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What A Morning

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Wen't out around 4:00 this morning to try for cat's and carp no cat's hitting at all but after the sun came up the

carp action was hot between 6;00 AND 7:30 i had caught 4 carp just wish i didn't have to get home.I had

never had carp action like this before in such short time fish after fish. I tried to take measurements of the fish

but didn't work to well. This fish was 24"


this fish was 26"




didn't measure this one


action shot


then this little guy was hitching a free ride on the back of this snapper


you cant tell by the pic but this snapper was huge biggest one i have ever seen and i have seen big snappers

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Looks like some long, lean river rockets there. Congratulations on your hot morning of carping.

these fish put up a good fight i think there ether skinny from spawning or they are male not sure

but they took off like rockets i'm rely starting to like fishing for them more then before you can say i'm

hooked for life

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