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Airbag Light On

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Just airbag.

Dual batteries. Don't think it low voltage

If there is low voltage from a corroded wire/ bad ground not giving at least 9-16 volts at ignition then your air bag light will turn on, and you will get a B0012 code, it may also be just a loose connector.

However, there is a bulletin from GM that if you get B0012, B0013, B0015, B0016, B0019 etc... then you should inspect and replace the "Connector Position Assurance Retainer" mind you, if you are going to attempt messing with connectors and wires for the air bag system, then I suggest you disable the supplemental inflatable restraint (SIR) or you will risk deploying an air bag and getting hurt, or just take it to a reputable shop.

Good luck.

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