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  1. mooseslayer

    Tiny hole in my aluminum boat

    3m 5200...here is link to white one Cdn Tire. http://www.canadiantire.ca/en/pdp/3m-marine-adhesive-sealant-5200-white-3-oz-0790215p.html#srp
  2. mooseslayer

    Tiny hole in my aluminum boat

    My aluminum boat was leaking on 2 back corners so I took out 8-10 rivets and used 3M 5400? I think (Canadian Tire) and then replaced with new rivets but that stuff hardened nice and sealed . It is black and has held up for several years now.
  3. mooseslayer

    Thorold Conservation Group Archery Shoots

    Next archery shoot Sunday 10-2. Looks like rain is going to hold off...40% chance in early morning of less than 1mm. I am usually out there by 8:30 practicing and setting up everything.
  4. mooseslayer

    Commanda Lake

    Picture didn't show even though it showed under attachments. Will try again.
  5. mooseslayer

    Commanda Lake

    Did our annual trip to Cedar Grove camp on Commanda Lake. Fishing was slow during the day but we did well off they dock in evening and after dark. Lots of little walleye and a couple nice ones. Only kept about 10 walleye for 4 guys but got probably 25 slab crappie. Best thing was no blackflies until the last night. Here was one night catch off the dock.
  6. mooseslayer

    need a new boat cover

    Just saw this on kijiji...$40 for 17-19ft boat. https://www.kijiji.ca/v-fishing-camping-outdoor/st-catharines/boat-cover/1354612360?enableSearchNavigationFlag=true
  7. mooseslayer

    need a new boat cover

    Mine got a couple tears this winter and was looking for repair suggestions and saw this article. Might look into repairing mine. https://www.canvas-boat-cover-and-repair-advisor.com/boat-cover-repair.html
  8. mooseslayer

    Ethanal free gas

    FYI...went to Smokin Joes Lewiston last night and Out of non-ethanol gas, so put got High test for boat and put some Stabil in it. Regular for truck was $2.69 or Cdn about $.94 / litre High Test $2.97 gal or Cdn $1.04 /litre. Still cheaper than here.
  9. mooseslayer

    Ethanal free gas

    Thanks. Is it regular unleaded, high test or both? Is it the same price as other gas stations?
  10. mooseslayer

    Ethanal free gas

    I just did satellite street view and I can see the sign "New - Non Ethanol Regular Gas". Might be the cheapest alternative to the high test, high cost gas here.
  11. mooseslayer

    Ethanal free gas

    I see Smokin Joes on Indian Hill, Lewiston has ethanol free gas at the front pumps. Has anyone tried it? Going over soon to get gas for the boat for May long weekend trip at commanda Lake.
  12. mooseslayer

    Thorold Conservation Group Archery Shoots

    First shoot Sunday. Been out trimming archery lanes and tuning up new bow. As of now there is no rain in the forecast.
  13. Hey mooseslayer are u turkey hunting where u deer hunt and do u have a white ford pick up.if so just wanted to apologize.i walked into the corn field to call for birds and someone was there calling back to me whenever I would call .when I left and drove around corner I saw the truck


    1. mooseslayer


      I haven't been out yet but I do hunt there. Guys hunting there are usually on Cytec property without permission but nothing I can do. It is bows only zone but had to big gobs shot with shotgun a couple years ago. It is frustrating.

    2. fishingking


      Ok ya I had a crossbow.i was just doing a quick half hour hunt on my way home from work. As soon as I called someone wailed on a box call like an idiot and I thought wow that sounds stupid so I called again and they did it again so I left .no intentions of ruining anyone's hunt.i seen three trucks and two ground blinds in behind heartland forest which I thought was protected also


  14. mooseslayer

    I'm getting my Ice Fishing Stuff back Out

    100 years on this planet is just a blip. There have been times when the entire planet was tropical climate and there have been ice ages. I need to see a much longer cycle to think that any change is permanent. We have had several very cold winters the last few years and it depends if the Polar Vortex or El Nino decides to come our way. Time will tell..
  15. mooseslayer

    2018 Moose Hunt Guaranteed Group Size

    We used to get tags with tags with a group of two and often get extra tags in the call-in in area 19 archery and now it is 9 to guarantee a tag. I don't think the MNR has a clue about the moose population because we still see moose and do well. The population might be down as we don't see as many moose as 20 years ago, but it's not as bad as the cuts suggest.