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  1. A bunch of the Gales have the vendor machine...used to be $3.75, need change, for worms. I know the one in Thorold and I think Virgil have them, maybe others.
  2. Nice Smerch. I've used that aluminum repair before, cut off a chunk and knead it and it dries rock hard. I think I got the 49th moose for my archery group last year. We are in area 19 and used to be 2 guys in a group to get a tag and now its 6+. the gun hunters have it even worse. We think we can get one this year but next year they are going to some new point system and it is all individual, no more groups so our group that has been together for so long could come to an end if we don't get a tag. I don't think the MNR has a clue.
  3. I have had good success with Imperial Whitetail clover when I had a foodplot (lost that property). If you spray it for weeds and cut it you can get 5 or more years. You can buy on their website and buy their soil kit. You send in a soil sample and the square footage of your plot and they will tell you how much lime and fertilizer to put on the plot. It will make a huge difference. I had to put 1200lbs lime on a little plot less than an acre but it grew nice. If you want an annual they have a lot of brassicas and other seed but the deer didn't seem to like them as much when I tried it. Oats worked okay and was cheap because I got the seed from a farmer friend. https://whitetailinstitute.com/imperial-whitetail-clover-perennial/
  4. The guy probably thought it was a perfect spot...over a cliff . The fire department said it was too dangerous to retrieve them. If he dumped them in a bush somewhere a hiker or somebody's dog found them there would have been a ruckus as well.
  5. Very nice. I'll be at the Erie Tracker Big Buck Feb 1 with mine. Maybe I'll see you there. I might have a chance in the OMW King of the Woods Contest week 1.
  6. I got my personal best buck and have a shot in the Big Buck contest as we green scored it at 164 but that was Oct 12. I hunted a lot in December trying to fill a doe tag and similarly had lot of days with no sightings. We really could have used some colder weather.
  7. Reminder... If you hunted deer you must have the mandatory report done online before jan 14
  8. My outdoors card expires Dec 31. I went in and renewed it and 3-year Fishing and 3-year Small Game for a measly $176. Emailed a bunch of family and friends and many that were expiring this year as well thanked me as they forgot and the MNR does not send out reminders now. One note...the Small game and fishing licenses are greyed out until you put the Outdoors card in the Cart if you are doing it online.
  9. Awesome! Nice to get the tag filled. Looks like a good mature buck.
  10. Congrats! great to hear the older guys getting the deer. When I had a camp past Parry Sound we had the same thing. Started out as a deer camp, then they dropped the available doe tags and we also started seeing more moose so it became a moose camp until the MNR dropped the moose tags and we couldn't get a tag...even though we got a moose opening day for many years. We finally sold the camp and bought another up in Kirkland Lake but now we can't get a moose tag there either.
  11. Good stuff. I haven't hunted ducks in years. I have a Woodie and nice mallard in my rec room from years back.
  12. The moose racks I have are huge as well and they take up a lot of room. The one on the left is 58 1/4 inches wide. I got in 2001 and when I put it in FROW record book it was #9 all-time archery. Not sure where it stands now. They're really heavy as well and I cut out plate steel and securely anchored to the back of the skull and then cut a keyhole slot and it hangs off a large lag bolt into wall. My ceilings are low as well.
  13. It's home!. Got my deer back Saturday and I'm very happy. Now I have bookends as the one on the right is one I won Big buck contest probably over 15 years ago. Alain did a great job. He fussed about a gore mark on the neck that he couldn't fix because hair must have got cut when it happened. I like it...gives it character and shows he was a scrapper. Here are pictures of it with my other deer and my 2 big archery moose racks at the other end of my rec room. The room is complete now lol.
  14. Deer mounts are $500 now. The costs for mannequin, pickle, tanning solutions go up every year and there is a lot of work. I can't wait to see it finished. I have a deer mount at the end of my rec room looking right so we made this one looking left. It should make for a nice view. I have 2 big sets moose antlers at the other end of the room that are 55 and 58 inches wide.
  15. Woohoo. My friend Alain who does taxidermy almost done my mount. It has been mounted and drying for a week. Less than 3 weeks!. He has final touchups and I'll get it Saturday. I will post more pictures then. If anyone needs a deer or bear done he does fabulous work. PM me if you want his number.
  16. I'm well aware of the first nation hunts. Near where a friend of mine hunts and I go with him on occasion. Their hunts go actually go into January this year The Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks has announced that the traditional Aboriginal deer hunts will take place on Oct. 22, Nov. 14 and 28, Dec. 5 and Jan. 16. The hunt begins each day one half-hour before sunrise, and ends on half-hour after sunset. The park will be closed the morning after each harvest for maintenance until noon.
  17. FYI...first shotgun hunt in Niagara starts next Monday.
  18. The fact that the deer are in rut is much more the reason for them travelling and crossing roads than hunting. The shotgun hunts surely move the deer for the week that they are running but I see bucks chasing does when the rut is at it's peak...probably in another week or two.
  19. I have had this buck on my trail camera for a month but all at night until last week when he showed up twice just before 7pm. I didn't hunt that stand until Saturday morning because the wind was wrong and I didn't want to mess it up. The trailcam showed he had come in that morning 5am and 7:29 the night before...after legal time. Saturday was cool and breezy and I had a feeling he might move early. Sure enough...6 turkeys walked by about 6pm and then I heard a noise and wondered if they were coming back but it was the big guy. He walked by at 20 yards and the Bowtech Reign 7 doesn't miss. It was a quick find before dark and then a bit of a walk back to the truck to get my toboggan. I managed to field dress him and get him in the toboggan and out to the trail but it was tough. Drove my Blazer in close and loaded him in. Wouldn't have been able to do it without the toboggan. Here he is ...
  20. Heeheehee...get ready for the bragging. I got him Saturday. I will upload some pictures in a few minutes. My personal best buck. I won the Erie Trackers Big buck contest many years ago but this one is my best.
  21. There are lots of videos online. My brother showed me once 20+ years ago and now I've done dozens of moose, deer and bear...probably over 100 animals. I debone everything... so I take backstraps (yum) , then 2 front shoulders come off easily and are cut up and chunk for ground, stew or sausage/burgers/meatballs. I will often have big bags vacuum sealed in freezer of chunks and at the end of deer season I will take them out and grind them, buy some ground pork and make up and my burgers etc and vacuum seal them. I go through a lot of vacuum sealer bags and buy them a couple thousand at a time to get a good deal and have lots brothers and friends who want them as well. The 2 hind quarters you can basically separate the muscle groups and see the roasts and steaks. We even started keeping the ribs a few years ago and this year I kept some bones and cut them up to make soup broth.
  22. Called it in to 20 yards. I walk in a kilometer to the spot but we used a couple atv's to get it out. Had to chainsaw a path in from the trail. The work begins when the moose is on the ground. We let it hang a couple days and then we spent most of a day butchering it...6 guys, but lots of nice meat.
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