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Turkey hunting camo

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Virtually any camo works for turkey, as long as you DO NOT MOVE!!

sit against something wider and taller than you, and you'll be fine, as long as you stay still.

when I started hunting turkey I blew a lot of opportunities because of some slight movement I made :(

If you stay totally still, they seem to think your invisible.  As an example, several years ago I couldn't get a gobbler to come to my call, even though he kept answering every one.  Finally I walked through corner of bush towards him.  Just as I stopped at the edge of the bush I spotted a head coming along edge of bush to my right. I'm standing dead still holding a chair in 1 hand and gun in another.  The gobbler walked right across in front of me 5 feet away!!  Waited until he was 25 yards past,. Bang!!

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I agree that it doesn't really matter the camo you wear really. Refer to genec's post above with regards to movement. The bush changes a lot down here from the beginning of the season to the end with regards to the amount and colour of the foliage. I most often sit in a bush/brush line and make sure I have a couple of shooting lanes. That way there is some natural vegetation that acts as cover as well to assist in concealing me.

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