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  1. I think they were $30 or $34 last time I bought. I have a couple pairs and at least one extra left? because I lost one.I hate when that happens...
  2. I wear the flip mitt gloves that have a built in thin glove for fingers but a Mitt that flips over. It also has a pouch in the back that you can put a warmer. https://www.canadiantire.ca/en/pdp/rocky-flip-mitt-glove-0753905p.html#srp For hunting I bought some electric warmers for about $10 out of China (came with 8 pads about 2inch square) and I wired to a rechargeable battery. I sewed put 2 of them in a hand muff built into my hunting jacket and it gets plenty hot. I want to find a hand muff that straps around my waist (had one and lost it) so I can do the same and have it to go with my floater suit or any jacket. This was what I bought...I didn't use the controller which I think allowed for low medium and high settings but might use it for the next hand muff one. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Electric-Clothes-Heating-Pads-8-In-1-USB-Adjustable-Temperature-DIY-Thermal-Vest/173767902343?hash=item28755fc487:m:mRtBaxBWRI_hm3un__dEReQ:rk:1:pf:0
  3. I use braid on all my rods and fluoro leader. The bobber stops work well on braid. I use a 10 and half foot rod to lay the float out there. Nothing worse than making that long cast...only to see your minnow fly off lol.
  4. To properly age meat it is best to hang at least 24 hours in temperatures above freezing but below 40F. Aging just makes it more tender and if it is warmer I just butcher it earlier especially if it is not an older deer. I open my window in the garage and put a fan on the deer if it is warmer. A friend hangs quarters in an old fridge but leave the hide on or it will dry out the outside and you end up trimming it off. Here is an article on it... https://www.fieldandstream.com/articles/other/recipes/2006/01/deer-hang-time
  5. I'm with you Dave...I do all my own butchering as it is so much better with the care I take to get all the fat, bone and silverskin off...which I think is what causes any sort of gamey taste in the freezer. I can do a medium size deer myself cut, vacuum sealed and cleaned up in a few hours. Better with a friend and a few beers and doesn't even seem like work. Did 4 bears and a moose so far this year and hopefully a deer will come my way soon.
  6. The MNR in their infinite wisdom planted wild rice on the lake where my hunt camp is located and has choked out the shorelines of the lakes for hundreds of yards. I have been fighting the rice and weeds for years and to get to the shore and around our dock we have to often paddle and pull them to make a channel. I checked out weed guards for my 25 Yamaha and my 8hp motors but there are all kinds of designs and they apparently create drag at high speeds and can hurt steering. has anyone used them with any success?
  7. just replaced one end of hose at my tank for my 25 Yamaha and it never wanted to fit tight so I put a zip-tie on it and working great now. It sounded like sucking air as well. The old end had some rubber damage around the ball bearing seat.
  8. If u ever need it, I have a little air chisel with head ground concave...u would need compressor or I have one you could probably borrow as well. I drilled mine out and used 1/4 x 3/8 aluminum rivets.
  9. I bucked all the rivets on my 14ft tinner and sealed both back corners with 3M 5200 as I did that section. I used my airgun with an air chisel that I rounded with dremel to be concave to fit rivets and a friend on the other side with a sledge. Once you get going each one takes about 5 seconds. I wonder if you could get someone to weld that section from the outside. It shouldn't cost much to do it. I have had friends get aluminum trailers welded with side dropdown gates for their atv etc and only cost them a couple hundred dollars.
  10. My archery group got a bull and a cow tag in area 19. Going up Sep 24. My camp by Kirkland Lake nobody bothers because almost no tags given out. When we bought the camp we could guarantee a tag with 6 guys. Nice job with the fishing.
  11. Nice job CC!. I was at my camp just past there on Swan Lake. We got 4 bears for 5 guys. Fishing a little slower than it has been. Thanks for those barrels. They were put to good use.
  12. I have used this guy for a couple prop repairs and he did a great job...and bought a new prop from him. I did see a bunch of parts around the place so it might be worth a try.
  13. Not sure what those were, but I had a honey bee tree that I walked past for several years by my hunting spot and last year all the bees were dead and there were giants hornets/wasps there, bigger than I had ever seen. When I googled it I found the Japanese hornet as likely one.
  14. I go to Seneca or Smokin Joes every week or two and fill my Blazer and at least 2 cans. Right now works out to about .96 per litre. I just bought some non-ethanol 87 gas for $us 2.87 gallon or about .96/litre at Smokin Joes Indian Hill (only at the front pumps )to use in my boat and small engines I usually buy high test for them but unless you buy the Shell for $1.50/litre most high test still has ethanol. Hoping this is a cheaper alternative. Going up north fishing Friday so I can test it after I empty tank.
  15. Next shoot Sunday July 8, from 10 -2. I will be out before 9am. Thankfully the heat is supposed to drop a lot by Friday.
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