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  1. Ok thanks. I figured that if it was as easy as they made it look, I would have heard about it before.
  2. Last scheduled shoot of the year will be Sunday September 15, 10am to 2pm. Good chance to get tuneup before the fall seasons. We have practice targets set up 20, 30 and 40 yards.
  3. I printed my turkey, bear, deer, moose all at different times and did for a friend and brother as well and had no problems. you do have to be careful and make sure your printer is on, has paper etc because I think it is designed as a one shot deal so people don't just keep printing more tags.
  4. Has anyone ever used the aluminum brazing rod? Can you use a propane torch or do you need a better one? I have just a couple little nicks out of my prop and a couple screw holes from a transducer that I would like to try to fix. It would be handy to have for a bunch of things. I've seen a bunch of ads and videos and looks good, but...
  5. The next shoot is this Sunday 10am...I am usually there before 9am if anyone wants to practice.
  6. I kept a few for a friend...cut right behind the head and snap it off then gut like a trout. Slit and peel the skin off.
  7. minnows...but the chub minnows not the shiners. They last a long time and almost tow the bobber around. There's a guy right in Restoule just past the Legion. Lots of times with 4 guys fishing we get 6 dozen a day.
  8. Typical night off the dock would be one or 2 keeper eyes and let half dozen little ones go and maybe half dozen crappie. I've had nights where I got 9 eyes and kept one.
  9. Let's see if I can get a picture to show
  10. Up at Commanda Lake and cool wet and windy a lot but no black flies! Caught a lot of small ones so figured spawn was late. One guy had his grandson who lives up there come by for a visit and he said most guys can't find fish yet. Water cold and high and they're not where they should be. Figures it's 2 weeks behind. We still got a about 9 keepers and a dozen slab crappie but most of those were with minnows at night. Lots of fun.
  11. Congrats to both!. I brined the breast from my turkey for 24 hours and then cooked it in the oven for about an hour and it came out pretty juicy. The legs and thighs are in freezer. I usually make soup from them.
  12. That sucks. I have lost stands and cameras and now put cable locks or chains and locks on everything, although that has been cut on me for one camera. At least they have to come back with tools. I would have knocked on both doors or looked in the garage windows.
  13. Beauty! I was out on the weekend and lots of birds. Almost got the big one and settled for a jake for first tag. The 3.5" shells with a turkey choke smoke them but it kicks like a mule.
  14. Not looking good gunner...rain starts 60% at midnight and by 5am 90% 1-3mm per hour most of the day...15-20mm overall.
  15. I hope somebody had some luck. I might go for a walk after work and calling for rain tomorrow so Saturday morning I will be out for sure.
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