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Pete Elphinstone

14Th Annual Help A Child Smile Charity Bass Tournament

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If you are looking to fish a great event that not only gives back to the community (namely the kids) but also gives each competing angler a nice prize package no matter where they finish then look no further.



We have kept this event on an earlier date as it provided us with some great weather to go along with the great fishing on the Upper Niagara and Lake Erie last year.

Here are the particulars for this year’s event.

DATE: Saturday September 15, 2012

TIME: 7:00AM TO 3:00PM

LOCATION: Greater Niagara Boat Club Chippawa Ontario Canada (Upper Niagara & LAKE ERIE)

COST: $100 PER 2 MAN TEAM (50% of all entries go to Help a Child Smile Foundation)

BOAT & LIVEWELL CHECK 5:45AM TO 6:30AM. Boat checks and check-in will be done at the boat club, either before or immediately after launching your boat. ALL PARTICIPANTS, WILL HAVE BOATS AND LIVEWELLS CHECKED. NO EXCEPTIONS!

1ST PLACE: $ 2,000.00

2ND PLACE: $ 1,000.00

3RD PLACE: $ 500.00

4TH PLACE: $ 400.00

5TH PLACE: $ 300.00

6TH Place $250.00

7TH Place $200.00

8TH Place $150.00

9TH Place $100.00

10TH Place $100.00

Prize structure is a guaranteed payout based on 100 boats -50% Payout


Lunker Pool pays, Prize for Big Smallmouth, Big Largemouth and second biggest fish!

It's a fun event for a great cause. Last year we were able to donate $2500.00 to the charity and hope to increase that this year. Prizes are donated from local businesses both small and large as well as sponsors from the fishing industry. All competing teams go home with cash or prizes. Following the event there will be a BBQ and beverages available for the competing anglers and spectators.

Entry form is available at our website at www.niagarabassmasters.com or email myself (Pete) at championproteam@yahoo.ca and I will email you a copy.

Once again this is a fun event and any/all teams are welcome. (B.A.S.S. membership is not required)

Hope to see you there.

Remember that this is for a great cause and the money raised stays locally.


Pete Elphinstone

Tournament Director - Niagara Bassmasters

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Hey Guys

This tourney is only a couple days away and the prizes are still coming in.

Here is a picture of last years prize tables. The prizes are donated for businesses in and outside of the fishing industry.


Do your best to come out and support this great cause. Remember all money raised stays locally to help kids and their families that are fighting cancer through the Help a Child Smile Foundation.

If you can't or don't want to fish it come out and support the anglers that are.

There will be lots of great raffle prizes available to spectators and anglers as well as great food made at the boat club.

So come out and watch the weigh-in and see some of those giant bass that live in the Upper Niagara and Lake Erie. Hope to see you there!!

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Good moring everyone!!

What a beautiful morning for a bass tournament all going towards a wonderful cause ... the Help a Child Smile Foundation!! Spectators, come out and watch the anglers weigh in their GIANT bags of fish.... with 41 boats registered this morning, it should prove to be quite the awesome show!!! A big :thx: to all those who helped out this morning... I know it was early :pardon: but it could not have been done with out you. Also thank you to all the anglers participating.... you truly are helping out a great cause! So come on out folks, watch the weigh in... grab some wings, burgers and hot dogs from the boat club Kitchen to go along with your raffle and 50-50 tickets, and wash it all down with some beverages! Thank you to the Greater Niagara Boat Club for allowing the Niagara Bassmasters to hold the even there.... truly an awesome day!

See you all at the weigh in!

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What an awesome day and record turn out!!!

41 boats!!

Congrats to Mike and Sue Watson on winning the event with 22 plus pounds.

It has been a long day but I will post the full results Sunday.

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Hey Julie and Pete,

Great job yesterday and the days leading up to the event. It looks to most people that you and Pete just show up and it gets done, but there is alot of time and effort put in by the 2 of you in the months leading up to the event.

As always great job...the world needs more people like you and Pete!

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Great event.. what a turn out. I had a blast fishing and lending a hand where I could. Looking forward to it next year. Thanks Pete and Julie!

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We apologize for taking so long to post this, but here are the final results ...

1) Mike Watson & Sue Watson 22.43 lbs & 2nd Biggest Fish - 5.25 (smallie)

2) Sy Phengchan & John Stathakos 21.68 lbs & 1st Big Fish - 5.53 (smallie) $305

3) PJ Poirier & Perry Poirier 19.78 lbs

4) Gerard Ling & Brad Brodnicki 19.73 lbs

5) Gerald Koetsier & Roy Young 19.20 lbs

6) Pete Elphinstone & Andrew McGhie 18.91 lbs

7) Gary Sanderson & Travis McDonald 18.06 lbs

8) Kim Poirier & John Poirier 17.39 lbs

9) Paul Castelano 17.29 lbs

10) Rob MacIntosh & Rob Lafleur 16.95 lbs

11) Chris Buttigieg & Thad Buttigieg 16.54 lbs

12) Jim Pozzobon & Wendy Pozzobon 16.21 lbs

13) Darren Boltz & Gary Whiting 16.03 lbs

14) Mark Counsell & Dennis Meyer 15.95 lbs

15) Ryan Dilts & Sean Dilts 15.88 lbs

16) Bill Sheperd & Charlie McCreadie 15.78 lbs

17) Matt Belzil & Cody Brooks 15.61 lbs

18) Kevin Reid & Skylar Newton 15.43 lbs

19) Neil Farlow & George Farlow 15.32 lbs

20) Rob Campbell & Jason Barnucz 15.28 lbs

21) Brent Way & Rob Young 14.90 lbs

22) Stif Kozelj & Jennifer Kozelj 14.65 lbs

23) Neil Deleeuw & Eric Farlow 14.62 lbs

24) Kevin MacDonald & Wayne Chute 14.55 lbs (tie)

24) Bruce Janes & Austin Stevens 14.55 lbs (tie)

26) Scott Biggs & Stan Pilarczyk 14.49 lbs

27) Eric Hill & John Contrinelli 14.30 lbs

28) Wally Adams & Tyler McGill 14.30 lbs

29) Rick Kewell & Wanda 14.29 lbs Big Large Mouth 3.33 lbs $305.00

30) Bill Bondar & Jeff Bondar 13.62 lbs

31) Doug Smith & Rick Gawlina 13.54 lbs

32) Jason Clay & Danny DiMercurio 12.16 lbs

33) TJ Monaghan & Stan Difruscio 11.19 lbs

34) Charlie Chityal & Charmaine Chityal 11.11 lbs

35) Joe Kubina & Darrel Maclean 9.28 lbs

36) Jamie Lang & Kyle Armstrong 7.45 lbs

Fab Marchese & Nick Cousvis

James Dunn & Michael Dunn

Peter Elphinstone Sr. & Shari Elphinstone

Rick Tait Sr & Richard Tait Jr

Congrats to all the winners.

A HUGE thank you to everyone that participated in this years event. It was definately a record year for this event & raising $$ for this Charity.

Every year this event grows & this year was no different. Unfortunately a number of our yearly regulars were unable to attend this year, or else this year we would have had over 50 teams!

Cant wait for next years event and break more records.

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