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Kayak Flipped... Safety Advice

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My friend learnt a life lesson just last week.

He was fishing facing the port (left) side of his kayak, and he went to set the hook on a fish and rolled his kayak.

He lost all his gear except his kayak, paddle, and miscellaneous objects.

He wasn't able to flip his kayak right side up by himself, water weighed it down too much.

We managed to, together, flip it up, but he still couldn't re-enter the kayak by himself.

I had to lean on the left side of his kayak while he entered from the right to balance it. (This, still was not easy, I almost flipped too).

I'm compelled to write this because admittedly, we lost focus on safety as our paddling skills increased. Fortunately for him, I was there to help.


Safety Tips

-Always wear your lifejacket. Stuff happens.

-Face your kayak in the direction your fishing IF safe to do so (take into consideration waves, ect). You have more stability facing the bow.

-Strap/Tie down your gear. Will save you $$ and from getting tangled with gear.

***Always keep your kayak tidy (no loose hooks, ect laying around). These can hook you when you flip and make re-entry dangerous.

- Use a waterproof bag for any electronics. At least you can still phone/radio for help if you're by yourself.

- It's difficult to maneuver (flip, drag, move, ect) your kayak with the anchor attached. Cut it if necessary. It can be very difficult to untie it from the kayak when upside down.

- If you can't self rescue (re-enter kayak) then buddy up or don't go out.

The are many more safety tips out there, but these ones applied directly to our scenario.

Be safe, no fish is worth your life!

















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Practice a wet entry. Its best if an accident happens that you know how to deal with it because you've already practiced and prepared for it.

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Flipped mine last weekend first time luckily only had minimal gear with me and was in martindale shallow water. Still what a pain in the ass to get back in. Don't wish that on anyone. I'm thinking I'm going to take it out and practice flipping a few times before I go out solo again. Not worth the headaches especially since I want to try and tackle Lake Ontario sometime this summer. 

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