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thorold hunting

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Got this from the city clerk last week




Thanks for reaching out, I am actually in the process of re-writing the by-law now that the public consultation phase has been completed and I have met with the appropriate stakeholders, including Brian from Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters. 


I will be scheduling another public meeting to review this draft by-law likely in mid-February, however before this meeting occurs I will be vetting this by-law through our stakeholders who are experts in this area and have been a wonderful resource throughout this.



Donna Delvecchio,

City Clerk

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Just a quick update, but Thorold City Council  voted unanimously Tuesday night to allow Sunday hunting with a firearm. Previously you could only hunt with a bow on Sunday. This is exciting news. I am waiting to hear for sure but I believe that they have to submit to the MNR, who only amend the regulations twice a year so it may not be in time for turkey season but would be good for the fall season. The new city clerk has been very receptive and open-minded to ideas from the Thorold Conservation Club and the OFAH rep who has been advising and I hope and believe the Firearm Discharge Bylaw that is being worked on now, will be favourable to us.

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