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Port Timmies

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I frequent this Timmies the most and will miss not being able to grab a coffee while fishing the area , especially during the winter . Many locals go everyday , lots of bikers stop by , many anglers enjoy a coffee-meal there .....but it hasn't got a drive through . The powers that be tell us to "SAVE ENERGY" ....buy a smaller car , don't idle , yet people will wait 15 minutes in their car/truck to get a coffee ?? What a joke eh?

   They are not saying why they will close ....the place is small ....maybe not enough profit to justify , and Tim trucks don't have much room to maneuver in the parking lot . I hope they have a small coffee shop take over , otherwise I will be toking my thermos when fishing there . This Timmies is a gem , sad to see it go .


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Well smercho , there's a lot going on a Port these days . I think they want to turn it into a rich man's playground ,& Timmies may have other motives for leaving .... there's only one way in and out of town ....it will be a mess for driving when all the development is done . The piers are closed & a lot of new buildings will be built on the west side ....maybe a road bridge across the harbour to access Lakeshore Rd.?

Darn....this is a fishing thread ....:o......Fishing spots may become very limited or extinct gradually as new buildings emerge & parking spots become rare . That's "progress" they say .....

.....but on the bright side ......less Tim cups, lids & food pkg. all over the place .....

....over & out .....

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