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Border Perch

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So I decided to take another kick at the can and see if I can figure out the elusive Erie perch. Launched out of Crystal Beach around 8am and fought the waves all the way out. Took me a while to figure them out but I finally got into some decent fish. When I started, I was fishing with the little 1 1/2" minnows from Dominion Bait but was only getting the odd dink. Then I decided to put out a second rod with some BIG minnows I caught the other night. I figured maybe a crusing walter might like a 6" minnow dragging along the bottom. As soon as I got the second line down to the bottom, fish on and it's putting up a decent fight. Turns out to be a 14" perch and then I thought bigger bait equals bigger fish. Ended up with 21 keepers all 10-15". The key was the giant minnows right on bottom. I was fishing 10km out just west of Crystal Beach right at the Canada/US border in 65'.

These were the biggest but most them were just as big.


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Nice carp Mike ......ha ! Funny they are in water that deep . I have caught some big perch on biiiig minnows while float fishing the rec.canal . I was hoping to catch pike ,but the perch just happened to be first in line . New doors eh Mike ? :)

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