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  1. dr_feelgood

    Need some advice regarding people crossing lines.

    can he swim?
  2. dr_feelgood

    Under water flush light

  3. dr_feelgood

    New Guy

    Smerch, you are hired as our greeter. Talk to Cliff about your pay increase.
  4. dr_feelgood

    Admin Hack

    just favorite fishing spots
  5. dr_feelgood

    She's Here!

    You're going to need a bigger boat. Congrats
  6. dr_feelgood

    Friendship Tournament

    I have a portable live well that I could part with
  7. dr_feelgood

    What's With Gas Prices ?

    Line ups were nuts and a whole lot of cursing going on
  8. dr_feelgood

    Missing Angler

    all I know is his back is very sore
  9. dr_feelgood

    Missing Angler

    He was found, a little sore but alive
  10. dr_feelgood

    Throne Of Cedar Skull

    That's who I was hinting at. This will not become a barge. lol
  11. dr_feelgood

    Throne Of Cedar Skull

    I do know of a place to get plastic drums.
  12. dr_feelgood

    Throne Of Cedar Skull

    Best part is we are only have $15.20 into it. The carpenter needs to stay hydrated .;....
  13. dr_feelgood

    Throne Of Cedar Skull

    Scored some free cedar 2 X 6's from a deck reno and decided to make a bench for my queen and myself. I have had the idea for quiite a while. Being disabled with no income had put a hamper on it's creation.Started out yesterdat removing nails and started the assembly. Finished the assembly today ( body was not happy about that ).All I have left to do is cut a couple of holes to hold a drink and round off all the edges with a router. It weighs about 80 lbs ( at least it feels that way ).
  14. dr_feelgood

    Had An Hour To Kill

    Tried a spot that I have driven past a million times. Decided to give it a shot while the wife was getting her hair done. The only thing biting was the horse flies. Was chillin' like a villian.