Not knowing what he was doing I caught up to him and we were side by side. The following happens in seconds. Out of no where a deer jumps onto the highway, past the truck and into my lane, then as fast the deer moved to the dividing line and was between my car and the truck. There was absolutely no time to react. There was nothing to do but say holy sh@t. The momentum of the deer trying to get out of my way was not enough. I assume the deer tried to jump over my car, because he hit my car behind the door and then he was gone. I wanted to stop, but by this time there was another 18 wheeler behind me, and the same one beside me. It took miles before I was able to pull over and look at the damage. There was a small quarter size dent on the side my car, and fur, stuck in the back window. I couldn't get back to check out the deer, and was obviously shaken up. I was lucky. You definitely have to be aware out there. Dan
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