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Transportation question

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Hey guys, planning on doing some camping in September once the farm slows down and I have a campsite rented in Algonquin. Just wondering what would be the safest yet economical way to go to bring my kayak. When I'm fishing around here I foam block with straps but not sure how comfortable I'm going to be doing that running down the highway for 6 hours. Any suggestions would be great if it's feasible if not I might need to spend some more of the wife's money ? Boat is an old town vapour 12ft on top of a Buick Enclave. 

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Boat info needed

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You mentioned you've been using foam blocks, but didn't mention if these are directly on the roof, or if they're on crossbars. Both will work, but if on crossbars then I would agree with above that it's actually quite a solid way to transport a Sit on Top. If they're directly on the roof they'll still work but it's not as secure and you run a higher risk of scratching the car if any dirt is trapped under the blocks. If you want to talk crossbars let me know as we sell Yakima and Thule.

Make sure when you're tying down the front and back that you secure it to solid points, not just plastic. Many newer vehicles are completely covered in plastic under the front bumper, if this is the case check out "hood loops". There's a few types, but basically they attach under your hood and peek out so that you can attach to them. This also keeps the straps from rubbing against the bumper.


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