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Each year I post this amazing plant, because I really enjoy it,

but also to give the newbies and others a chance to see this unusual plant.

I’ve had this plant for about seven years now,

and the routine is each spring cut her down and see how much it grows each season.

Usually anywhere from 14 to 20 feet.

Now this year is extremely interesting.

It was late by a month for sprouting new buds.

Must have been all the cool weather and rain in the spring.

But finally in late June the buds started to appear,

and as usual I cut the plant down to the lowest bud.

Well this year an extreme, strange transformation occurred.

If one looks at last years growth, one will notice two leafs at 180 degrees of each other. Each new growth perfect, and on opposite side of each other.



Last years growth and chopped.



This year, there are three leaves exactly 120 degrees from each other and again on opposite sides of each other as new leaves grow.

The leaves this year are smaller as a result of three leaves to section. They average a measurement of 25 inches across.



I must say I’m totally amazed at my amazing plant.

And I am at a total loss for words as to why this plant

has transformed this way this year.

I will post a few more pictures during the growing season.

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I was checking out your tree today as I passed by on the 2 wheeler . I heard that KFC down the road from you has closed its doors so I went to see if it was.....sure enough , it is closed .....closest one now is Ontario St. Dan , I think the tree will be a little different but it will still be noticed by many who have been amazed by it every year . How much do you get for those "bamboo " rods Dan ? :Gonefishing:

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