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Buying First Kayak - Need Advice

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I have owned a couple of canoes, but never owned or fished from a kayak.

Am looking to buy one to use in Niagara area mainly for fishing - thinking of the new Ascend128T that Bass Pro has (see photo below).

I like the idea of the raised seat, the fact its wired for electronics, and supposedly pretty untippable.

Hoping for feedback from kayak anglers as to whether this model is a good fishing rig, especially for a beginner kayaker (a 69 yr old one!)


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i have never been in this yak so this is just my thoughts after reading reviews and looking at specs


it is 96lbs!! heavy b!tch to car top

no side carry handles

it depends on what you want to do. small lakes and river fishing without traveling too far it will be good. at 12'8" with a 33" beam it will slow and a clunky. it will need at least a 240cm paddle but 250 260 if your tall.

a lot of complaints of warping so likely thin plastic

i have a native slayer propel and a wilderness thresher and have owned a jackson coosa and wilderness ride 135. the beach style chairs are not that comfortable for long periods for me, they kill my back.

the electrical plugs are just a problem waiting to happen. think about it, some offshore cheap electrical fittings in a wet environment

imo do not buy it

go to outdoors oriented and get a ride 115 or ride 135. i could stand and flyfish easy in my ride 135 and it was still nice to paddle. the ride 135 was made to fish erie bass


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Id reccomend going for a lighter kayak depending on how you transport it. 

Its all preference, but wider is more stable and sit on tops are better imo. The option to shift around or stand on a sot after a couple hours would be such a relief. 

My kayak is 55 pounds and i can carry it to spots no one else can launch from; the beauty of the sport! 

Good luck and enjoy

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Hey Genec - As dwc67 suggested, take a look at the Ride series from Wilderness Systems. These come in a few different configurations, and have been a top choice for fishing kayaks over the last few years. Extremely stable, comfortable seats (a few options) lots of features, and a quality build that is top of class. Wilderness Systems has changed the lineup a bit for 2017 so there's a few configurations that are discontinued. The last few remaining ones we've got are on sale for huge reductions, far cheaper than they regularly sold at when current. Check out the following links:



The other option that we've had really good success with is the Pescador Pro from Perception, it's shorter, but brings the weight way down if car-topping is an issue. https://outdoorsoriented.com/collections/sit-on-top-angling-kayaks/products/perception-pescador-pro-10

I'd be happy to answer any other questions you've got, or if you stop into the shop ask for myself or the assistant manager, BR.


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Congrats Genec .....my son Dan just bought a new yak . He wanted a faster sleeker model to paddle more distance .

Good news for yakkers .......seems like the yak is getting more recognition and respect . ...T.O. Sun today ....



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